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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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Updated 7 hours ago

How would you react to an employer you interviewed with weeks ago calling you up and offering you the job now? - 4 Replies

The job I have now happened like that. I was interviewed and it was stated up front we were looking months out. I was good with that. Months...


Updated 16 hours ago

Jobs That Don’t Require Experience? - 9 Replies

Eva - you mentioned tutoring. Search the internet for tutoring centers near you that focus on 1 - 12. Physically go into the centers during their...


Updated 23 hours ago

To follow up or not follow up what difference does it really make (if any)? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="meanmike in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]I have followed up in the past when it was possible and there were times where I didn’t follow up...


Updated 23 hours ago

Job Hoax - 1549 Replies

This scammer went so far as to send a cashiers check for nearly $5000, explaining I need to deposit it promptly into my account and get them a copy...


Updated 1 day ago

Did I get fired from my temp agency - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Struggling to Find Full-Time Work in Silver Spring, Maryland"]I meant they may not care to give an answer to you months after the fact...


Updated 1 day ago

Can HR make or break an offer even after you gaged that the hiring team likes you? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Michelle in Fenton, Missouri"]I'm just curious why you are interested in taking a salary cut assuming you have compared the benefits...


Big City vs. Small Town Job Prospects?

So, I am desperately seeking a job after being out of work for a long time. I haven’t had much luck here in San Francisco, but the opportunities here...

Mean Mike

Updated 1 day ago

Would you work for $10 an hour? - 183 Replies

Only if I didn’t “need” the money in a desperate sense. $10 an hour is pretty good money if you already live comfortably and are just looking to fill...


Updated 2 days ago

background check good sign? - 42 Replies

In my experience every single time a prospective employer performs a background check on you that means you are the candidate they are going to hire....

Mean Mike

Updated 3 days ago

Hiring/interview process at Lowe's - 368 Replies

I applied for at least ten different positions with Lowes all of which I was qualified for over time and they interviewed me once, decided to go with...


Updated 3 days ago


I responded to a job posting on Facebook for a part time work from home job from Ameritas Insurance, which is a real company and does have at home...


Updated 3 days ago

Interviews you're getting vs. applications you're sending - 32 Replies

This blows my mind.... My 3 Month Job Search 330+ applications/resumes – ONE online employment search engine(s) (not including other online...



Here is the email i received from "CYMO" a company I never applied to: Hi, Tayler! We appreciate your interest in our company! I did try to...


Updated 3 days ago

Fairly Low-Stress Non-Desk Jobs that Pay a Middle Class Income or Higher? - 1 Reply

P.S. I have been trying to post in the Career Advice Section for the past 3 weeks but I can never load the page. It always says "an error has...


Updated 3 days ago

Scam/Texts regarding a posistion - 67 Replies

I would never ever respond to a job that would text me as opposed to a phone call or email, never. That is just completely unprofessional from the...

Trying to Help

Updated 4 days ago

Got called right back to interview more - 23 Replies

That's great! Good for you!


Updated 4 days ago

Beacon HR "Certification" Scam - 69 Replies

The email I received even had a picture of "Samantha" at the bottom with her info. Ugh!


Updated 4 days ago

HR postponed decision several times - 2 Replies

Almost all of them never stick to timeline but the fact they followed up means they’re still looking and aren’t outright ignoring


Updated 5 days ago

group job interview at khols - 70 Replies

[QUOTE who="Judy in Franklin, Tennessee"]I went to a group interview with Khols last year and I didn't like it one bit. I guess they don't have time...

Struggling to Find Full-Time Work

Updated 5 days ago

If You Find Yourself A Victim Of Discrimination On The Job Hunt Is There Anyway To Prove It/Anything That Can Be Done About It? - 6 Replies

Reacting so defensively to me if you're truly not using multiple identities claims otherwise. This, and random guys from Trenton in other threads...


Updated 5 days ago

So Rude For Prospective Employer to Not Follow Up - 10 Replies

Thank you for the helpful hints, especially "We are interviewing other people"=Because we don't want you; forget about following up after sending...



Hello, So recently I found out that I was among the top two finalists for position I applied. The supervisor requested for my references. I had...


Have You Ever Felt Compelled To Walk Out Of An Interview For This Reason Alone?

It has become abundantly clear that they aren’t the least bit interested in you, you prepared for tough, probing questions and came up with a list of...

Struggling to Find Full-Time Work

Coast to Coast Job Fairs - sounds like a scam

I saw a few posts on here for job fairs hosted by Coast to Coast. I looked it up and read a lot of bad reviews about it. From what I looked up, there...

Struggling to Find Full-Time Work

Updated 6 days ago

No Longer Being Considered For A Position That Has Remained Vacant For Quite Some Time. Should I Take Any Action? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jono in Trenton, New Jersey"]Is there any action I can take to indicate I’m still interested and maybe help them see that it was a...


Updated 6 days ago

Personal Assistant - might be a job scam?! - 7 Replies

day was getting closer, the less Robin Talbott stayed in contact with me. She would always say, " kindly stand by" and then I wouldn't hear from her...

Jason Swett

Updated 7 days ago

Invited to a Facility Tour and Lunch/Dinner - How good are my chances? - 3 Replies

I would suggest that "How good are my chances?" is not a very productive question to ask. What would you do differently based on the answer? A...


Updated 7 days ago

The infamous good interview but rejection/no callback - 56 Replies

[QUOTE who="unemployed princess in Where ever, Texas"]A lot of them save face and I think they want to avoid confrontation[/QUOTE] I am going...


Updated 7 days ago

After Second Interview - 1 Reply

Not trying to dis-encourage you but always ALWAYS have a second option. Please look for another job when you are waiting, there's nothing you can do...

Philips Pet Food and Supplies

Interview waste of time

So, this big company offering full time employment has recruiters working out of different states. You apply for the job and get the interview. The...

Big Jim

Updated 8 days ago

Do employers discriminate against people with lisps? - 4 Replies

They don’t even have to pick the most qualified person, they could hire someone fresh out of school or even fresh out of prison with no recent or...


SDR Role play Interview

Hello all, I am looking for some tips I have a role play call for an SDR role with a software company. Let me know if you can help they are...


Updated 10 days ago

Current Salary question... - 6 Replies

I had a D-S HR person tell me the salary for the job as the second sentence in the conversation and asked me if I could meet my bills with this! I...


Updated 11 days ago

Reaching out after rejection? - 1 Reply

Just let it go. If you do anything to contact her, it may come across as harassment and you don't want that.


Updated 12 days ago

salary after training - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="JessF in A Sandy Beach"]Do it face to face -- email is easy to ignore. Just ask you manager about it - tell him that you would like to...


Preparing for the next job interview

My entire company is downsizing, and I am worried that my position could be next. One year ago, I left my long-term job to join another company as...

Big Jim

Updated 13 days ago

Heard Nothing Back After A Second Overall/First In Person Interview Should I Assume I Didn’t Get The Job And Move On? - 1 Reply

I have about fifteen years of relevant and transferable sales and customer service experience in various settings as well as knowledge and...

Big Jim

Updated 13 days ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer - 344 Replies

When they skip the part where they ask “do you have any questions for me?” It’s never a good sign in my experience even if they go over everything...


Updated 13 days ago

Recruiter said - 2 Replies

Is there anything I can ask hopefully get a more clear answer? For example "can you tell me if your news will be good?" I'm still on the job hunt but...


Updated 13 days ago

Very very concerned about background check - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="fmr120 in Ithaca, New York"]They asked me to write a formal resignation letter - this employer most certainly kept meticulous records as...


Updated 13 days ago

Google Hangout interview - 6 Replies

Hello I was too contacted by a company named NEOEN solar energy and they gave me a interview via google hangouts, told me that I got the job and they...

Struggling to Find Full-Time Work

Updated 13 days ago

Always "Next week" - 16 Replies

[QUOTE who="S_G in Albany, New York"]For those of you that have been curious about this job, I reached out to HR again, and was told that I am still...


Not Allowed To Proceed With Online Application Until I Opt Out Of The Tax Credit Screening At That Time.

This happened a few times when filling out online job applications. It gets to the tax/credit screening and asks for my name/other info and social...


Updated 14 days ago

Apply for 2nd position - 2 Replies

My skill sets are more in-line with the sr position. You bring up a good point, just curious on feedback if I should wait or go for it.

Real Estate Development Attorney

Updated 16 days ago

Masters in Real Estate Development - 2 Replies

Another route you can take is to get real world experience on a couple of projects, which is irreplaceable and invaluable. If you need the credits...


Updated 16 days ago

You don't speak Spanish? Well that's too bad - 54 Replies

[QUOTE who="2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio"]Yeah maybe I need to learn Spanish. I guess I am set in my ways of speaking English only. But I do see it...


Updated 19 days ago

Application Feedback - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="JCoughlin3 in Parker, Colorado"]Have you applied for a job, gone through some type of assessment, and then been notified you're no longer...


Updated 20 days ago

Should i follow up agian? - 1 Reply

No. Don't do anything. They obviously kept your contact information.

Struggling to Find Full-Time Work

Updated 20 days ago

Why do staffing firms waste money posting Fake Ads? - 176 Replies

I wonder if temp agencies lie about having jobs even *after* becoming active with them. I reached out to my agency and they got back to me stating...


Updated 20 days ago

Not sure which weaknesses I should give during interview? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="rexbrockton in Syracuse, New York"]social anxiety, trouble with assertiveness and having trouble letting it go when someone makes me...

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