Do I have a chance at getting this job?

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kristen in Dundalk, Maryland

56 months ago

Today I went for a job interview at Charley's Grilled Subs at the mall near my house. I applied Monday, and they called me the next day to schedule an interview. The manager asked me about my work experience, how I would get to and from work, and asked me about my availability. I told her that since I am not in school or working any other jobs at the moment, I would be able to work any time and would be taking the bus since I don't drive yet. The manager went over the menu with me and told me to take it home and look over it, saying that she would call me in a day or two. She also gave me her e-mail to contact her if I needed to and told me that she liked the fact that I have open availability and indirectly talked to me as if I already had the job. Is the fact that she gave me the menu to look over a good or bad thing? This is the first time I've had a really good interview so I'm not sure what to expect or if I will hear back or not. Thanks in advance for the input and help!

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alchemist in St. Louis, Missouri

56 months ago

It's a good sign, but not a guarantee, so keep looking.

Since she gave you the menu, study it and be prepared to answer questions about it when she calls. Know all the grilled sub options. If you haven't worked in restaurant - food service before, ask friends who have so you'll be ready if she asks you how you greet customers, how you take orders, how you upsell, etc. (Not sure if this is counter service or table service, so adjust accordingly)

Also know the bus schedule so, if she asks if you could work late/come in early, you can let her know what time and which bus line you can take. Reliability is a top concern for restaurant help. Not having a car may cause concern that you don't have reliable transportation. If you demonstrate that you have thought through how you can work different shifts -- and provide concrete details -- that will likely help your cause.

Good luck!

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