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Anyone Else Have Parents Who Think Success is Easy to Attain?

For my entire life, my father has put extreme and unreasonable pressure on me to succeed and excel at a career. My dad had a Phd. from Stanford in...

7 14 days ago Evolvingdaily in Melbourne, Australia
Career Advice

What is the best staffing agency?

By best I mean one that will likely have the most work. I've been out of work for over a year and I've given up on getting a permanent position, but...

22 14 days ago JOHndoe in Montréal, Quebec
Career Advice

This has got to be a scam

My sister is applying for jobs and ran across an ad for an Executive Assistant. She sent in her resume and in response a recruiter sent her this...

111 14 days ago JMC in Edmonton, Alberta
Career Advice

I've heard that

folks recommend AGAINST putting one's SS# on job applications until AFTER hire for security reasons. But what if an online job app "requires" it and...

18 15 days ago John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland
Career Advice

Technician Turned Engineer

I was an engineering technician for 3 years with a major aerospace company in their R&D lab. I took an educational leave to earn my EE, and will be...

0 15 days ago Me in Oldsmar, Florida
Job Interviews

Job Interview Expenses

Recently we flew an candidate out to our corporate offices in Philly for a job interview. We paid for the plane ticket and the transportation to and...

22 15 days ago Gary Matthews in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Career Advice

Bradley Associates News Blog Information: Twitter updates anti-troll function

It was a long time coming but it's still good news that Twitter's finally rolling out a supposed more effective way to protect its users. Twitter...

5 15 days ago santinotuguey in Germany
Career Advice

What is going on with this job and how much is too much follow up?

Hi, Just wanted some feedback: I interviewed for a job about 3 weeks ago, and after the interview I was sent an authorization for a background...

4 15 days ago Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois
Career Advice

Oh Please, Why Can't You Live On $10.00 An Hour?

"Oh please, why can't you live on $10.00 an hour?" That's the question I heard from a young male while bypassing a couple.. that made we want to...

121 15 days ago Better.luck in Albany, New York
Career Advice

Trade School vs. Community College?

Say someone wants to learn a trade, like medical assistant or dental hygienist. Or hairstylist. The list is endless. There are two options for...

5 15 days ago Eva 14 in San Francisco, California
Career Advice

Harder to find a full time job

I graduate next month and I don't know if it is because of the time of the year or not but I'm finding it increasingly hard to find a full time job...

12 16 days ago employed princess in Somewhere, Texas
Career Advice

I just finished applying online

to a local restaurant chain. At the end, it had a statement page that basically stated "You agree to...". Pfft, I'm thinking to myself, "Like we...

0 16 days ago Jobseeker1927 in Anytown
Career Advice

10 Tips for Successful Investing

Bad news always makes the headlines, while good news is rarely reported and, over the past 15 years we’ve seen constant negative headlines when it...

0 16 days ago ma8eve8fox in Germany
Career Advice

Insurance Fraud Plots

When somebody gives fake info to an insurance company just so it can take advantage of anything of worth that the offender would not have collected...

0 16 days ago Bernd Brann in Anonymous Proxy
Career Advice

Company Not Responding After Signing job offer letter

So basically I accepted a job offer for a very reputable company; I was advised that the background and employment Verification would take roughly a...

9 17 days ago Lori in Nashville, Tennessee
Career Advice

Company or Money

I have a great job offer for a small company, but I also have made it to the top three final people at a University that I have wanted to work at for...

1 17 days ago NE1 in Somewhere
Career Advice

What is the day to day job like of a Shoreside Tankerman with SGS Petroleum? Pay, benefits, hours, advancement?

I know the hours will be long - do they vary? Do you work 40 hours a week? During training the pay is $12.00 per hour plus mileage, once the training...

0 17 days ago Dewailer in Houston, Texas
Career Advice

Custom Boiler Cleaners

Boiler Service Based in Brooklyn, New York Boiler Repair and Maintenance Maintaining your boiler is imperative if you plan to remain...

0 17 days ago jonasnickel in Germany
Career Advice

Has anyone here

ever sought assistance of any kind through the Salvation Army? What was the outcome? Your comments about how they assisted you?

3 17 days ago Jobseeker1927 in Anytown
Career Advice

MBA and marketing careers

Background: professional with a decade or so experience between working for marketing agencies and in corp. communications I came into the...

4 17 days ago youdontkillmoney in Anaheim, California
Career Advice

New job sucks- need advice.

After 6 months of being unemployed, I took a crappy sales job. The environment is toxic, to the point of racial remarks being made towards one of my...

26 18 days ago xboxer in Tucson, Arizona
Career Advice

temp agencies

temp agencies ruin careers and the american dream.

6 18 days ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Posting Your Resume

Have any of you posted your resume on Indeed or another job posting board? Did any job recruiters interested in your resume call you for an interview?

14 18 days ago Trac1eB in Somewhere in, New York
Job Interviews

A Confusing Series of Events....

Hello and thanks in advance for your time! I spoke with a contact at a company I'm looking to work for. He happened to be a hiring manager for...

2 19 days ago NE1 in Somewhere
Career Advice

What offer to Accept

Hi all, I'm torn between 2 offers for the same position. One is from Yahoo and the other is from PG&E. Both companies in my mind have their pros...

3 19 days ago NE1 in Somewhere
Career Advice

Since when

did this forum become an "advertising mechanism" for anyone? Some of which aren't even in English. :-/

4 19 days ago still retired in Hawaii
How to Use Indeed

Which offer to Accept?

Hi all, I'm torn between 2 offers for the same position. One is from Yahoo and the other is from PG&E. Both companies in my mind have their pros...

0 19 days ago Boosty1102 in Danville, California
Career Advice

If you're job searching, Entry Level “Direct Marketing” and “Outsourced Marketing” jobs are scams.

I got scammed into one - I worked for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and got into debt. Here's the deal: you see a job ad on a recruitment site,...

2 19 days ago thedevilcorp in Saint Petersburg, Florida
Job Interviews

Overthinking too much?

Today I had a phone interview with a manager for a temp position. Thankfully I had been interviewing all week so I was prepared for most of the...

1 19 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Investing Guide at Deep Blue Group Publications LLC Tokyo: Key Financial råd for retur Veterans

De siste generasjoner av veteraner står overfor en særlig komplisert økonomisk bilde, tilskrevet flere distribusjoner, en tøff sivil økonomi, rov...

0 19 days ago Naidzz Legrand in Providence, Utah
Career Advice

Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Seks måter å unngå ferien Shopping svindel

WASHINGTON - i kjølvannet av siste data brudd, kjøpere bør være på høy beredskap når du kjøper deres presenterer denne høytiden. "Om millioner av...

0 19 days ago ausooke in United Kingdom
Job Interviews

Did I Blow My Chances ?

Hello, I recently had a interview for a middle management position in a large company. I nailed the interview and received a call the same day to...

5 19 days ago Tiffiney O in Northbrook, Illinois
Job Interviews

A Confusion Series of Events

Hello and thanks in advance for your time! I spoke with a contact at a company I'm looking to work for. He happened to be a hiring manager for...

1 19 days ago David in Nutley, New Jersey
Career Advice

Bachelors degree in Biology, what can you do with it?

I feel like like such an idiot right now. I have a BS in Biology. After I graduated, I followed a totally different path. I know a friend of mine...

717 19 days ago Growthfishacademy in Forest Hills, New York
Career Advice

What Shearin Group Imparts: Centered Leadership

The Shearin Group Leadership Training Tips Leadership is key to the development of any individual, company and communities in every society in the...

4 19 days ago aulielncstr08 in Germany
Resume Tips

I already have my resume and it is updated to. I like to know how to uploaded before any thing

I just want to upload before I fill out any thing. It seems there is no way and we have to do them all manully. I wish there was a way

0 20 days ago Ferahey in Sacramento, California
Career Advice

What Hospitals Can Do to Prevent Health Insurance Fraud

Dyman Associates Insurance Group of Companies Health insurance scams are on the rise, and the government and health care organizations are...

0 20 days ago seanrois06 in Luxembourg
Career Advice

and all this is for a temp Christmas job

The ad says "Flexible availability to meet the needs of the business, including days, nights and weekends. Shifts from four to eight hours in length...

15 20 days ago Shingami in Chicago, Illinois
Resume Tips

26 year old caregiver college student never had a real job

I'm needing some people's opinion on what I should do. I graduated high school at the age of 19 and since then I have been my mothers car giver as...

4 20 days ago Someguy in Cleveland, Tennessee

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