Waited Too Long to Respond to Pre-Screen Email?

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curious in Washington, District of Columbia

26 months ago

I submitted my resume to a company and (some weeks later) got an email from a company recruiter asking me to reply to some initial interview questions. Problem is, I got the email Thursday afternoon, and it's now Friday evening and I haven't responded yet.

Do I have a shot at this point? If I respond, is it better to do it first thing Monday morning than over the weekend? Should I apologize for taking so long to respond?

In between applying for this position and receiving this email, I applied to and got a faster response on a different position with the company that might be a better fit. (I replied to that one a day after receiving it.) I'm worried this could also look bad for that application.

beginagainla in Los Angeles, California

26 months ago

Do not apologize or mention anything about a delayed response. It's not necessary. Whether you answer now, this weekend or Monday doesn't really matter. Just make sure your answers are concise and address only the question asked. Hit send and move on to the next one. Good luck.

Alchemist in St. Louis, Missouri

26 months ago

Yes, you have a shot. If you haven't already, complete it and send it back!

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