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Ruby Slippers

Updated 10 hours ago

How to explain a gap in resume due to accident/surgeries - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="designer bee in Waukesha, Wisconsin"]My husband is kind of in the same boat. He was injured on the job 6 years ago and went back to work...


Updated 19 hours ago

Using comments from current employers recognition program web site on my resume? - 1 Reply

If you've received several "Employee of the Year" or "Top-Performing Salesperson" awards, I think it's fair to list those on your resume. Don't be...


Updated 1 day ago

my resume - 3 Replies

I loaded an e-mail with all my information from my USAJOBS Dashboard but can't see it or if employers with jobs to fill can see it.


Updated 4 days ago

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them? - 413 Replies

[QUOTE who="fishy1987 in FPO, California"]In my humble opinion, you are wrong. The decision to pay for a resume writer is not as simple as you...

Technology Leader

Updated 7 days ago

Should I include this job on my resume? - 4 Replies

If the work and skill you learned is important to your next potential employer then you should consider adding it to your resume. Employers like to...


Updated 8 days ago

What To Do With That One "Odd" Job - 3 Replies

How about combining the two - stick with sales, but work for a place like Bed Bath and Beyond (they sell cookware) or a more cooking focused place...

Career SkyRocket LLC

Are You Employable?

I don’t have to tell you that things have changed since the days when people could obtain a position offering a good living and benefits without much...


Updated 9 days ago

Cover letter and resume critique! - 8 Replies

Audrey, a good cover letter shows that you have some skills and experience that the employer needs and that you know something about the company. It...


Updated 9 days ago

Listing Freelance Work On Indeed Resume - 1 Reply

If the work earns you money, I would put it on the Indeed resume. I would also be sure to provide bullet points that go beyond "took pictures of...

Steph's Resume Review

Updated 11 days ago

Resume Writer Service - 2 Replies

Hello gsusser! I'm an actuarial analyst (Linkedin: Stephanie Borowiec) and my resume service is tailored to business resumes (specifically those in...


Updated 16 days ago

WIlling to relocate question - 3 Replies

I'm older and settled and my home is paid off, so I always answer No. I will not willingly get back into the monthly rent/mortgage payment...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 21 days ago

Resume help appreciated - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="AndyRising in a State of Bliss"]Continued because Indeed says I wrote too much.... You've published scholarly articles. They should...

Resume Geek

Updated 26 days ago

Do professional resume writers really help? - 6 Replies

I provide professional resume writing assistance at an affordable price, and am happy to make adjustments or refund if you are not satisfied. I also...

Resume Geek

Updated 26 days ago

Quick Question About Completing Job Experience Section on Resume - 2 Replies

Hi Ivan, I think it is still relevant to include your work experience; try to highlight soft skills you developed in that role that will help you...


Updated 1 month ago

TERRIBLE Resume Converter - 65 Replies

Its probably best to use indeed just to find out who is hiring and then just apply to that organization directly. They are not going to fix this...


Question about listing current job that doesnt relate

My situation is that Ill be retiring from military service after 23 years and will be seeking employment in a field that directly crosses to the...


Updated 1 month ago

Posting Resume on Indeed - 45 Replies

I think posting publicly can be good and bad. Good because of exposure; bad because of...well...exposure... to your current employer if you're trying...


Updated 1 month ago

Self employed business name on resume - 1 Reply

Why would you want to go back into the corporate world? Why are you interested in working for somebody else instead of yourself? After 3 years of...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 1 month ago

Download a new resume - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Billk in Winchester, Kentucky"]Does any1 know if u change your resume does employees u previously applied to see the updated 1 or the one...


Updated 1 month ago

Change order of items (e.g. skills) on resume? - 5 Replies

I just found this thread whilst trying to figure out the same thing. Then my computer froze and I had to restart it and reopen everything and when I...


Updated 1 month ago

Resumes submitted, Completely qualified, No call, Job reposted - 10 Replies

I suggest providing your resume to aerospace headhunters. These people have connections and have higher hiring rate compared to doing all the stuff...

Trying to Help

Updated 1 month ago

listing multiple positions in resume - 2 Replies

If the promotions were significant, Accounting Clerk to Accounting Supervisor, for example, then yes, break them out. If it's AP Clerk to AR Clerk,...


Updated 1 month ago

Am I doing my resume, right? I kinda feel like I'm doing it wrong or left something out. - 1 Reply

You have the right general idea. Try to stick more to hard skills (mathematics, computer skills, etc) than soft skills. How did you improve the...


Updated 1 month ago

I need to improve my resume, please share your best advice - 13 Replies

I think it's better to take the path of having a professional resume writer create your resume. We have a lot of insight into what certain industries...


Updated 1 month ago

ICF - 1 Reply

You shouldn't. Two rounds is awesome and a great sign... but never stop looking until you have an offer in hand. If your question is about follow...

Resume Geek

Updated 1 month ago

Can someone please re-correct my resume or please give honest feedback. Thank you. - 3 Replies

Your opening paragraph is not very effective and there are much more impressive ways of sharing your work experience than simply listing your duties....


Updated 2 months ago

transferable skills - 1 Reply

That's not really a lot of information to help you with. What type of work are you considering? What is your IT history. We cannot tell you what...


Updated 2 months ago

Resume Design vs Writing - 4 Replies

PS... my most expensive resume is half your example price. I agree on exhorbitantly priced resume writers.


Updated 2 months ago

Never had a job ! Help !! - 6 Replies

Have you considered trade jobs? They are a carrier path that many young people ignore. Take a look at CNC machining


Updated 2 months ago

Anyone here have experience with a professional resume writing service? - 11 Replies

I can't expand the examples to see if they are actually good resumes or not. I will say, I put together a fantastic resume... yet have horrible web...


Updated 2 months ago

Similar position with different dates among other positions - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan"]Company, dates + Promoted with increasing responsibilities from TITLE to TITLE Responsibilities...


Updated 2 months ago

Resume Writing - 4 Replies

Actually, I'm reasonably impressed with the tips on that blog, Andy.


Updated 2 months ago

Video Resume - 9 Replies

HireSpike allows candidates to apply by video to each job posting from a cell phone ... Simply by clicking "Apply Live" and your camera turns on....

Resume Geek

Updated 2 months ago

transferable skills - 3 Replies

Check out these posts re: how to tailor your resume and what to do when you lack direct experience in an industry:


Updated 2 months ago

Rejected because of too many contract positions - 28 Replies

I've also been told by at least one temp services that they can't work with me unless I have a least 6 straight months of employment. Another was...


Updated 2 months ago

How to deleted resume in indeed it still show on google search after i updated it into private - 4 Replies

Thanks so much!!

Job Hunting Grad Student in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 2 months ago

Online application auto filler? - 9 Replies

I'm sick of filling out these online applications, is there a good auto fill application? I tried one a while back that only uses IE, but it didn't...

Dontdoxx in Missouri

Updated 2 months ago

Can I Please Get a Constructive Critique [Graphic Designer's Resume & References] - 6 Replies

Could I please receive some constructive criticism on the content and format of my resume and references? -Neither the resume nor references are...

acct_job_seeker in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago

Please review and critique cover letter and resume - 8 Replies

Please review and critique cover letter and resume Hello everyone, The objective is to find an accounting or administrative assistant job in...

AlexD in New York, New York

Updated 3 months ago

Help with resume please:) - 4 Replies

I need help with my resume. Since my english is not my first language I have trouble knowing if it sounds good or not. If you have any comments or...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 3 months ago

Should I Bring Cookies? (For Ruby) - 1 Reply "So for the last few years Ive been working as a baker in commercial...

Joe Earl in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Leaving Information Off Resume to Combat Age Discrimination - 13 Replies

You'd think that someone with multiple degrees and over 20 years of experience in my field would have an easy time finding a new job. I've come to...

Careertalks in Quinte West, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago

career change resume question - 11 Replies

I've been a firmware/software engineer for over 30 years now. However, at 63 years of age, I'm finding it very difficult to get interviews any more,...

Robert in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 4 months ago

Making bullet points on your resume - 3 Replies

Hello Indeed Forum Community, I recently uploaded my resume, and have noticed that some bullet points are missing. What is the code needed for...

Wydell in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 4 months ago

Independent contractor - 2 Replies

Most of my previous employment comes in the form of contracted work. I've maintained a few part time teaching jobs during this, but much of my...

Denver in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

Unique Situation - Military to Homemaker/Student - 5 Replies

I am in a unique situation that I was in the military for 6 years (now out for approximately 2), holding several different positions within the...

Denver in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

Quit job to travel, went back to same job. How to list dates on resume? - 10 Replies

Hello. In november I quit my job to do some traveling and explore different options but didn't do much besides go abroad for a bit. 8 months later, I...

Denver in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

How should I answer this question: why did you leave previous employer? - 20 Replies

Hi all, I'm currently working in a very abusive/bullying workplace and at a point where, for the sake of my mental health wellness, I just want to...

Denver in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

College degree & Resume updates? - 2 Replies

I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and I'm starting to apply for jobs within the education field. I've had some experience in...

Riot in Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Stretching the Truth on a Resume? - 6 Replies

I graduated college in Dec. 2005 with highest honors, but in the intervening years, I've experienced some very serious health problems. I haven't had...

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