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CassM in Redding, California

42 months ago

Hello, question for anyone who's got advice on the matter:

I submitted an application, along with my resume a week ago(Weds.). Called two days ago, this past Monday, to hopefully speak with the hiring manager, and instead received voicemail. I left a message stating that I was checking on the status of my application. I have yet to hear back. When is it appropriate to call again? Or should I try to stop by in person, and when?

Thank You!

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42 months ago

You should have waited a bit longer to initiate the phone call, there is a fine line between being persistent and being a pest. Chances are if you applied Wednesday and called Monday he/she probably hasn't even gotten a chance to look at your application yet.

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Hello in Mountain View, California

42 months ago

I actually agree with Don, but I also think the original post lacks a few key pieces of information, specifically what type of position and company this is.

Cass, moving forward, I would give the hiring manager 1 1/2 - 2 weeks minimum before "following up" for Don's reason: they probably haven't had time to look at your application. Think about it. You applied on Wednesday. It went into a pile with other resumes. Depending on the size of the company and how urgent they are for new staff, they may look through the new applications once a week, once every other week. Thurs - Fri - MONDAY. You only called 3 business days later.

I wonder if this is a customer service position since you mention "stopping in", but I would think that even if so, Fri-Sat-Sun would be their busier days and no one would have time to look at your resume. (Note: If it is not a restaurant/retail store, I would advice against stopping in ever, and if you do stop in, I would do so while dining/shopping, then mention, "Hey, I applied her a couple weeks ago and it seems like a great place to work. I was wondering if you are still hiring" very casually).

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Joe Jobless in Elmira, New York

42 months ago

The other commentators have made valid points Cass. You did rush it a little and judging by your problem here you are obviously young and just out of either high school or college. If not then you are in deeper sh t than it appears! Be patient and wait another week and in the mean time apply online or in person to other places. I talked to a young lady two weeks ago here in person at this same labor/job search office I am at now and she was looking for a certain job that she went to college for and I recieved a call on my cell phone from a "Dandy Mini Mart" represenative about a job interview but the location was too far away for me to travel to so I declined it and later on I called them back to ask for directions to give to "Tanda" the young lady I had spoken to here at the labor office so maybe she could get the job. I have not seen her since that day two weeks ago. My point is take a job like that one until something better comes along if it comes to that. Good luck!

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