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KiKi in Neptune, New Jersey

63 months ago

Here we go again...starting to feel redundant with the all salary questions...hope that I dont

Have an interview this week for a position and on the application they sent for me to fill out to bring with me there it is.......employment history with & salary. Oye. (It actually asks for starting & final compensation)

We all know that the position you are interviewing for now should have nothing to do with past salary..yada..yada. I think this is a way for the company to low ball you-just like what happened to me two years ago when hired for my current position. Dont want to go that route again, but I DO want to leave my current company badly.

I already gave them a number when pressed about salary requirements in my cover letter that I wrote in a previous post-I came down a little from the average of my position (wanting to leave current company so badly & knowing it seems unlikely that most employers actually pay fair market rate anymore)but still a little more than I'm making now.

How to answer? How NOT to answer? And will not answering not "look favorable" to the interviewer?

They also sent an app for background check & credit check-I have no problem with this, except that if I dont get past the first interview/decide I dont want the position, do I really want my SS# laying around for potential identity theft of my excellent credit? Not so much. Can I decline to write it down at this time and state reasons why that wont be frowned upon?

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Bluetea in Texas

63 months ago

Depends on how you have applied. Some companies only want the last 4 digits. On a Taleo app, you either give them your real social or you are wasting your time applying. Personally, I pass on Taleo apps.

As for salary, if you are unemployed, its best to underbid the competition because all companies window shop now. They want to know your price tag FIRST.

When I got this job, I wasn't their first choice but I was the low bidder. I found this out later.

If you are employed and have mad skills, ask for 10-15% more than you are making now.

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