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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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Updated 23 minutes ago

12 job interviews but no job offers - 235 Replies

[QUOTE who="tryingintexas in Houston, Texas"]The BIGGEST thing for me right now is the 50 million interviews for one job. Telephone, 1st, 2nd... In...


Updated 6 hours ago

Bait & Switch job interview tactics - 37 Replies

I have never heard anyone ever say an insurance sales job, which can be a commissioned sales "rewarding" and "certainly a career." If that...


Updated 12 hours ago

Should i call a second time on the fourth week after interview? - 31 Replies

did you ever get it?


Updated 19 hours ago

Rude interviewer - how to respond? - 32 Replies

I agree. If a person that interviews you doesn't respect you that is a bad sign. They have a power trip or just bad manners.


Updated 1 day ago

What do you all think of job postings on Craigslist - 10 Replies

Most likely is a low pay job. Low investment in finding someone= Low expectation from you and low pay


Updated 2 days ago

How to describe highly relevant but confidential experience - 2 Replies

Thanks Andromeda Rising. Good suggestions. The problem is that in order for the new company to understand that the project is relevant to their job...


Updated 2 days ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer - 280 Replies

[QUOTE who="Demo89 in Dallas, Texas"]I have found that when they say we have more candidates to interview and don't give you a time frame, it doesn't...

Average HR Guy

Updated 3 days ago

Job Search Nightmares... - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada"]Don't know about everybody else but I have made a few bucks here and there by "referring" applicants...


Updated 3 days ago

gap in employment - 57 Replies

there is just too much that goes against us. Gaps, age. No wonder there is so many homeless people and I am heading there myself.


Updated 4 days ago

Job Hoax - 108 Replies

Dear Employ Florida Marketplace Customer: As you know, many scams are perpetrated every day via the Internet, email and text messages. Some of...


Updated 4 days ago

Still interviewing Other Candidates - Apply for another job there? - 5 Replies

I had a second interview and was told they were interviewing other candidates. From what I read all over the internet, it means no hire. I'm moving...


Updated 5 days ago

Interviewing - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="optical Engineer in Hampton, Virginia"]A few weeks ago I was contacted by the hiring manager of a company. I didn't know he was the...

Andromeda Rising

How to answer "Why do you want to work here?"

From the movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel"... Officious Concierge: "Why do you want to be a Lobby Boy?" Hopeful Lobby Boy Candidate: "Well...


Updated 7 days ago

I probably failed my phone interview, right? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jamie Clarkson in Los Angeles, California"]Thank you! I haven't received anything today. So it's been literally 7 days since we last...


Updated 8 days ago

background check for pending cases - 16 Replies

Did they give you your background check report in writing and admitted in writing that they are withdrawing the offer due to a particular reason?...


Updated 9 days ago

Kmart Hiring Process and Background check - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bone Bender in MANGILAO"]Hi I have just passed the background check and received the next 3 emails in the process. I guess I was...


Updated 10 days ago

Interview; is this weird - 4 Replies

She was an inside recruiter. Her email matches the company & I called the main # and can get through to her via the operator (receptionist?) &...

Tiffiney O

Updated 11 days ago

Competing applicant also gets a background check? What does this mean?? - 2 Replies

I would assume they are hiring more than one person and you are one of them. It probably just makes it easier on them in terms of paperwork and...


Updated 11 days ago

I sent a follow-up email and got a nasty response - 188 Replies

I've gotten some snippy responses from following up on an application as well. Employers should at least have an automated response set up to say the...


Updated 14 days ago

Interview: "When can you start?" - 6 Replies

If employed, I would say I need to give at least a two week notice. But if currently not working, I would say immediately especially if there are no...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 15 days ago

Job Interview - 1 Reply

This is such a common scenario (decision-maker out of the office) that it may be true in some cases. If they want you, they will call. In the...


Updated 15 days ago

Going Crazy Waiting to Hear - 2 Replies

I send the thank you immediately :) i appreciate the advice though

Caren I

Updated 15 days ago

After interview, zero response from HR and friend who put my resume through...? - 1 Reply

Yes, they've gone with someone else. Your 'friend' was probably too embarrassed to express the fact that they went with someone else, and who knows...

Caren I

Updated 15 days ago

Job Interview - 2 Replies

Keep applying. Don't stop, don't halt, don't stop pushing. After every interview I've ever been on, I made it a habit to go twice as hard and work...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 16 days ago

Should I Go To A Job Interview If I Am Unsure About The Job? - 7 Replies

Well, most companies will give you some alternate interview times, or say "we're interviewing Wednesday and Thursday, when can you come in?," But if...

Tiffiney O

Updated 16 days ago

How do you get your foot in the door with many applicants? - 1 Reply

The answer is persistence, never giving up, and determination. I've learned that no matter how good you do in the interviews, there will always be...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 17 days ago

I passed the interview and had my background check. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE HELP! - 1 Reply

Remember that they're not as anxious about getting this job as you are. There may be other things going on at the office which have more priority for...

Updated 18 days ago

Anyone else tired of rude employers during interviews? - 359 Replies

[QUOTE who="Chain in Eugene, Oregon"]Yes. Had to deal with one who basically called me an unethical scumbag because I thought that working on...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 18 days ago

How to decline a job offer while already signed and accepting it. since I have come accross a better job offer from another firm - 37 Replies

[QUOTE who="Confused in Australia"]I am going through this now. Serving my last few days in Company A. Emailed company B and called them too. But...


Updated 20 days ago

Did I mess up or do I still have a chance? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Moussi in Windsor, Ontario"]So I applied to Telus communications at my local mall (ya know they provide telecommunications plans and...


Updated 21 days ago

frito-lay hiring process - 96 Replies

[QUOTE who="350z guy in Edgewood, Maryland"]do they verify your high school graduation??[/QUOTE] No they just ask you if you have a Diploma or not...


Updated 23 days ago

What does this mean? After final interview.. - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Debbie in Denver, Colorado"]I would send a thank you for the nice gift basket, tell you enjoyed meeting with them and say something you...


Updated 26 days ago

Should I write company off? - 1 Reply

You've done about all you can do. Keep applying elsewhere and keep hoping you get contacted by these guys. You still may. Impossible to know. People...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 27 days ago

Did I get the job? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sweetea10 in Denver, Colorado"]expressed how I felt regardless off the pay that this would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn and...


Updated 28 days ago


[QUOTE who="Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada"] Get a camera and have someone tape you doing mock interviews with yourself. Interviewing is a...


Updated 28 days ago

Is the job a scam? Asking for credit score before interviewing - 687 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jcanelos12000 in Apex, North Carolina"]Jessica, I have received your application for the opening 'Mail Room Position Available' in...


Updated 29 days ago

The Arrogance of Employers During the Hiring - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Gentry Calvin in ATLANTA, Georgia"]Hello all, I needed somewhere to vent my experiences and frustrations of this matter. I'm really...

bad speller

Updated 1 month ago

group job interview at khols - 72 Replies

[QUOTE who="hottemp55 in Fresno, California"]It was a joke did you notice the new type-o's[/QUOTE] Just an update it has been 33 months since this...

abc daz

Updated 1 month ago

background check good sign? - 66 Replies

I had the final round interview with Deloitte a week back after which I was given a verbal approval that the interview feedback was good and I will...


Updated 1 month ago

I HATE Almost All Job Interviews!!! - 133 Replies

One asked me "what is your greatest accomplishment in life". I was on my way to the store and saw a "job fair" sign at an apartment complex. They...


Updated 1 month ago

how to know when it is too honest? interview questions - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="summer in Placerville, California"]Hi there. I think a good answer for you question (coworker is slacking-what do you do?) would be a...


Updated 1 month ago

Had a great interview, no word back, job off the company's what? - 71 Replies

[QUOTE who="swb in Fort Worth, Texas"]I have been on several interviews and have been qualified for many of the positions that I was interviewing...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 1 month ago

How long to wait to follow up again? - 1 Reply

If they want you, they will contact you. Maybe they really are extremely busy (and disorganized).

Andromeda Rising

Updated 1 month ago

Getting an offer while still pursuing other opportunities - 3 Replies

Absolutely. Take the first job you're offered. If another, better job comes along, quit job 1 and take job 2. Don't worry how they'll manage without...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 1 month ago

Can I be denied after accepting Offer Letter? - 13 Replies

[QUOTE who="nesto79 in Loxahatchee, Florida"]Florida 0 minutes ago Hello all I'm a little confused about the hiring process with comcast....

Andromeda Rising in Rockbridge, Ohio

Updated 1 month ago

6 weeks after interview, no response - 1 Reply

I had the interview of my dream company six years ago. After the interview, the manager told it would take a few weeks to reply me. I also sent thank...

Graphic Web Designer in Paramus, New Jersey

CreativeTheGroup or The Creative Group?

I find it so typical and underhanded that The Creative Group is now posting jobs under CreativeTheGroup. How very sad.

Alice W in NY

Updated 1 month ago

Had my final interview 10 days ago - No feedback! What should I do? - 2 Replies

Hi there, I really appreciate your opinion on this and I will try to keep this short. I proactively contacted one of my favorite companies and...

Alice W in NY

Updated 1 month ago

Waiting game - Words of encouragement - 2 Replies

My story in short: Been relocated away from home for few years and havent been able to find high enough position from home. Situation looks...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 1 month ago

They cancelled my interview the night before because position has been filled?!? - 92 Replies

I am beyond irate right now. How common is this? I got an interview through a referral. The interview was supposed to be tomorrow morning and we...

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