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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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More like interrogation...

I wonder if anyone else had this sort of interviewing experience: This company invited me for a second interview. When I came there, it was a panel...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 2 hours ago

Finish second interview last week, send thanks letter they said: they will be in touch to advise on how we will proceed - 1 Reply

Get use to it. Start applying for other jobs. They know how to get in touch with you if they want. You want LOTS of companies saying "they will be...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 2 hours ago

Job Interview Response Timeline - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="ChadDS in Chicago, Illinois"]I had a phone interview (30 minutes) with the principal investigator (PI) of a research team at a...


Updated 10 hours ago

Job Hoax - 274 Replies

Got one today from "Sutter Health" Dear Applicant, Your resume has been reviewed and forwarded to the Head of Operation and you have been...


Sent for drug test, no discussion yet for pay

Hello, So I went and interviewed with a company and the manager had two other people interview me the same day. A few days later, they called my...


Updated 2 days ago

"Still need to interview a phone more people throughout the week..." - 2 Replies

I agree with Trying to Help. So many job-seekers seem to think that if they got an interview, they've got the job. They forget that the employer may...


Updated 2 days ago

In person job interview feedback after rejection email? - 7 Replies

So a quick update. Last week went by and I never heard back from the Hiring Manager. While I do understand that since I wasn't the chosen candidate,...


DWP Job Interview

So I have a job interview with the DWP for a contact centre agent. I always said I wouldn't work for them as when I signed on they were awful but as...


Updated 5 days ago

Interview bait-and-switch - 5 Replies

Why isn't this illegal? This is flat out fraud really.


Updated 5 days ago

Follow up after interview if you did not get the call at specified date - 2 Replies

Yes. Just a quick, polite call to inquire if you're still being considered for the position. The worst that can happen is they tell you no.


Updated 5 days ago

Had an interview, now background check, question about employment history... - 6 Replies

whoops!! CLIENT!! Angrily typed too fast!

Trying to Help

Updated 5 days ago

How many times to follow up? - 4 Replies

Contact him one more time. A lot of employees take vacations in the summer, so if he's not out of the office, he may be covering for someone who is,...


Updated 6 days ago

The HR called back to ask me that how the final interview went? - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan"]They also may be just trying to see if you are still interested in the position. Let's play devil's...


Updated 7 days ago

I HATE Almost All Job Interviews!!! - 175 Replies

[QUOTE who="catfish503 in portland, Oregon"]When I was a young girl in school I wore a shopping for school clothes for me...haha ...


Updated 7 days ago

How to decline a job offer while already signed and accepting it. since I have come accross a better job offer from another firm - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lally in Austin, Texas"].... I don't even have a contact person at Company A to email/phone minus a random HR person. Is it acceptable...


recruiter actually got back to me..

I had an interview last week, Mon July 13th and it went well, although it wasnt for any particular position, so I was selling myself. I also sent a...


Updated 7 days ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer - 266 Replies

[QUOTE who="ga in Las Vegas, Nevada"]Yes, these such "underprivileged" are such "American success" stories at ours, our parents' expense. No one...

Will s

Updated 8 days ago

Upcoming interview need help ? - 3 Replies

i didnt get it again.....


Updated 9 days ago

Following up after being told the job was mine - 2 Replies

Did you get the job?


Updated 9 days ago

How do you respond when told application put on hold? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="DM in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma"]The same sort of thing has happened to me twice in the past year or so. One of those times, though, after...

Sick Of It All

Updated 12 days ago

How to explain the loss of my business in a job interview - 5 Replies

First, sorry for your losses. Second, you don't need or want to tell a potential employer about mental illness, business choices, or other...


Updated 12 days ago

After Interview Call Back - 5 Replies

Did this call end with a job offer? I was just scheduled a call for 5pm on monday after 3rd interview. Thank you

Trying to Help

Updated 12 days ago

Contacting the Hiring Manager - 2 Replies

If they told you to call again later next week, then do it. It's not a test or anything stupid like that, but definitely follow up. Hiring managers...


Updated 13 days ago

Staffing/Temp Agencies - 5 Replies

Temp services are horrible.

Ruby Slippers

Updated 13 days ago

Accept position but then your dream job is offered - etiquette? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="inbalnce in Mississauga, Ontario"]If I accept a position with a company and then a week later get an offer from another company that I...


Updated 14 days ago

Interviewed for a friend, waiting on official job offer - 1 Reply

Call the hiring manager today. But just call once. Your friend may not have all the info, just something to keep in mind.


Updated 14 days ago

group job interview at khols - 71 Replies

[QUOTE who="rayne in Killeen, Texas"]hey, i had a group interview with khols it really was not that bad, if sum one gose befor you just say with they...


Updated 16 days ago

How to response to Indeed Email? - 4 Replies

please reply to above question, Indeed...


Updated 17 days ago

Should i call a second time on the fourth week after interview? - 40 Replies

It's not a matter of right or wrong. It's a matter of knowing what it's like on both sides of the equation, and the experience of being a recruiter...


Updated 20 days ago

Has anyone here ever used - 57 Replies

It is very long and complex do it first thing in the morning typing test


SuccessFactors application status In Progress for a week and a half now

Has anyone applied to a job through the SuccessFactors tracking system before? If you have, and your status said In Progress for approximately as...

Joe Gagill1

Updated 20 days ago

Multiple Positions - Maybe One Mistake? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="STEAM in Cleveland, Ohio"]Hey everyone. So, I had an interview for an office job (employee time entry, product documentation and customer...


Updated 21 days ago

Job hoax, scam - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Recruiter in Detroit, Michigan"]What is the scam though? Is it possible they are just not a professional company? I'm not being...


Updated 22 days ago

Should I take it as a no? HELP - 5 Replies



Updated 23 days ago

frito lay - 1 Reply

cindii, the General Job Interview forum where you posted won't be much help to you, but if you type "frito lay" in the Find Forums field at the upper...


Updated 24 days ago

Weird Vibe from Job Interview Set-Up - 4 Replies

Agree with need_help. The question of child care and health are illegal questions. You can offer that info,but,they can not ask. It is on the same...


Updated 24 days ago

Dealing with Inappropriate Interviewers - 1 Reply

Write your letter and then throw it away. It will be good for you, and it will be just as effective making changes at the company that way. Actually...


Updated 29 days ago

A Doubt regarding how to attend telephonic interview? - 1 Reply

If now is a good time for you to talk with them, you should say, "Yes, now is a good time to talk." If you're in the middle of a meeting at your...

unemployed princess

Updated 1 month ago

Any advice on how to interview at a hotel for a job you have no experience in? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="AndyRising in a State of Bliss"]But you've done some hotel work, right? (housekeeping maybe, but still...). SO you know how hotels work...


Updated 1 month ago

Anyone else tired of rude employers during interviews? - 427 Replies

[QUOTE who="employed princess in Somewhere, Texas"] an honest employer [/QUOTE] This is kinda like finding an "ethical" lawyer aint it?


Updated 1 month ago

Multiple job applications to a company after 2nd level interviews - 2 Replies

I agree. I was just offered a position this week with a company where I have applied 16 times to various positions in the last 4 years..including the...

Sick Of It All

Updated 1 month ago

Thoughts on employer email - this was my dream job... Im gutted . anybody help me sort my head out? support appreciated. - 6 Replies

Is this your first rejection email? And are you really voting No on everyone who tells you to suck it up and move on? I have different advice...

GregoryA 0

write a cv

In case you don't ruin the interview you've a fantastic scope to get the occupation. Apply cv writer ideas to produce a powerful CV which will create...


Updated 1 month ago

Thank You Note For Not Getting Hired - 23 Replies

Thank you letters are only worthwhile IF you get an INTERVIEW. If all you are doing is shipping your resume to the "internet" HR, a thank you note...


Updated 1 month ago

Taleo - "Withdraw" button removed? - 1 Reply

It means that they know you interviewed, so they (or the system they're using) assumes that you're interested enough to continue. Don't read too much...


Updated 1 month ago

They cancelled my interview the night before because position has been filled?!? - 102 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jeff in Arvada, Colorado"]I ALWAYS wear a coat and tie for job a interview unless expressly told not to (one interview invitation stated...


Updated 1 month ago

How many tmes have you received an email for an Aflac interview? - 24 Replies

I have been experiencing the same thing. A recruiter named Erica contacted me with a fake spammy sounding email -- no relation whatsoever to anything...


Updated 1 month ago

Mistakes in a thank you letter after the interview. - 4 Replies

I definitely wouldn't worry about it. She probably didn't even notice and if she did she would understand that you didn't mean to be offensive....


Updated 1 month ago

after the interview - 3 Replies

I would say, give them the benefit of doubt. Believe that it's really some distraction that is causing the delay. In the meantime, look for other...

Sophia Morrison.

Updated 1 month ago

How does Temp Agency work? - 43 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jane in Urbandale, Iowa"]I'm a recruiter and if I DON'T call you back it is usually for a good reason. If I can't find a job for you, I...

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