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Corrections Officer

Correction Officer in Connecticut

Hey guys, i just passed my written exam last month and am scheduled for my pt may 1st. I have been trianing for the past 2 months and i am still very...

4532 3 minutes ago bmk293 in Norwich, Connecticut
Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

17684 9 minutes ago CurrentDLFA in Griffin, Georgia
Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

10446 12 minutes ago LAGirl1966 in Addison, Texas
Flight Attendant


Hi guys !!! So the Giant is hiring again! Apps just reopened a couple of days ago and I am so stoked to get the chance to apply! When I realized now...

385 13 minutes ago CurrentDLFA in Griffin, Georgia
Corrections Officer

CDCR Academy October 19th, 2015

Next academy should be October 19th. First offers, based on past offers, should go out about September 4th. Academy pay and start pay is higher....

355 14 minutes ago AlxC in Whittier, California
Flight Attendant

Southwest airlines flight attendant 2015 hopefuls

I just can't wait until the hiring window opens up again! When it does, I will post my progress here. I know I have what it takes... do you?

1227 20 minutes ago 2ndChancetoFly in Phoenix, Arizona
Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

11580 35 minutes ago DC in Thibodaux, Louisiana
Flight Attendant

Hawaiian Airlines

i recently saw that Hawaiian Airlines is now hiring! I think it'd be amazing to live in and work in and out of Honolulu! Has anyone heard any news of...

3865 41 minutes ago Mya sako in Honolulu, Hawaii
Flight Attendant

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014

Hi everyone, There's a new posting on Sunwing for seasonal flight attendants (closing July 20th). Has anyone applied?! :)

1924 1 hour ago CoffeeOrTea in Alberta
Flight Attendant

United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees

This is a new year, so here is a new forum- United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees. Just some simple guidelines-...

3345 1 hour ago RFreitas913 in Augusta, Maine
Corrections Officer

CDCR September 2015 academy

Congrats to every one getting offers for August!! Since there's an academy for September 21st lets start this up!

911 1 hour ago DDel in Napa, California

Moving to France

Does anyone know what the steps are for hair dressers moving from US to live/work in France? I want to move to Paris, however I have no idea how to...

17 1 hour ago Angelica O. in Paris, France
Flight Attendant

Frontier Airline

Is MKE a new base Frontier is opening for flight attendants or have they always had a MKE base. Any info about working for Frontier would be greatly...

3119 1 hour ago Fajacs in Spokane, Washington
Respiratory Therapist

I'll help you find a full time RT career!

Let me know if you are looking and I'll help you find a great full time RT career. Plus if you recommend a friend that I place in a RT position,...

19 3 hours ago Canadian RT in Calgary, Alberta
Respiratory Therapist

Canadian respiratory therapist trying to work in the U.S.

Hi I will be graduating shortly with a 4 year degree in respiratory therapy. I would like to work here in Canada for a few years then possibly...

3 3 hours ago Canadian RT in Calgary, Alberta
Corrections Officer

CDCR 2015

Here are the steps for CDCR Peace Officer Careers. I am far from the end. Where are all of you in the process? • Written Examination and...

445 3 hours ago Jeff in California
Process Operator

DuPont online test

So DuPont hit me with something I only seen twice. Got an email that led me to an assessment. I completed it,has a anyone else taken it? One part...

10 3 hours ago @ piano man in Pearland, Texas
Respiratory Therapist

Canadian RRT, what american exam do I have to write?

Hi, I am a Canadian RRT for 20 years and looking to go to the States. I know I have to write a NBRC exam. There are two of them, the multiple...

2 3 hours ago Canadian RT in Calgary, Alberta
Physical Therapy Assistant

July NPTE review

Anyone here who's going to take the July NPTE? We can arrange an online group study. I am a foreign trained PT and initially wants to take the PTA...

18 3 hours ago Paula DLR28 in Houston, Texas
Flight Attendant

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

928 3 hours ago clivirun1003
Medical Coder

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding

I really need advice, I graduated from the HIT program and got my RHIT. I have such a hard time finding a job due to lack of experince in coding and...

68 3 hours ago RHITinGA in Atlanta, Georgia
Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

28910 3 hours ago melbopp68 in Liberty, New York
Airline Flight Attendant

Delta Flight Attendant Hiring 2015

I cannot find the old Delta Flight Attendant post created by Nelly... so I thought I would start a new one.

1248 3 hours ago AirlineBaby83 in San Diego, California
Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines

Is there anyone out there who works as a flight attendant for Mesa? I hear so much negative conversation about them and the way they treat their...

6748 3 hours ago amudd1 in Houston, Texas
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue F/A Information?

Has anyone actually gone to an interview for Jet Blue? I received an automated phone interview and was curious what comes next? Pros and Cons of...

23525 4 hours ago Flywithme45 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Travel Agent

Has anyone heard of Oasis Agent or KHM Travel Group?

Im new to the travel industry and came across this company Oasis Agent. They are affilatted with Signature Travel Group. They dont charge any start...

43 4 hours ago hmmmmm in San Jose, California
Pharmacy Technician

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book"

A lot of prospective pharmacy technicians don't know and they should know. That the national ptcb exam is a test similiar to the SAT/GED test....

1060 4 hours ago Hopefully, let's see what happens! in Miami, Florida
Freight Agent Broker

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience

Hello ive been searching all over the internet on how to start as a Freight agent and im having a really hard time finding information on how to get...

68 4 hours ago vsspassov8 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Corrections Officer

CDCR Women

Any women out there applied? I did and have been working on my running and trying to figure out exact distances for the PFT so I can have a more...

187 4 hours ago ashley Ayers in paso robles, California
Truck Driver

Which Companies do NOT do hair tests?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... "if you have to ask, don't get in a truck". The problem with that old line is that you're assuming I'm an addict, or are...

40 5 hours ago just dad
Car Hauler


Here comes an Affordable XMAS loan that will change your life for ever, I am Dr. Robert Jack a certified loan lender, I offer loan to individual and...

0 5 hours ago Dr. Robert Jack in London, United Kingdom
Flight Attendant

Virgin America

Does anyone have any insight on Virgin America? This airline was suggested to me by a kind person on here and I went to their website to check them...

12158 5 hours ago cindyaldan in San Diego, California
Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015....Posted 9/30/2014 and 2015 postings

This is new forum for American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants who will be in AA uniform in 2015 and Flying representing the World's largest...

2983 6 hours ago Aspiring in Manhattan
Flight Attendant

Trans States Airlines

Can anyone give me any information on Trans States Airlines. I went on an interview and was hired. I had not heard that much about them before. ...

1141 6 hours ago Wing-ing it in Westminster, Maryland

Average starting salary

I'm a teacher and earn 43k after 7 years in the profession. Can soemone tell me what I'm looking at starting at during my first year in esthetics. ...

386 7 hours ago Hair Stylz Network in Arlington, Texas

Quit Job to go to Cosmetology School?

Hi, I'm 27 years old, and currently work a boring desk job. I make a decent salary, which holds me back from leaving. I have an MBA and BS in...

159 7 hours ago Hair Stylz Network in Arlington, Texas
Process Operator

Tesoro in Wilmington, CA

Went to the test for the Process Op Trainee (Field) slot last Monday the 13th. There were probably 200-250 for 20-25 slots the HR lady said. We will...

416 7 hours ago Warren in Oakland, California
Radiologic Technologist


Go through the nursing program before it is to late. There is absolutely no jobs in the radiology field. Honestly it is very upsetting during...

37 7 hours ago Cpochron in Lockport, New York
Corrections Officer


Since June academies are canceled let's start the July forum when did everyone clear? Good luck to everyone

2086 7 hours ago Smallguy805 in Oxnard, California

Newly Licensed Cosmetologist wanting to throw in the towel. Help!

I just got my California Cosmetology license June 13th 2011; I’m now starting to realize how it is starting out. My school didn’t teach me anything,...

26 7 hours ago Hair Stylz Network in Arlington, Texas
Corrections Officer

Written test question

I take my written test on Tuesday and was wondering if the test is like this practice test - or...

0 7 hours ago JeremyRod

Help on building a clientele

I just received my cosmetology license and am currently working in a salon as an assistant. Does anyone have any good advice on how to bring in...

65 7 hours ago Hair Stylz Network in Arlington, Texas
Flight Attendant

PSA airline

I was invited to training for the Febuary class, I recieved a phone call from them a couple of days ago saying that they needed to move me to the...

1753 8 hours ago Flywithme45 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Ultrasound Technician

Medical sonography with expunged record

Hello, I am looking to peruse a career in medical sonography. A couple years ago I was wrongly charged with simple assault - domestic violence....

0 8 hours ago Britt Reid in Asheville, North Carolina
Medical Technologist

Variety in Medical Laboratory Science Job

Would you describe the work of a Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist as more repetitive than other jobs requiring a bachelor's degree...

3 8 hours ago Love Science in Eugene, Oregon

How do I get more business as a Mobile Phelbotomist/Mobile Examiner (Insurance Examiner)

472 8 hours ago FranM. in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Occupational Therapy Assistant

What do you enjoy most about your occupational therapy assistant career?

What do you enjoy most about being an occupational therapy assistant? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many...

87 9 hours ago NMD in Brooklyn, New York
Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTA at LaGuardia Community College

Anyone have any information on the COTA / OTA program at CUNY LaGuardia Community College?

32 9 hours ago Noelle in Brooklyn, New York
Travel Agent

4 Steps To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival

If you wish to enter Vietnam, but you worry about how to get Vietnam visa? Do you have to prepare all required documents and go to Vietnam Embassy in...

0 10 hours ago Jacken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Travel Agent

The Most Common Errors in Vietnam Visa Approval Letter When Apply Visa On Arrival

When you apply to get Vietnam Visa On Arrival, we will proceed and send you the approval letter via email. Then you use this approval letter for...

1 10 hours ago Jacken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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