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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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Updated 9 hours ago

Frustrated Job Seekers Rant Part III - 199 Replies

My rant for the day: ATS systems (this was Taleo) that expect prior job salary numbers (required!) to be formatted a certain way and provide...


Updated 18 hours ago

referee - 1 Reply

Of course! It's your job search. If you don't want to do something, or want to do something differently, that's entirely up to you.


Updated 18 hours ago

please advise..! agent job interview - 1 Reply

It never hurts to practice interviewing.


Updated 19 hours ago

Job Hoax - 779 Replies

I've gotten several text messages & several emails like this. Here is the latest email: From: Quinn Addison <> Date: August...


Updated 1 day ago

Seems like overkill. What gives? - 6 Replies

Thanks for the reply Sarah. That's probably how I will handle it, but I'm ready for some commitment. BTW, I've spent a tin of time in Bixby. I...


Updated 1 day ago

Interviewed at Macy's - 3 Replies

Yes, multiple interviews is normal. Makes me wonder how close to layoffs everyone is in a company because they all have SO MUCH TIME to conduct...


Updated 1 day ago

Hiring manager called the cops for applying - 2 Replies

I wonder how many calls like this the cops make for this company? You could turn this around and accuse the employer of harassment, since they put...

Luy from Fontucky

Updated 2 days ago

Who wants to start naming names? - 515 Replies

I'll name names, 1. Adecco 2. Kelly Services 3. Express Employment 4. Kimco staffing 5. Ranstad 6. AppleOne 7. Manpower 8. Secure...


Updated 2 days ago

Pay after you Get your passport, driving license, ID cards, stamps at (((((((( - 1 Reply

Normally I wouldn't even respond to spam posts, however - I HOPE NOBODY EVEN THINKS OF REPLYING TO THIS IDIOT - IT'S A SCAN AND YOU WILL HAVE YOUR...


Updated 2 days ago

Why am i not getting hired on - 485 Replies

i think you are right, The classmates i know are almost immediately hired upon graduation, due to have connections with a friend, I had a classmate...


Updated 2 days ago

Interview Ettiquette Questions - 4 Replies

Duck's got it. The best thing you can do is be confident in yourself, and then go with the flow. If you want a card, ask for one. If you want to...

Ms Doppelganger

Updated 2 days ago

Top 5 things you never say to someone who is unemployed or job hunting!: - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="realism37 in Georgia"]"Do you really want to work?" "There are plenty of jobs out there, you just want certain ones" The last one...


Working in Cosmetics?

Has anyone here worked in cosmetics or selling make-up? When I check jobs at Macy's, it seems like they are perpetually searching for people to work...


Updated 3 days ago

Hiring/interview process at Lowe's - 348 Replies

first applied 8/1/16 online. did assessment, passed all since got call from HR to do interview. Interview was 8/9/16, easy interview of my life! 7-8...

Want to be Prepared

Interviewing with the Mayor: what to expect?

For the past month or so I've been going through the process of getting a job within a company that's owned by the city government. It has been a...


Updated 3 days ago

Job has closed and they say it's taking a bit longer than expected to fill job? - 4 Replies

I was unemployed for about 2.5 years until i found steady employment 4 years ago. Didnt think I'd actually ever work again. But, I ended up...


Updated 3 days ago

Second Interview Worry - 4 Replies

Thanks. I'm admittedly very nervous. I still have at least 2 more days before hearing back about it and its driving me up the wall. I appreciate...

Luy from Fontucky, Ca

Updated 4 days ago

Best Buy Warehouse Occasional/seasonal job? - 1 Reply

I have not work at Best Buy warehouse but I have enough experience in distribution, Seasonal Jobs. Basically you will most likely work there during...


Updated 4 days ago

Hiring Manager mentioned "Salary"... what is this? - 1 Reply

Yes, it's all normal. Yes, you have a chance. But you shouldn't stop looking until your butt's in the seat.


Updated 4 days ago

Scam Job: Block - 2 Replies

Unless you provided details like your Social Security number, bank account number, or a credit card number, I wouldn't worry about it. This kind of...


Updated 4 days ago

background check for pending cases - 21 Replies

I was given a citation for pety tefth in may 2016, i was not arrested. My case was sent to diversion program and i did community service hours and...

Ms Doppelganger

Updated 5 days ago

HireRight Video Interviews - 4 Replies

Ask the Headhunter HireVue Video Interviews: HR insults talent in a talent shortage


Updated 5 days ago

"Pre-Interview" Education Question? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="AndyRising in a State of Bliss"]They want to know if you completed 1, 2, 3, 4, or more years of school. It's not about the calendar year,...


Updated 5 days ago

Dilemma please help!!! - 1 Reply

Well, your post doesn't offer too many specifics, but from what I understand... 1. Give it time. You and your new manager have only been in your...


Updated 5 days ago

Is this Legit? - 10 Replies

Career Builders a scam, monster is a scam, indeed is a bigger scam!!!!! If you're looking for a job find out the company website and fill out an...


Updated 6 days ago

Taleo Status: Not Hired - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="AndyRising in a State of Bliss"]You should move on anyway. Put your application in, then don't look back. But a little introspection...


Updated 6 days ago

Frustrated Underemployed Rant Part II - 12 Replies

Ya. I agree. This new age of job hunting and interview process is becoming a big joke. One time I filled out about 12 pages of application...

Mellissa Pfaffinger

Updated 6 days ago

waiting time after 3rd interview - 3 Replies

Last Friday, I went on my 3rd interview with a great Company that I am very excited for. I met with the VP and the HR manager and instead of the 1/2...


Updated 9 days ago

frito-lay hiring process - 145 Replies

[QUOTE who="johncastaneda in Los Angeles, California"]Did you have to sign something for them to start the background? Reason I'm asking I'm...

Trying to Help

Updated 9 days ago

Interview Followup - 1 Reply

No. Follow up now. Don't wait. You haven't talked compensation at all yet? Not even ballpark?

Trying to Help

Updated 9 days ago

Interview Follow Up - 1 Reply

Within 24 hours. Preferably by the end of that day (even in the evening is OK). Any longer and they weren't a priority for you.


Updated 10 days ago

background check good sign? - 44 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bluetea in Texas"]Everybody has to consent to a background check but it is only done AFTER you have been interviewed and they have...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 10 days ago

What to say when asked why I want to leave my current job? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland"]I have always heard that one should say something along the lines of "I'm looking for new...


Pre-Employment Drug Test

Just want to know if they change the type of drug test for diffferent positions at Lowe's. I've heard from people that a regular cashier gets a swab...


Updated 11 days ago

Would you work for $10 an hour? - 178 Replies

In this economy this is question isn't even a choice for many people. If you lose your $30 an hour job and go long enough without anything comparable...


Updated 11 days ago

Should i call a second time on the fourth week after interview? - 45 Replies

At our rock quarry,, we have an issue with people calling every week. With it being a manual labor job, typically people...


Updated 11 days ago

Rude interviewer - how to respond? - 41 Replies

Burn some bridges. You'll feel better. "Oooh no I can't possibly burn any bridges by being rude back" moan the middle classes as someone smashes...

Just say no!

Updated 11 days ago

Recruiter Interview - She says she'll get back to me in two weeks - 4 Replies

One has to think of them as managers of a big box store; you are merchandise on a shelf. The client, is the customer with the shopping cart. So lets...


Updated 12 days ago

The 4th interview! I'm getting tired. And I need your opinion! - 5 Replies

I had 4 interviews 1 st phone interviewone with a hr rep 2nd phone interview with the operations manager 3rd phone interview with the head of hr 4 th...


Offered Internship, but haven't heard back yet

I just graduated college in the US, and am looking for jobs and internships. Twenty-six days ago, I got an email from one of the co-founders of this...


You in need of a Early Childhood Education (ECE) professional or EMT-b? Contact me for more information and my resume please. A

You in need of a Early Childhood Education (ECE) professional or EMT-b? Contact me for more information and my resume please. Ask for Tom. Thank...

TGPII in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 13 days ago

Hunting down the person who filled a job you are applying for - 9 Replies

Hello, I have an interview coming up in a few days that I am really excited about. But in traditional corporate fashion the job description is a...

TGPII in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 13 days ago

So today I have a phone interview with a hospital/medical group. It is for a non medical career. I have gotten several emails - 2 Replies

So today I have a phone interview with a hospital/medical group. It is for a non medical career. I have gotten several emails and text reminders...

michelle in Chester, Virginia

Updated 13 days ago

Has anyone here ever used - 78 Replies

I did this assessment/test last night and it took 3.5 hours. It consisted of 55 questions for powerpoint, 55 for excel and 55 for Word and then a 3...

victor hanstein ventures in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 13 days ago

Surviving two years of un/underemployment and a job search - 8 Replies

On this date two years ago I was let go from a respectable marketing/client service operations management position making $72K a year. The role...

Job Hunting Failure in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 13 days ago

Rejection emails - 8 Replies

I just discovered the rejection emails that say "We have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this...

Duck! in Long Island City, New York

Updated 13 days ago

Recruiters and Interviewers love me but the hiring managers hate me . - 2 Replies

So for the past 5 months, my job hunting process has been a slow moving roller coaster. I will apply for jobs -> Not hear anything for the first...

TGPII in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 13 days ago

When you go for a job interview why does it take them so long to get back to you? Don't they worry other employers may higher y - 25 Replies

When you go for a job interview why does it take them so long to get back to you? Don't they worry other employers may higher you? In business if...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 14 days ago

loss of job due to failed drug test what do you say to a new potential employer in an interview. - 57 Replies

i dont know if i should tell a potential employer exactly why i lost my job.

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 14 days ago

So tomorrow I have a phone interview with a hospital/medical group. It is for a non medical career. I have gotten several emai - 1 Reply

So tomorrow I have a phone interview with a hospital/medical group. It is for a non medical career. I have gotten several emails and text reminders...

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