I got a job offer today!

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coloradounemployed in Fort Collins, Colorado

18 months ago

I know I have to prove myself in this new position and there is still stress to encounter but this is awesome! I start Monday and it is a job that I will love and have lots of experience in. I've been unemployed 5 weeks now and My emotions have been all over the map.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I think the market is getting better and I'm praying that everyone can get that phone call that makes you want to jump up and down and scream Yeah!

.....no more Kenexa Prove it tests..... :0)

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Still hopeful in Santa Clara, California

18 months ago

Happy for you! All the best on your new job! Yes, hopefully we will have our job offer soon too!

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Anonymous in Hobbs, New Mexico

17 months ago

Congrats to you!!!! :D :D I've been looking for almost a solid year now.. Have two degrees, BS in molecular biology & BBA in financial engineering and can't get a job ANYWHERE x.x I've seriously given up all hope of a fancy finance job or biotech job. I can't even get a job at WalMart... (The hiring manager said I was too overqualified and he wouldn't 'feel right' about hiring me for such a low end job.. although I think he's just scared that I'll finally find something shortly after being hired and leave.) I don't know what to do ): Ugh this has been so frustrating <.< Sorry if I'm raining down on your parade... just venting off my frustrations. Anyways, best of luck to you in your new job!! I hope its everything you are looking for!

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Ms. Wash731 in Oak Park, Illinois

17 months ago

Congratulations!!! You deserve it. Thank you for posting it really give me hope.

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