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Anonymous in Titusville, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Indeed's Salary Estimates - 5 Replies

I find that Indeed's Salary guesses are really off target. Several have been off the mark by $20K, but one was off by $44,000. Whatever method...

Alowely in United Kingdom

Updated 3 months ago

Indeed Website - 2 Replies

Hi, I wanted to say that I find your website is the best of all of the many sites I am using and thought your team would like the feedback. The...

BG in High Point, North Carolina

Updated 10 months ago

I found a job! - 65145 Replies

Found a job using Indeed? Post your testimonial here.

seriously what comes around goes around in Allen, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

I'm So Angry When People Complain About Their Jobs!!! - 14 Replies

Is there anyone besides me that feels resentment and anger when being around someone who's complaining about their job, or simply whining about...

Dennis Carter


Since creating my resume I have so much more replies from employers than just submitting my resume to employers alone. I truly thank indeeds for the...

Georgia in Hampton, Virginia

Love Indeed

I'm an 'early' retired person. One of my colleagues, also retired, recommended that I check out Indeed. I haven't accepted a job yet, but have had...

paularogs15 in Portland, Oregon

Mossack Fonseca: BVI Financial Services on New Website & Social Media

The BVI Financial Services Implementation Unit (FSIU) is using their new website and social media pages to “inform, educate and engage the population...


Updated 30 months ago

What's happened to - 26 Replies

For a number of years I recommended as the only employment search engine anyone needed. For the past year that has all changed. Perhaps...

Allen in Buena Park, California

Updated 30 months ago

Found Employment - 1 Reply

I am extremely excited to write this compliment for I will be working at a well known resort close to my house. That I hope to make...

robert140602 in United Kingdom

Thanks indeed !

Dear indeed team, I had been unemployed for around 9 months recently,and subscribed to your online service,and thanks to you guys I found employment...

Rob in Texas

I use indeed exclusively and found two great jobs

I was thrust into the job market in 2011. Since then, I found two jobs on Indeed. I like the search functions and how quickly the site finds jobs...

kirbykesn3r in Prague, Czech Republic

Most Common Cell Phone Scams

Jakarta, Indonesia- The country has a lot of telecommunication networks scattered all over the archipelago. One of the most leading telekom is XL...

TracieSparkles in New York

Updated 41 months ago

Indeed helped me to obtain a new job! - 1 Reply

Hi all. I've never posted (anywhere) before but figured if even one person could gain hope from my post it will be worth it :) I've been unemployed...

Big Fan in Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Employer websites only"

I just wanted to say that this website is excellent, thankyou. The best thing about the advanced search is the ability to : "Show jobs from -...

tdc390 in Billerica, Massachusetts

janis research

I just go laid off from thermo fisher best thing that could happen!! but I got called for an interview at Janis research interviewed with 3 people hr...

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 54 months ago

I got a job!!! - 3 Replies

I didn't think it would ever happen, but I actually got a job! And it was from the web site: Everyday for months, I'd check the... in Rensselaer, New York

Updated 55 months ago

Found A JOB! - 2 Replies

Found a Job in Kenly NC. 12 miles from house. I thought I wasgoing to have to drive to Raleigh 60 miles away. Thanks Indeed!

stewnl22@*****.*** in Round Rock, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

Thanks! - 1 Reply

I just wanted to say thanks! Your job search with e-mail alert is the best, fastest, and most extensive job search resource ever! You have enabled me...

vm00 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 64 months ago

Job is elusive for a 37 year old. - 32 Replies

Is it because I am 37 years old why I am not getting any job offer? I have more than 15 years of experience in Accounting, including full-cycle...

Joey in Vista, California

Updated 67 months ago

Finding a job - 8 Replies

I am 19, about to turn 20 in a few weeks, and i been looking for a job for the past 2 years and still didn't get hired. I went to a few interviews...

KEYBRA RIDDICK in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 68 months ago

HELP - 3 Replies


BI Dude in San Francisco, California

Updated 69 months ago

Do employers or companies actually review our resume? - 5 Replies

I've joined this site hoping for some feed back from employers....Do they actually even go through the resumes on here? I'm guessing they don't I...

Nkita in Mumbai, India

Appreciation for job well done - Indeed

I want to take this opportunity of wishing Indeed a heartfelt thank you for making my job search easier. I had been unemployed for over a...

Catherine Rosati in Astoria, New York - A GREAT SITE

I have recently discovered and posted my resume. I was very impressed of how well organized this site is in comparison to other job sites...

designer bee in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Updated 72 months ago

Bogus Job Ads - 5 Replies

I applied for a warehouse order/picker job on here and received an e-mail that stated I had been picked to proceed on to the next hiring phase. I...

sarah4ever27 in Columbus, Ohio

Past postings

Question... Does anyone know how to find a posting from Aug 2011 for the job I'm curenttly working. They offered a sign on bonus, I'm done with my...

Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 76 months ago

Resume on - 3 Replies

Has anybody been contracted by a company or recruiter because your resume was found on Just curious. I get about 90% of calls from...

Jack at Indeed in Austin, Texas

Updated 77 months ago

Why I prefer to use - 1 Reply

I've been out of work for a few weeks and being an It manager I hit the employment sites. CareerBuilder, Cybercoders, Manpower Experian...

Charlie - Indeed in Austin, Texas

Updated 77 months ago

Indeed "pulled me out of swamp" to VICTORY! - 16 Replies

Last year was so tough on me--financially, emotionally and even "spiritually." I kept looking at the Indeed job e-mails and one job hit (a home...


Updated 79 months ago

User Interface and friendliness - 1 Reply

Hello...I find Indeed's design to be the best and most simple compared to most services. I also find that no jobs are missed. Very good tool indeed...

navymac62@*****.*** in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Great Alternative to other sites

I was reccomended to Indeed by a recruiter friend of mine. I noticed right away that I wasn't attacked by spam emails like I was when I applied for...

ZoeSmit in LA, California

Updated 82 months ago

Summer jobs - 3 Replies

Have you found a cool summer job on Indeed? Share your summer job search suggestions and stories here.

raybursey16@*****.*** in Hayward, California


Thanks to your alert program and me wanting work badly,( guss what?)I'm now driving Super Shuttle, HELLO WORLD...If you don't beleive in the program...

MALIKA123 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 84 months ago

I got a job in 2 months! - 2 Replies

I lost my job Feb this year. A friend from my professional society recommended the Indeed - she found her job from here too. With a brand...

Wallaby715 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 85 months ago

Gratefully Employed ~~ Thank You Indeed~~ - 1 Reply

~~ Thank You ~~ Indeed for a job board that indeed works and is easy to use and permits submissions of more than just a resume and for not bombarding...

afreem02 in Flint, Michigan

I found a great job!!!

Hello! I'm here to personally thank you for all that you done!!! > This is a wonderful website! Because of you, I got a great opportunity > right...

Stay at-home Dad in Modesto, California

Updated 93 months ago

I have an interview with the New Store Opening up in Palmdale,California for Macy'. - 1 Reply

I finaly have an interview with Macy's which is opening up a new store in the Palmdale Mall. Hopefully it will be worth my while. Thanks

manic mechanic in Niagara Falls, Ontario


Indeed is the way to go you need look no further if your looking for a job . they will all be in your E-mail I tell all my friends .you try it you...

Suzi in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Indeed! You're Great!

I just accepted a job that you sent me in your daily e-alert on January 1! You sent me the best leads that were most suited to my skills so I went...

dpearson114 in Helena, Alabama

PRN or Part time Medical Technologist

Thank you for all your hard works that email to me everyday about the positions of Medical technology. I took a job at Huntsville Hospital,Al . I...

MRClueuin in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 104 months ago

Sometimes the little extra push you need is... - 1 Reply

MOTIVATION! Looking for a job is a complete pain. You have to deal with everything from rude people to rejection... all while you are not even...

Marie in Fairfield, Connecticut

Thanks to I found a great job!

Thank you to indeed. I was able to find two jobs through I first found a temp job to get me through the summer. Then I found a...

Kellie Phillips in Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks to, I found a job!!

I have been searching for a new career for about the last 7 months. I was struggling. I had been going to businesses as well as looking in the...

Career Hunter in Denver, Colorado

Updated 119 months ago

Forum sites - 2 Replies

besides indeed, are there anymore good forums that are very helpful. im brand new to this whole forum thing.

Ruth Grunberg in Syracuse, New York

Best Consulting Openings

Hi all, ConsultingCrossing dot com is the only job portal that consolidates every consulting job opening it can find and puts all of the...

"JR" D. Rhea in San Diego, California

Indeed is Incredible

Without a doubt Indeed has dramatically improved my ability to search for high paying positions in a number of fields. I used to employ the typical...

MARY MARTIN in Tuscaloosa, Alabama



Jodie French in Jackson, Tennessee

Use Indeed as your ONLY resource!

I have received daily emails from Indeed for over a year now. Waiting on that special job, passing by some others. I realized that this site pulls...

Yes Indeed is Awesome! I got a new job too!

Here's most of an email to a CSR at I would like to share here. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and answered all my questions, and had...

Stacy Kinsler in Los Angeles, California

Saves Time!

I just LOVE your website!! Prior to finding your website, I went to each internet job board individually (Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder,etc.). By...

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