I've never had a job before, but I need one NOW. Or atleast some form of money.

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forgotten-children in Lebanon, Illinois

65 months ago

Yeah.. Things have been very tough for me as usual. Lebanon is NOT a very fun place to be in when looking for a job since it's so damn small... This puts even more pressure on me because I went EVERYWHERE in town and no one is willing to higher me. I was interviewed at Mc Donald's even (being the first one there), and they didn't even think of giving me the job. There's even a pizza place up town that says they aren't highering even though they have the "Help wanted sign" on their window in plain site...

I can't even go to any other town or city because I don't have a car or a licence, and my mom won't lend me the money for a bus ticket unless I actually get the job..

What makes things worse is the fact that I have an enormous debt from dropping out of college for my health (I was having panic attacks from being around the other class mates. I kept having mental images that they were going to hurt or bully me like everyone else did during my school years..), and I even have a hospital debt..

Right now, as far as education goes, I've only graduated High School which apparently the employers don't like...

I have a reason for dropping out of college and that's because I have Obsessive Anxiety Disorder and Asperger Syndrome..

Along with attempting to get a job, I've been trying to get on disability as well but it hasn't worked out either because the government is convinced that I can still do minor jobs dispite my timidness and paranoia..

Knowing all that, it doesn't help that my parents don't think I'm trying at all to get a job and they throw their back stories at me saying that they were either on their own at age 17 or was in college and had a job while married... They seem to not realize, I'M NOT THEM! Not to mention that an hour ago they gave me this talk again but this time they made it sound that if I don't get a job soon, they'll kick me out... And I wouldn't have anywhere to go because I have no real life friends...

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BigDonnyD in Palm Harbor, Florida

64 months ago

That sucks, i've been to Lebanon, that is a crap town. I wish I could give you some advice but I am also unemployable. College degree doesn't matter, no-one is hiring. It sounds like your problem is that you don't know too many people. The key in today's BS economy and BS job market is nepotism and cronyism. I really dont have any advice but keep trying to get a job. And don't forget to "network". Good luck.

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jan in Singapore, Singapore

63 months ago

hey there, its ok its alrite...ur parents believe on you, thus they show u love on a lesser note. this is to put pressure on u so u will begin to think and act as a breadwinner for the family. if ur not doing now, one day for u family of ur own..u will have to do it. be positive, care less about cynism. smile and say u r almost there even if u lag behing, get dusted or get thrown. remember, no lunch in the world is actually free. its paid by someone else. money comes and go..but trust and affection and confidence and knowledge stays...but to refine these "evergreen" qualities, u have to work on them constantly. remember this word - consistency...im struggling to have consistency in my life too. life's gone sour. i'm at my wits end but i just know i'm not alone...just aint. i will get back on my feet and share my life/ its experiences with my close ones...it starts from my family, extends to my work mates, extend probably to my sch mates..and etc. Good Luck Joe!

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