What should I list as a lab skill (biology) on a resume?

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Grad115 in San Jose, California

72 months ago

I feel the lab skills I have listed on my resume make me seem unqualified for some jobs I wish to pursue. Currently I have listed: Gel electrophoresis, Flow cytometry, ELISA, Light Microscopy, Cell staining.

Could I add other skills I have learned such as my experiences with pipetting, hemocytometer, working with blood samples, rat dissection, Intraperitoneal injections into mice, centrifugation, wet mounts, etc.

Is there a list somewhere that lists lab skills that you would use as a checklist?

bchbby in Allentown, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

Cally Keener in belmont said: This is the one I had come across -


Agarose Bel Electrophoresis bright Field Microscopy

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Fluorescence Microscopy

Column Chromatography Aseptic Technique

Staining and Culture of Microorganisms Centrifugation

Cultivation and Manipulation of Fruit Flies PH meter

Bacterial transformation Spectrophotometer

Plasmid DNA isolation and purification Analytical Balance

I believe they mean Agarose GEL electrophoresis

X in Winnipeg, Manitoba

49 months ago

tighter controls with PAGE

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