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Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

27585 6 minutes ago kiki in Roseville, California
Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Union

I am interested in having a serious conversation with other massage therapists about forming a viable union to protect massage therapist who work as...

167 19 minutes ago Maraya Magas LMT in Southwest Brevard Cnty, Florida
Flight Attendant

Delta Air Lines * After the F2F * 2014

This forum is for everyone who has received a CJO for January, 2015 training! This is a place where you can make friends, ask questions, and...

338 25 minutes ago Marleymae in Atlanta, Georgia
Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

8425 54 minutes ago greatbape in kenner, Louisiana
Corrections Officer

December accademy

Has any one recived offers for the December accademy yet?

539 1 hour ago Hector K in Rialto, California
Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

7391 1 hour ago livebreathefly in New York, New York
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue F/A Information?

Has anyone actually gone to an interview for Jet Blue? I received an automated phone interview and was curious what comes next? Pros and Cons of...

21052 2 hours ago brittney in Columbus, Ohio
Nurse RN

Board ordered nurse

I am a RN and have recently recieved a Board order from the Board of Nurses stating i must work under the supervision of another RN dosent have to be...

1001 3 hours ago Elizabeth Emerick in Seattle, Washington
Corrections Officer

February 2015 academy CDCR

I think jan academy is full, and for those of us who didn't get any offers we might get the Feb academy. Hopefully :) what do u guys think???

5 3 hours ago Said T in Calexico
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

CLS applications for Spring 2015

Just starting a thread for Spring 2015 apps. Good luck everyone.

33 3 hours ago spring2015cls in San Jose, California
Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015...posted 9/30/2014

This is new forum for American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants who will be in AA uniform in 2015 and Flying representing the World's largest...

1072 3 hours ago Flying soon in Paris, France
Flight Attendant

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014

Does anyone had a f2f interview on 1/28 7:30am?

3797 3 hours ago Pikkie in New Orleans, Louisiana
Corrections Officer

CDCR JAN 2015 Academy

Everyone who is going to the JAN Academy 2015

273 4 hours ago Toretto in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Flight Attendant

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Has anyone on here applied for tha FA position braces out of JFK with Norwegian Airlines?

2361 7 hours ago MrMo in Stavanger, Norway
Flight Attendant


Has anyone ever applied or worked for Allegiant? They seem to be a good company to work from from what I've read. They also have the domiciles I...

5946 7 hours ago YourMom in Hollywood, Florida
Technical Sales Representative

Top technical sales representative skills needed to get the job.

What are the top 3 traits or skills every technical sales representative must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your...

2 7 hours ago in Vancouver, British Columbia
Flight Attendant


I have completed my phone interview (Wed 3/5/14) and received an email today (3/10/14) congratulating me on my moving onto the next step in Delta's...

494 7 hours ago HeartofHearts in Mississippi
Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

22929 8 hours ago OTJ in Goshen, New York

Ive Lost Everything!!1 What am I supposed to do???Help Me

This economic tailspin didnt just start a couple months ago.It started a little over 2 years ago.Thats when I started getting laid off and struggling...

74 9 hours ago edith katty in Europe
Home Health Aide

What do HHA's make in Morris County,NJ?

I am still new at this, and would like to know what is the going hourly rate or live-in rate. Right now, the case I am in pays $95 a day.

0 10 hours ago AnitaHHA in Wharton, New Jersey
Home Health Aide

Live-in problem. Client's daughter difficult to deal with

I am a live-in. The daughter goes to work from 7am to 4pm. But when she comes home, she makes a lot of nasty comments. It becomes very hard to deal...

0 10 hours ago AnitaHHA in Wharton, New Jersey
Veterinary Technician

How challenging is vet tech school? Is it worth it?

Hello! I am 22 years old and have been considering for a long time going to school, to become a licensed vet technician. What has held me back all...

1 10 hours ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Veterinary Technician

Vet technician in the us

Hey everyone I need your assistant. I am about to start vetrenerian technician and I'm thinking to move to the stats, NY. Is my certification that...

1 11 hours ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Medical Coder

need advice please - RHIT exam

I graduated from college in 2005 in health information technology and due to family problems, I had to put aside taking the RHIT exam. Now, 2 1/2...

1922 11 hours ago TippM in Pompano Beach, Florida
Corrections Officer

Correction Officer in Connecticut

Hey guys, i just passed my written exam last month and am scheduled for my pt may 1st. I have been trianing for the past 2 months and i am still very...

3140 12 hours ago Js in Brooklyn, Connecticut
Medical Technologist

Going no where with a BA in psychology?

It has been about a year since I graduate with my BA in Psychology. I feel stuck going no where. I have a 2.5 gpa so getting into graduate school...

122 17 hours ago Dont choose cytology in Westborough, Massachusetts
Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

1299 18 hours ago bobo luciano in Houston, Texas
Echo Technician

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test?

I'm taking it in 6 weeks and appreciate any advice. After I take it , pass or fail, I will post everything I can remember asap!

148 18 hours ago felirose.jugo in Singapore, Singapore



848 19 hours ago lynn in Salt Lake City, Utah

Does it worth it to move to Alberta for a welding job? Considering the rent is so expensive there?

I am a welder with 2 years exp. I am considering taking a High Pressure welding course so I can get a good job in Alberta, but THEN my friend advice...

469 21 hours ago displaced welder in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Corrections Officer

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical

Hello everyone, I am a March 2013 applicant for CDCR to become a correctional officer. I am currently in the background check phase and I was...

4019 22 hours ago Erikgonn88 in Fresno, California
Veterinary Technician

Is getting a Bachelor's degree for Vet Techs worth it?

Hi I am in highschool and have had to think about applying for colleges and career choices. I was thinking about becoming a Veterinary Technician....

2 23 hours ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Flight Attendant

JetBlue Hiring Flight Attendants Nov. 2014

JetBlue is hiring as of November 5, 2014! Figured I would start a new forum for all new applicants. Good luck to everyone applying and I hope you...

55 23 hours ago wer225 in New York, New York
Veterinary Technician

Shadowing at a vet clinic for more experience

I've been unemployed since I've been out of school in 2012 and even though I'm a licensed vet tech and passed the VTNE, I still son't have a...

1 23 hours ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Veterinary Technician

Advancing as an RVT

I am at a cross road here. I am considering going through an RVT program. However, it seems like there is no room for advancement in the field....

2 23 hours ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Corrections Officer

cdcr 2014 applicants

I want to know 2014 cdcr applicants process so far. Is it going smoothly for you guys. Heres my process: March 27th,2014 Application...

414 23 hours ago Pyroshot88 in Alhambra, California

Show me the money...

62 1 day ago boyettablate in Liberal, Kansas
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Regulatory Affairs training in Canada

Hello everyone, I am torn between Humber and Seneca College. I am interested in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and would like to hear from...

598 1 day ago Jayne in New Hamburg, Ontario
Certified Nursing Assistant

evening free cna classes near Mesa, AZ

I work a f/t job and am looking for a part time job as a cna but I took a drastic pay cut and cant afford to pay for the class. I would like to do...

7 1 day ago
Airline Flight Attendant

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

4250 1 day ago itsabirditsaplane in Spokane, Washington
Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

9439 1 day ago DatFLLNKGuy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tax Preparer

Tax preparation software and bank products

Bank product fees are getting out of hand and quite frankly so are the software fees. I have suggestions for any of those looking for a new software...

665 1 day ago Deidre Swain in Pike Road, Alabama
Flight Attendant

Delta flight attendant interviews

I am intrested in knowing if anyone took the delta FA interview and what the process is.

43684 1 day ago mrflorida09 in Hialeah, Florida
Cleaning Person


I need a job i am willing to work any position i am a hard worker like to stay busy if u know any one who is looking for a hard worker please email...

0 1 day ago Quincy
Cleaning Person


I need a job i am willing to work any position i am a hard worker like to stay busy if u know any one who is looking for a hard worker please email...

0 1 day ago Quincy

Looking for Chefs and Cooking Experts to Contribut to a Food and Recipe Blog

I am looking for individuals who would be interested in participating and in Owning a Food and Recipe Blog. There is NO Web Design experience...

0 1 day ago rgelhausen in Indianapolis, Indiana
Occupational Therapist

The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT

Hi everyone. I'm a junior in college right now thinking about OT. At first, I wanted to be a PA but I concluded that it wasn't for me and I think...

296 1 day ago kite in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Legal Secretary

Legal secretary vs paralegal? Which has more job openings? Which is a better career?

I will be going to college soon and want to do something in the legal field. I know that a legal assistant and a paralegal are the same thing. But...

29 1 day ago Kathy Jo in Arlington, Massachusetts
Occupational Therapist

Is the debt to become an OT worth it?

Is OT worth 100K in debt? Will I be making enough money to pay all the loan payments? UGH!

15 1 day ago Meadow in Ventura, California
Ultrasound Technician


Can anyone recommend what books/cd's to study for the new spi exam? Please reply to this post what was most helpful for you or email me at...

1373 1 day ago NHS0782 in Sherwood, Oregon

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