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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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Updated 1 hour ago

interview question "what are your weaknesses"? - 19 Replies

I was asked this and I said (after she asked me "What are your strengths?" question), "My strengths are my weaknesses because I can improve them." or...


Updated 19 hours ago

Anyone else tired of rude employers during interviews? - 327 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bruins 110 in La Palma, California"]What do you when the person who is going to interview you doesn't bother to show up for work? It...


Updated 20 hours ago

Interview requested... then silence - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Questioner in Cincinnati, Ohio"]The job search feels so much like dating! Are they honest? Do they say what they mean and mean what they...


Updated 1 day ago

Things that you don't really want to hear in an interview - 150 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jason Q in Matawan, New Jersey"]Non Profits are always a joke and very poorly managed...they're run by women.[/QUOTE] And some...


Updated 1 day ago

Dates of Employment slightly off- what to do? - 4 Replies

Noted. Just out of curiosity/paranoia, do you think there's any chance this error could eliminate me from contention?


Updated 2 days ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer - 266 Replies

I have no idea why this recruiter from a temporary consulting firm called me in for an interview if she didn't like my résumé. If she didn't like ppl...


Updated 3 days ago

How to explain your irrelevant education to interviewer - 2 Replies

Unfortunately, HR people are very specific about what they're looking for in a candidate. It's really not about your skills, it's about what the...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 3 days ago

Worst Interview Ever! - 2 Replies

The more you interview, the better you'll be at it. We've all had interviews where it was obvious that it wasn't going to work for one reason or...

Completely Broke and Broken

Updated 3 days ago

Interview - 1 Reply

You can try again, but after that I'd move on.


Updated 3 days ago

Thank you Email Response "We will be in touch" - 5 Replies

Just wanted to give an update--they called yesterday to ask for references. Good sign...I will let you know how I make out.

Updated 4 days ago

Job Hoax - 69 Replies

Scam alert regarding HR rep texting and give job reference code for Merril Lynch, then they ask you to set up a "gmail" account and online interview....

Andromeda Rising

Updated 4 days ago

Am I Being Blown Off or Does It Sound Like I Might Get The Job? - 1 Reply

I believe that this is the most common question asked on these forums. Waiting it out is hard, especially if you've got two offers going at...


Updated 4 days ago

calling after an interview. need to know if hired - 1 Reply

Yes, given the time constraint, call them and explain the situation with regards to school. As you put it, "this is an amazing opportunity for me and...

You all know my name by now...

Updated 4 days ago

So I think I won't get a job offer - 1 Reply

At my last interview, the leader told me that they would decide by a specific date. Three days after that date, she sent me an email stating that...


Updated 4 days ago

Has anyone here ever used - 54 Replies

[QUOTE who="untmdsprt in Shawnee, Kansas"]All these are either Java or Flash based and there is no need to have the actual physical copy. More than...


Updated 5 days ago

Waiting for Job Offer/Rejection Letter - 8 Replies

This is more of an account support position than Sales position. Don't really know much about Sales positions, although I would recommend staying...

Average HR Guy

Updated 5 days ago

Do you think this will affect me getting the job? - 2 Replies

If they specifically told you the dress was business professional and you show up in business casual, no excuse is going to help your cause. I'm sure...

Vitaver Jobs

Updated 5 days ago

Do you need to list the months on a resume? - 4 Replies

HR wants to see the exact information, I would advise to list months and years in your resume. Some of the recruiters would like to see if you has a...


Updated 6 days ago

Bad Interview Experience - 4 Replies

Yes, go to the interview. If it comes up, or if you get the right vibe, you might take the opportunity to sort of laugh it off. Otherwise, it's water...


Updated 6 days ago

Question about an Interview - Positive or Negative - 8 Replies

Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your insights


Updated 6 days ago

I'm afraid I messed up -- need advice - 1 Reply

Hmmm seemed like an offerr but then the whole "for now they were going to do the drug testing on all the top candidates" confused me.. So it wasn't...

unemployed princess

Updated 7 days ago

Advice on hotel interviews for tomorrow - 2 Replies

Thanks I decided to do 3 in one day since the other 2 are so close to each other. I really want a job before the summer. the interviews are not...

unemployed princess

Updated 7 days ago

Is the offer coming? - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida"]Ping words (you're not getting hired). I really enjoyed --- Thank you for --- It was a pleasure...


Updated 7 days ago

Would you work for $10 an hour? - 125 Replies

[QUOTE who="cna30 in Texas"]Here in Texas $12hr. is quite a bit. I'm wondering if Texas is perhaps behind in the way of salary. I'm just very...

unemployed princess

Updated 8 days ago

Accepted a job offer over email 2 days ago and have not hear back - 5 Replies

after you follow up do not stress yourself out anymore. searching for a job is already stressful enough. you don't deserve to put more stress on you.


Updated 8 days ago

Is this a legitimate - 3 Replies

Red Flags I See: - Random capitalization and lack of capitalization/punctuation. - Some run-on sentences. - Informal slang ("Add up the Head of...


Updated 8 days ago

Interpret Response to Follow - 2 Replies

It's probably a canned response, so don't read too much into it. At least you know they have received it and need nothing else to complete your...


Updated 9 days ago

Interviewing 18 people for 3 jobs? - 7 Replies

Interviewing 18 people for 3 jobs is ridiculous. At best you should interview 2-3 face to face and then tweak your criteria if you need to. ...


Updated 9 days ago

Would this be really weird? - 1 Reply

It may be a good idea to send the pics. If it's not what they are looking for, you just saved yourself, and them, a lot of wasted time and money!

Average HR Guy

Updated 10 days ago

Where do I stand? - 2 Replies

If we're flying a candidate out for a 2nd (or 3rd) interview, it is not to check on their qualifications or knowledge... it's all about fit. How are...

Taylor H.

Updated 10 days ago

I did bad in my second interview, no? - 1 Reply

It may be that you're just over-thinking it. From the info you provided, you seem to have done well in each of your interviews. It is no surprise...


Updated 12 days ago

Treated so poorly you will never do business with or buy that company's product again? - 30 Replies

I was interviewed for the wrong position by a The Village Bakery in Wrexham. How they thought I wouldn't notice I'd be going from a Technical...

unemployed princess

Updated 13 days ago

how long does or did it take you to get a job offer after interview? - 131 Replies

Never stop applying until you get your first paycheck,lol


Updated 13 days ago

Management position out of my league. - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="kylecous in Canton, Michigan"]The thing that worries me though is that this position would be "skipping a step" in my company we have...


Updated 14 days ago

Rejected but called again for an interview? - 4 Replies

Nice job. I guess this is why they say not to burn bridges. I also wish this would happen to me. It seems completely alien.


NHS Interview

I have an interview on Friday for a booking clerk and was just wondering if anyone knew what the questions would be asked. Also can you take notes...


Updated 15 days ago

Interesting Interview - 2 Replies

She asked me if I had any other interviews in line and I told her up front I have a final interview next week that is yet to be scheduled and she...


Updated 16 days ago

What to make of this? - 3 Replies

Thank you! :) I'm just going to not look too much into it and take it as a standard procedure whilst still applying elsewhere. Fingers crossed


Updated 17 days ago

Position - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bhath19 in Fort Wayne, Indiana"]I had a very good in-person interview over two weeks ago and the VP had said he looked forward to working...


Updated 18 days ago

Gaps in employment due to unusual circumstances - 6 Replies

Thank you so much for the help! The suggestions have been really helpful. MakingItWork, I've worked with several non-profits and service agencies...


Updated 18 days ago

No response, 5 weeks after interview- HR professionals please HELP!! - 221 Replies

[QUOTE who="John Yavelak in Norcross, Georgia"];;;;;;;;;;;; Here is something else, ... How about when you interview with a major company with...


Updated 18 days ago

Job interview on Friday at o2, Questions! - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="GoodLuck in Cincinnati, Ohio"]It's smart for you to be eager to work any job especially as a college student because it IS hard to find...


Updated 18 days ago

I sent a follow-up email and got a nasty response - 187 Replies

I dropped my resume and the receptionist told me to contact the boss on Friday. When I called him he said to contact me next week. After a week I...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 19 days ago

Good Feedback After 3rd Interview But No Offer Yet - 1 Reply

Keep looking. Don't pin all your hopes on this job. It's not uncommon for reorganizations to occur, and for any potential new jobs to disappear...

Agent Zero

Updated 20 days ago

What are my Chances? - 2 Replies

Sounds promising, but be cautious. You never know what can happen. I'm a Recruiter and I can tell you, you never take anything for granted until...


Updated 20 days ago

They cancelled my interview the night before because position has been filled?!? - 90 Replies

[QUOTE who="Flatulent Elephant in Kent, Washington"]I have a somewhat similar story--recently I was called about a job through a staffing agency but...

Dante M. Quinn

Updated 21 days ago

Hiring/interview process at Lowe's - 354 Replies

Does anyone ever try to report these companies to the Attorney Generals Office, or sue them for discrimination ? Any lawyers out here that could...


Updated 22 days ago

"We are still hiring" - 2 Replies

Keep applying and wait them out. They may choose to hire you (I got an offer after a company told me they'd notify me within a week and then kept me...


Updated 22 days ago

What to do when Recruiter says that you will hear from him no later than Wednesday? - 7 Replies

I'd follow up, but literally every time out of the 20-25 interviews I've gone through in my most recent job search, the recruiter said "we'll follow...


Updated 22 days ago

First time switching jobs through recruiter, have a few questions... - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Ron79 in Ravenna, Ohio"]I recently interviewed at a company for a job, it was set up through a recruiter. I never used a recruiter...

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