How soon will I hear back after the second interview?

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CW in Taipei, Taiwan

43 months ago

I recently interviewed with a top 5 IT company for a technical position.
Here is the time frame

- I applied for the job on their website in late Jan.
- A month later (last Friday), HR contacted me asking me about my resume.
- This Monday, the team lead called me to schedule an interview the next day.
- Tuesday, interviewed with the team lead, another coworker and the manager all together for 1.5 hr.
- Wednesday, got called back again and they've scheduled me the second interview (phone interview) with the functional manager overseas.
- Thursday, phone interview with the functional manager.

Now it's Friday and I haven't heard back from them yet. Well, I know, it's only Friday, but because of their hiring process couple days ago, I start to wonder if they will make an offer this fast as well....Hence I start to be a bit paranoid when I'm not hearing back from them after my second interview yesterday....

I'm wondering, how soon will I hear back from them based on their behavior?

Any input will be appreciated!

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Jeff in Silver Spring, Maryland

43 months ago

Two days is WAY too short a time to expect to hear back. They may have interviewed several people and you were the first one. Since you talked to several people, they will need to have a meeting after all the interviews are completed to get everyone to buy into a single candidate. Unless it's a small company and you talked to a VP or higher, they will then need to get approval to extend an offer from their higher-ups. Then they will need to meet with HR to decide on the compensation. Only then will they contact their first choice package. If you're their second choice, they won't contact you until their first choice has accepted the position. They might not even contact you until their first choice has started working, in case he/she backs out. Many American companies don't contact people at all unless they are offering them a job.

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Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

43 months ago

Maybe hiring operates differently in Taiwan, but here and for the type and size of company it's much too soon to hear anything. In the meantime, be sure to send thank-you letters to your interviewers if you haven't already.

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CW in Taoy├╝an, Taiwan

43 months ago

Thank you for your input. I've worked for U.S. companies when I was in the states, so I knew how long the hiring process was. The job I mentioned above is a U.S. company's branch in Taiwan. So I didn't expect to hear back from them that fast after my first interview. But I got called the next day saying they've scheduled me a second interview with functional manager in the U.S. and that was when I started to wonder if this is a good sign that they have moved so fast.
Thank you letter is not the norm in Taiwan but I did send thank you letters to those interviewers....since it's technically a U.S. company ;).

Anyways, thanks again for your opinion and suggestion, I appreciate it. :)

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