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preparing for job interviews. questions, answers, and tips

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Trying to be Optimistic as I wait

Updated 52 minutes ago

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer - 279 Replies

Your post was very informative, and applies a great deal to my interview. I had an interview three weeks ago for a job that I would really like to...

Not Donald Trump

Updated 3 hours ago

Frustrated Job Seekers Rant Part III - 107 Replies

[QUOTE who="realism37 in Georgia"]You missed the part of the ad that stated that you have to have your own income. You can't get much lower than...


Updated 3 hours ago

Am I crazy - thinking of passing on a potential job - 1 Reply

So, for what my thoughts are worth, which is nothing, here goes. Big organizations lie too. In fact, no organization tells you what you really...


Updated 14 hours ago

how long does or did it take you to get a job offer after interview? - 142 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada"]Gee, I would have to take a nap in the middle of it.[/QUOTE] lol I know right. It's not as bad as...


Monday I have an interview for

Monday I have an interview for Program Coordinator– Preschool Director City of Evanston Evanston, IL, US Posted 30 days ago Do you please...


Updated 20 hours ago

Job Hoax - 747 Replies

I was scammed today by a rep Scott He said I was hired for position as a Data Entry Clerk work from home with Teradata...


Updated 1 day ago

Who wants to start naming names? - 501 Replies

Etcon Spherion Phillips Staffing Axiom Staffing Kelly Services Robert Half BOS Staffing

John Castaneda

Updated 1 day ago

frito-lay hiring process - 136 Replies

So I got a rejection letter in the mail today. After a month without hearing anything. Wasn't meant to be. Just sucks that I declined other jobs...


Updated 1 day ago

Let's Name Good Companies Too - 1 Reply

And yet other people will tell you that Robert Half (along with their subsidiaries or alternate names) is the Devil incarnate.


Updated 1 day ago

Bogus Job -beware - 8 Replies

As John says, the "job" is asking you to be the middleman in a fraud scheme. They send you a check, a list of things to buy, and an address where...

Trying to Help

Updated 2 days ago

Hunting down the person who filled a job you are applying for - 8 Replies

Targeting a company, and then employees in general, I think is OK. Targeting one person and then stalking them isn't OK. "Thanks for responding,...


Updated 2 days ago

Getting offered a different position in an interview - 3 Replies

The asst mgr position was probably filled before you interviewed.


Updated 2 days ago

Email asking for statements clarification. - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Duck! in Long Island City, New York"]Thank them for the reply, and for the opportunity to clarify your original email. Then expand on...


Best Buy Warehouse Occasional/seasonal job?

What exactly is a occasional/seasonal job at a best buy distribution center? How many hours do they work?


Scam Job: Block

Yet another person to add to the list of bogus employers.Below is a copy of the email I was sent. Be careful and happy hunting all Dear...


Updated 2 days ago

interview question "what are your weaknesses"? - 20 Replies

Pick something, but follow up with how you have learned from it or how you can use it to your advantage. I usually say my weakness is that I'm very...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 2 days ago

Never got confirmation email . . . - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="tgpii in Chicago, Illinois"]So A while ago I applied for a job with a vilages recreation department. I think this town has a recreation...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 2 days ago

The Green Party says that jobs/employment is a right. How is the Green Party or any party going to guarantee/get me a job? Cre - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="msdoppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]Get off my lawn![/QUOTE] Get off my lawn G*ddammit!


Updated 3 days ago

I meet or exceed expectations - 1 Reply

Agree "the you must be bitterly disappointed" is really weird and snarky. The rest is actually pretty standard rejection letter verbiage. Don't...


Updated 3 days ago

JOB HOAX!!!!! Data Entry position - 6 Replies

red flags everywhere

Trying to Help

Updated 3 days ago

Why do recruiters call you and ask questions that the resume you sent them that is right in front of them answers? - 3 Replies

You're right. How silly of them to ask about your background before committing to hiring you.


Hunting down the person who filled a job you are applying for

Hello, I have an interview coming up in a few days that I am really excited about. But in traditional corporate fashion the job description is a...


Updated 4 days ago

No Response after 2nd Interview - 347 Replies

I m reading all the comments in here and feeling the same as others feeling like I've been miss sold by agencies to prospective employers who not...


Updated 4 days ago

We will be in touch - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion"]That sounds strange, seems like maybe they're reevaluating whether to fill the position. I don't...


Updated 4 days ago

Is it time to just accept I will never work again? - 3 Replies

You don't need to apologize for your post - again it seems like you are putting all the load on your shoulders that is not your sole load to bear. ...


Updated 4 days ago

Should I shave my goatee before my interview? - 7 Replies



Updated 4 days ago

Got no reply after HR asking my availability. - 2 Replies

I hope your grammar was better in the email you sent the recruiter than in your post. I assume it was, but you may want to proofread a little better...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 5 days ago

Application status meaning? - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="AndyRising in a State of Bliss"]What nobody knows is whether the other 2 (out of 90) applicants are also preferred applicants.[/QUOTE] ...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 5 days ago

Employers Taking Advantage in the Current Economy - 173 Replies

[QUOTE who="2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio"]47 million people aren't working. There's only the employers who are in no rush to fill positions... they...


Updated 5 days ago

When you go for a job interview why does it take them so long to get back to you? Don't they worry other employers may higher y - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan"]As for applying for job in the age of the Internet, a computer can reject you just as easily. Where...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 6 days ago

Background Checks - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="SCsmilin in Aiken, South Carolina"]Anyone ever had a job offer contingent on a background check? Background check done - no discrepancies...

Tia Martin Resumes

Interview Questions... What's Your Weakness

Career Coach, Recruiter and Certified Professional Resume Writer here to help. Reach out to me and receive my personal information and get faster...

Burt Lange

Updated 7 days ago

Over 50? You Poor Pathetic Creature. - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who="KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion"]IMO the thing to do is get with a company that you're confident will remain viable for the rest of...


Updated 7 days ago

Employer contacted me again - 8 Replies

I have been told in the 1st phone interview that i'll skip all technical interviews and will go through only one last interview and will compete with...

It's a Dry Heat

Updated 7 days ago

Thank you letter mistake - 26 Replies

I work in the event and hospitality industry and thank you notes are expected. After being unemployed for 2 months - I accepted a full time position...


Updated 8 days ago

Has anyone here ever used - 71 Replies

Where's the video location? Thanks for your help!


Company slow to reimburse for interview travel

Hello, I was asked to travel for an interview. The company told me to arrange and pay for my own travel, and they would reimburse me (I have emails...

Trying to Help

Updated 8 days ago

HireRight Background Check - 1 Reply

It's what they have to do from a legal standpoint. It doesn't mean anything other than they are following the law. Good for them, and for you. ...

Trying to Help

Updated 8 days ago

Hired by Burger King but no start date - 2 Replies

Keep looking but be sure to follow up with her. She's probably working on the schedule and who's going to be there to train you. Call to follow up,...


Updated 8 days ago

They cancelled my interview the night before because position has been filled?!? - 110 Replies

I have the same story as you, and it just happened. I feel they are so unrespectful. :(


Updated 8 days ago

How to decline a job offer while already signed and accepting it. since I have come accross a better job offer from another firm - 19 Replies

Hi All, I have a similar kind of situation, I got an offer from a company A and accepted it by signing the letter then I got another offer now from...


Updated 9 days ago

why chipolte seems to never hire - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="motown66 in Atlanta, Georgia"]im a 19 year old college student looking for a job during the summer while off. I applied to chipolte all...


Updated 9 days ago

Suspense is killing me, unsure if I should take further steps. - 5 Replies

They called me to set up an interview this afternoon. They seemed very inflexible with the interview day and times, so its on an inconvenient day for...


Updated 9 days ago

Should I follow up with an employer after an interview? - 2 Replies

The thank you letter is your follow-up. You should thank them for considering you, remind them of why you're the best candidate, and perhaps bring up...

Dad Pants

Is anyone familiar with Mason Frank International in New York?

I found a job listing from them on Indeed so I applied for the position directly on their web site. I got a call and email from a recruiter this...


Updated 9 days ago

Mandatory background and reference checks, I did not provide any references, but I was told I got the job during the interview? - 8 Replies

I was flat out told "you got the job" at the end of my video conference interview. I am signing off on the background check now (finally received...


Updated 10 days ago

Still interviewing more candidates - 40 Replies

Just want to add to this as I am going through the same thing. I was told by HR I would hear either way by last Wed, but was told by hiring manager...


Not sure what to think. Contacted by recruiter and recommended for job and then long wait.

A while back I was contacted by a recruiter inquiring about my interest in a job they had open. Very good fit with my background. I went to round 2...


Updated 11 days ago

Received benefits package but no offer? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anonymous in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]So I recently interviewed for a position and feel that the interview went extremely well. After...


Updated 14 days ago

To the Thousands of Job Applicants I've Rejected - 3 Replies

Good question, 2Legit. I originally wrote the piece. To be clear, the 1,000 people I've denied are for all the positions I've hired for (60-70 jobs),...

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