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Updated 3 hours ago

Experience in year in Summary of Qualifications - 1 Reply

Don't know bout that one.


Updated 10 hours ago

Fancy Resume design ok? - 9 Replies

Ok, thanks!

Updated 5 days ago

Musician for last 2 years, how to explain gap on resume? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="NE in Portland, Maine"]Your post is freaking me out. I quit my job two years ago to take some time off. I did some travel and started...


Updated 6 days ago

Can anyone tell me if this resume is good enough please? - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who=" in San Diego, California"]Let me know if you still need some help I'll give you a free critique with comments, send me an...

HR Uncovered

Updated 12 days ago

How to list job after transfer if you had the same job title - 3 Replies

I recommend keeping things as simple as possible for the reader. Consider this approach: Company X – Portland, OR / Seattle, WA (Dates) Provide a...

David Rhodebeck

Updated 14 days ago

Can somebody please review my resume. - 7 Replies

lol yep mine said resume that is now changed and once again thank you.

Ruby Slippers

Updated 15 days ago

Emailing Resumes -- what is the best way to do it? - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="Andromeda Rising in Rockbridge, Ohio"]When all they want is a resume I feel uneasy, because often in those cases I'm applying for jobs...

Jerry Spires

Updated 16 days ago

Update Resume - 16 Replies

Roger in New Hampton, New Hampshire, If you were screened out after only 3 weeks you should not feel at all obligated to put that position on...


Updated 19 days ago

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them? - 139 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jerry in Cedar Park, Texas"]I paid $250 and no, it wasn't worth it. I'm in high-tech and the resume company consisted of 1 person who...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 19 days ago

how do I get a copy of my Resume? - 9 Replies

Deidre, if you've uploaded or created a resume on indeed, There are two ways to retrieve. A) You can Download the resume as a PDF file. Do...

Matthew Hardy

Updated 20 days ago

Resume Writing - 4 Replies

I agree with this above posts. Let the evidence you have address the requirement. Also, never use the words "expert in your CV". Matt...

Average HR Guy

Updated 21 days ago

Trapped in Contract Jobs - 10 Replies

Functional resumes can certainly help you in a situation like this, but you should know that when we see a resume like this, one of the first things...

HR Uncovered

Updated 23 days ago

Best way to show multiple positions at one employer? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="jethrobodine in Taylors, South Carolina"]Thanks for the suggestion. I might try playing around with it that way. Anyone else have any...


Help Explaining Employment Gap due to Master’s Study Application (that didn’t push thru)

I stopped working from my previous job to apply for a master’s scholarship to europe - this meant getting old school papers, going back and forth the...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 25 days ago

Need Help With My Resume - 1 Reply

Yes, put your self-employed time in there to fill your gaps. Then describe that time as you would any other job. Actually, you may have worn a lot...


Updated 25 days ago

Can someone please assist me in reviewing my resume and providing feedback? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Steve B in San Francisco, California"]I'm struggling to get any kind of response when sending out my resume. Can someone let me know if...


Updated 27 days ago

May I have a resume critique? It will be greatly appreciated. - 6 Replies

Thanks for the comments and advice everyone, I really appreciate it. Networking is definitely something I'm looking into now. LinkedIn seems to be a...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 1 month ago

Download a new resume - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="lyn in Pickering, Ontario"]How can i add another resume so that i have two available?[/QUOTE] I don't think you can have two resumes...

Andromeda Rising

Updated 1 month ago

Moving to a new technology. Confused on how to create resume to search jobs with the new technology - 1 Reply

Your specific mainframe experience may not be applicable to working with Salesforce, but I'll bet that many of the skills you've acquired are. Sit...

Mark Andrews

Updated 1 month ago

Please review my resume - 4 Replies

I think your resume is a good start. There are several changes I would make to it. The first would be to list some kind of education. This does not...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 1 month ago

That 10 year rule - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Tiffiney O in Northbrook, Illinois"]Because I'm in the technology field, I find it better to leave the jobs I had from the 1990s off my...


Updated 1 month ago

How to explain a legitimate employment gap in a resume - 71 Replies

^Crap I put this on the wrong thread! And this no delete button ugh!!!

Andromeda Rising

Updated 1 month ago

Can you review my resume and let me know what you think?? - 4 Replies

Focus your resume on the tasks, skills, and knowledge that you want to use in your next job. If you have other experience that you also want to...

Cloey Blasher

Updated 1 month ago

What do employers think of self-employment? - 99 Replies

Just like the military I think an employer wants someone who follows directions and makes their job easier. I have worked with former business owners...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 2 months ago

Information Technology Resume - ENTRY LEVEL - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who=" in San Antonio, Texas"]I am working on my resume, and am gearing it towards and entry level position in IT. No, I...

Bhekumusa Njikijela

Please help me how to write a motivational letter that accompanying a cv.

This letter is always giving me a problem when i want to respond to application.


Updated 2 months ago

Coverletter and Resume?s - 2 Replies

I hope you have an answer by now but for others who might read this, here's my response. If you don't have a contact name when sending an email with...


Updated 2 months ago

Rare! Unexpected! I actually got feedback on my resume from a potential employer! - 2 Replies

It's always so encouraging to hear news like this. Good for you and kudos to the guy who gave you feedback. If only more people would be so decent.


Updated 2 months ago

in what order do i place my job if... - 3 Replies

Tiffiney's suggestion is perfect. Temp positions always look short term and could scream job hopper. But if you classify them as such up front,...


Updated 2 months ago

Question about CV - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Aleksandar in Beograd, Serbia"]Yeah I know that but I don t how,where should I go to apply for work permit,but even if I got work permit...


Updated 2 months ago

Would someone review my resume please? - 1 Reply

Where can I find your resume?


Updated 2 months ago

Stay at Home Mom Needs Resume Tips for Returning to Work - 361 Replies

claubst, you can focus on your bow business in your resume; since you're a recent graduate, you should see if your alma mater offers externships for...


Updated 2 months ago

Need help and advice... Master's Degree & NO call backs! - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="EducatedMom in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania"]...bachelors in Global Studies...and was an active college student (RA, President of...


Updated 2 months ago

TERRIBLE Resume Converter - 7 Replies

Most companies will use very similar programs to convert your resume and unfortunately, it's really crappy. As much as we want to whine about it,...


Updated 2 months ago

Stay at home trying to re-enter the workforce, Seeking resume tips & advice - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="dyoung0701 in Acworth, Georgia"]...During that time I did receive my Bachelors in Psychology in 2009 and ran a group home for at risk...


Updated 2 months ago

Review My Resume? - 12 Replies

WHy cant i find my site and resume and other information? I go to INDEED.COM AND IT GOES RIGHT TO MY EMAIL LOG IN JKSKINC@AOL.COM ASKING NO PASSWORD...


Updated 2 months ago

kicked out of high school - how do Iist education on resume? - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anonymous in Sewell, New Jersey"]If he's not interested in his GED, I honestly don't know how many opportunities are available for him....


Updated 2 months ago

testing - 1 Reply

Yeah, you don't need to pay anyone to write your resume for you. Google "functional resume," as that sounds like something that would help you.


Stacey Valnes - What to put on your resume

As a local south Florida restaurant and tanning saloon owner I often get asked the question of what should I put on my resume to impress you after...


Updated 3 months ago

Residence on Resume/Relocation - 3 Replies

Thank you shelly and linda, very good ideas that are practical.

Andromeda Rising

Updated 3 months ago

Professional E-Mail Address? - 5 Replies

Here's a unique problem: My first initial/lastname combination spells "scam." I dealt with that by adding an extra letter.


Updated 3 months ago

Any one have advice regarding returning to work after 5 years not working. - 5 Replies

Whoops, didn't realize OP posted this 73 months ago! Why on earth would someone have resurrected it?!?


Updated 3 months ago

Gap in Resume - 6 Replies

I offer my condolences on your loss. Apply to jobs where you can apply in person and speak with someone directly. Wishing you good luck in your...


Updated 3 months ago

General Question - How To Apply To A Job That Lists 2 Options For Submitting Resume? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Andromeda Rising in Rockbridge, Ohio"]Both options probably lead to the same place eventually. Now, if the email was a person's name...


Updated 3 months ago

Posting Resume on Indeed - 8 Replies

Absolutely NOT! And definitely not on Craiglist. The world is too crazy. Might even need to check out companies before applying to ensure their...


Updated 3 months ago

Online Resumes - 12 Replies

Hi All, I have uploaded my resume in many applications. I always view it to make sure it uploaded correctly and the proper file. When checking my...


Updated 4 months ago

How can to write that I am bilingual in my resume? - 6 Replies

Thanks Bill


Updated 4 months ago

Resume Critique for Rising Junior Looking for I.T. Internship - 7 Replies

Tackling the Dreaded Experience Section is probably the biggest challenge. What you want to avoid is having an Experience section that is almost...


Updated 4 months ago

Is my resume in trouble? I used to teach people how to write resumes, but now... - 7 Replies

As you can see - the business is already listed (Calibration). Its just that there is no real official record of it - the name I provided was very...


Updated 4 months ago

Long term unemployment due to disability, my resume is KILLING ME! - 1 Reply

That's tough. you might want to Google and see what others suggest

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