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Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

27369 0 minutes ago FlyinCowboy in Mckinney, Texas
Flight Attendant

Republic Airways : republic, shuttle, chat. trianing pool

Is there anyone waiting for their trianing date that has been on the pool list? If so has your recruiter told you about possibg when the next...

81 1 minute ago FlyOKC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

21807 2 minutes ago gf07 in Elmira, New York
Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

1185 4 minutes ago #USMC in Escondido, California
Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

4138 8 minutes ago Jetset_Ralph in Florida
Corrections Officer

CDCR November academy offers/dates 2014

Has anyone gotten an offer for the november academy? Been waiting 4 weeks since i cleared now jus waiting for an offer, I think ill be in November...

282 10 minutes ago Rod In NorCal in Crescent City, California
Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015...posted 9/30/2014

This is new forum for American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants who will be in AA uniform in 2015 and Flying representing the World's largest...

7 15 minutes ago European FA in HNL, Hawaii
Medical Technologist

College graduate thinking about becoming MLT/MT (Chicago,IL area) Advice needed..

I'm thinking about applying to MLT program located in the Chicago suburb. I got my BS in biology last year, and I took nursing assistant class to...

0 27 minutes ago snowflower in Wheeling, Illinois
Massage Therapist

Massage Prep and MBlex Reviews

I am currently studying for the MBlex exam. I'm using massage prep which seems to repeat about of questions...Did anyone find massage prep very...

4 32 minutes ago in Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Medical Technologist

Going no where with a BA in psychology?

It has been about a year since I graduate with my BA in Psychology. I feel stuck going no where. I have a 2.5 gpa so getting into graduate school...

71 37 minutes ago xboxer in Tucson, Arizona

Phlebotomy Jobs

I am currently unemployed and am seeking employment as an entry level Certified Phlebotomy technician. I am always applying for jobs even outside...

2 51 minutes ago Yogibreeze in West Hartford, Connecticut

Phlebotomist Compensation

Can anyone share information on 2014 or recent Phlebotomist salaries or other firms of compensation? How much can a mobile per diem PPhlebotomist...

0 53 minutes ago Yogibreeze in West Hartford, Connecticut
Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biology as a career?

I am a junior in highschool, I am interested in wildlife biology. Any info on recommended colleges would be helpful.

176 53 minutes ago MontanaWildlife in Montana
Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

8096 58 minutes ago Jj25 in Destrehan, Louisiana

Show me the money...

201 1 hour ago Yogibreeze in West Hartford, Connecticut
Corrections Officer

CDCR Oct 6 2014 Academy

Just accept WSP , looking forward to our new venture :)

171 1 hour ago Toretto in Rancho Cucamonga, California

I am a CMA in Georgia and I'm trying to find a fast-track LPN program here. I just completed two years of an accredited MA progr

I'm a CMA in Georgia. I'm wondering if anyone knows about an LPN fast-track program here. I live in Albany, GEORGIA To be exact. I completed a...

2 1 hour ago Chu in Yonkers, New York
Flight Attendant

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014

Hi everyone, There's a new posting on Sunwing for seasonal flight attendants (closing July 20th). Has anyone applied?! :)

1783 1 hour ago Flygirl 2014 Calgary in Calgary, Alberta
Process Operator

Testing for ExxonMobil

I have 8 years of operator experience but, I left the Industry for greener pastures. I worked at the Exxon complex as a process technician. I am...

52 1 hour ago Sue in Spring, Texas

how to start a truck dispatching business?

I already have a driver(my uncle) and for now this is enough for me. I have the web sites from which I will get the load information. So my questions...

319 2 hours ago jnl transportaion in Laredo, Texas
Corrections Officer

Oral Interview

I'm taking my Oral Interview 4-1-08 in the State of Michigan. How long does the interview last? I was told about 2 hours? I am currently studing...

230 2 hours ago Y-not707 in Vacaville, California
Medical Billing Clerk

the CBCS test - certified billing and coding specialist exam via the National Healthcareer Association

Hi, everyone. I just received my certificate of completion for billing and coding through my local university partnered with ed2go and I'm going...

41 2 hours ago Zack in Houston, Texas
Flight Attendant

American Airlines hiring flight Attendants 2013!!!!!

Hi all I just received information that Legacy carrier American Airlines will be hiring flight attendants for 2013!! Whether this true or not I'm...

54734 2 hours ago European FA in HNL, Hawaii
Flight Attendant

2014- (Fall-)American Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates

Greetings I decided as I have recently applied myself to begin a new AA FA candidate forum for 2014 Fall This will be for 2015 classes . If you...

11 2 hours ago European FA in HNL, Hawaii
Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA versus OTA

After a few years getting the prereq's out of the way I didn't get in to PTA school because too many people applied. I'm considering looking into...

71 2 hours ago bobbie abbott in Belleview, Florida
Corrections Officer

how many of you guys are relocating?

Well i will have to relocate and move to reno to work in hdsp..will be selling my house. Should be a good experience..

0 2 hours ago mendoza2400 in Oakland, California
Corrections Officer

November academy offers 2014

Has anyone received an offer and academy date for November 2014

3 2 hours ago mendoza2400 in Oakland, California
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue F/A Information?

Has anyone actually gone to an interview for Jet Blue? I received an automated phone interview and was curious what comes next? Pros and Cons of...

20748 3 hours ago Dreamsofbeinga-AAFA in Ohio
Park Ranger

Seeking information on becoming a Park Ranger

I am looking to become a park ranger. I plan on paying my way a park ranger academy but I have a lot of questions and could really use some...

0 3 hours ago CoryJ in Orange, California
Ultrasound Technician

Anyone started their own business?

I am going to graduate this spring from Mountain State University. I have definitely noticed the decline in job opportunities sin first enrolling in...

29 3 hours ago Jeanne in Humble, Texas
Physical Therapist

How are you able to pay bills while attending PT school?

I am 29 now and am hoping to enroll in PT school in a year or so. I currently hold a BS in Marketing and an MBA but am unhappy with my career...

3 4 hours ago Douglas Turner, BioMechanics in Glendale, California
Veterinary Technician

What are the PROS of being a Vet Tech

I have signed up to go to the St. Louis Vet Tech Institute with Hickey school beginning the end of October. I've been unemployed for several months...

4 4 hours ago isa in San Gabriel, California
Corrections Officer

cdcr 2014 applicants

I want to know 2014 cdcr applicants process so far. Is it going smoothly for you guys. Heres my process: March 27th,2014 Application...

172 4 hours ago JAM32 in Fontana, California
Flight Attendant

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014

Does anyone had a f2f interview on 1/28 7:30am?

3535 4 hours ago FlyFly2 in chicago, Illinois
Mortgage Loan Officer

Getting a mortgage loan officer job.

How did you get your start doing mortgage loan officer work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

43 4 hours ago 771656 in New York, New York
Sales Agent

Getting a sales agent job.

How did you get your start doing sales agent work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

1 4 hours ago Patience Pays in Las Vegas, Nevada
Flight Attendant

Xtra airways

I have been invited to attend a interview session for Xtra Airways, Does anyone know if they provide air travel to the event?, I live in Ohio.

628 4 hours ago skies in Bahamas, Virgin Islands
Dental Assistant


Hi everyone! I've been an assistant for 1 year and i'm cda/rda and i have an x-ray license and i've been on 10 interviews and tommorow makes the 11th...

109 5 hours ago Patience Pays in Las Vegas, Nevada
Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

8366 5 hours ago 185thinf in Fresno, California
Process Operator

Phillips 66 Terminal Operator Trainee in Beaumont/Nederland Tx area

Has anybody gotten a response from Phillips 66 about the Terminal Operator trainee position?

3 6 hours ago Taf44 in Beaumont, Texas
Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet Encore Flight Attendant

Hi everyone! I just applied for WJ Encore - will keep you updated on process. Good luck to all!

312 6 hours ago flyyzgirl in Oshawa, Ontario
Flight Attendant

Delta flight attendant interviews

I am intrested in knowing if anyone took the delta FA interview and what the process is.

43680 6 hours ago adissjimer in Sarasota, Florida

Cannot find a job as a pharmacist in the USA. Unemployed pharmacist seeking helpful advice please

I have been active on this site for a while. I have been looking for pharmacy work for over a year. I was able to get per diem but they only give...

67 6 hours ago Miami/Arizona in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Flight Attendant

DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2013

Welcome Aboard!!! DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring posted 12/12/2012. Please Be Respectful, Professional, Honest, and Polite.

18190 7 hours ago MacGyver626 in El Paso, Texas
Truck Driver

Company Owner insists I turn MY COPIES of logs over to him.....WTF?

I am being pressured by my boss to give up MY copies of my log books. (the carbon ones left in the books after I turn in the hard copy)... I told him...

1 7 hours ago WillBSmiling in Baltimore, Maryland
Medical Sales Representative

NAMSR - National Association of Medical Sales Reps (I am trying to obtain information about the NAMSR and the RMSR training)?

If someone could provide me some feedback about the NAMSR and its training programs it would be much appreciated. Thanks

104 7 hours ago delray11 in Delray Beach, Florida
Flight Attendant


US Airways once again is hiring for 2014! Post your questions, concerns, advice, experience with video, phone and F2F interviews here!

601 7 hours ago WingsoftheDawn in Hawaii
Medical Coder


I graduated 4 years ago and I just found the importance in getting my RHIA.I took the exam already a did not pass. Im not sure what I can do to pass...

554 7 hours ago Tiffany in Baltimore, Maryland
Airline Flight Attendant

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

4163 7 hours ago Vanessa in Mcdonough, Georgia
Corrections Officer



91 7 hours ago Pelican in Los Angeles, California

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