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Corrections Officer

CDCR June 2015 academy

No May offer , Come on June !!! Cleared 2/11 Score 80

2 0 minutes ago FreeRange in Palmdale, California
Occupational Therapist

San Jose State OT

Has anyone attend San Jose OT program or knows anything about it?

590 1 minute ago spatam in Salinas, California
Flight Attendant

United Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2014

United is finally accepting applications for new Flight Attendants! This is awesome! I just submitted my application a few minutes ago. Has anyone...

2349 9 minutes ago Nalynn03 in New York
Flight Attendant

Anyone apply to Etihad Airways?

I hear they are interviewing in June in various cities across the US. Maybe it's better these days to go with a non US airline as the US ones seem to...

319 15 minutes ago beckerson in Orlando, Florida
Flight Attendant

United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees

This is a new year, so here is a new forum- United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees. Just some simple guidelines-...

614 25 minutes ago nette716
Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada Rouge Interview

Has anyone on here gotten the phone call from AC Rouge for the initial interview? Mine was last Tuesday, no email back yet on whether I bombed or not...

3152 44 minutes ago Guester in Vancouver, British Columbia
Flight Attendant

Frontier Airline

Is MKE a new base Frontier is opening for flight attendants or have they always had a MKE base. Any info about working for Frontier would be greatly...

2321 47 minutes ago Avant Mitchell in Atlanta, Georgia
Radiologic Technologist

DO NOT go to school for a Radiology Technologist

I am a Radiology Technologist with 39 years experience. My experience is in Radiology, Management, Teaching, Radiology Information System, Office...

18 54 minutes ago xboxer in Cactus, Arizona
Veterinary Technician

What are the CONS of being a vet tech?

I'm aware that the money isn't there, but that's not why people get into this business. Other than money, what are some of the cons of being a vet...

123 54 minutes ago anonymous in Stockton, California
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Cal State LA CSULA CLS Applicants Fall 2015

Hi, is anyone here applying to the CLS program at CSULA for Fall 2015? If so have you heard anything back yet or know when to hear about interview...

153 56 minutes ago clsaspirant in Alhambra, California
Occupational Therapy Assistant

Are occupational therapy assistant job opportunities growing or declining?

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most occupational...

224 1 hour ago Davey in Austin, Texas
Corrections Officer

Correction Officer in Connecticut

Hey guys, i just passed my written exam last month and am scheduled for my pt may 1st. I have been trianing for the past 2 months and i am still very...

3927 1 hour ago DAdams798 in Connecticut
Travel Agent

Has anyone heard of Oasis Agent or KHM Travel Group?

Im new to the travel industry and came across this company Oasis Agent. They are affilatted with Signature Travel Group. They dont charge any start...

32 1 hour ago need to know truth in Fort Worth, Texas
Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

12349 1 hour ago Shan in Bronx, New York
Medical Coder

Medical Coding Salary

Hi there I would like to know from people who are actively medical coding especially remote what is the average coding salary ? For those with less...

2 1 hour ago Newbieatthis in Chicago, Illinois
Medical Coder


--You took an online coding course NOT approved by AHIMA --You're a biller or RN who has seen codes but never took an HIT course --You took a...

4 1 hour ago Newbieatthis in Chicago, Illinois
Flight Attendant

PSA airline

I was invited to training for the Febuary class, I recieved a phone call from them a couple of days ago saying that they needed to move me to the...

1462 2 hours ago HereNGone in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
Radiologic Technologist

Interview with Kaiser Rad-Tech Program 5/4! help needed

I have an interview with the Kaiser School for their Rad-Tech program next week. I have been trying to get as much online information to be prepared....

14 2 hours ago TCCC in Los Angeles, California
Medical Coder

Regional medical billing and coding vs AHIMA??

I'm so confused . I hear AHIMA accredited schools are the ones you should go for but there are also regional and aren't regional ones better or...?

0 2 hours ago Newbieatthis in Chicago, Illinois
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue F/A Information?

Has anyone actually gone to an interview for Jet Blue? I received an automated phone interview and was curious what comes next? Pros and Cons of...

22215 2 hours ago Sofia Rodman in Dallas, Texas
Flight Attendant

air wisconsin trainging school

hello out there, i was just hired as a flight attdendant for awac airlines.i was wondering if anyone can suggest anything i can study in advance for...

2165 2 hours ago Flyguy in Long Island City, New York
Dental Hygienist

Should I get an Associate's or a Bachelor's for Dental Hygiene?

I want to go to school for Dental Hygiene, the only thing I am unsure of now is how to go about getting my degree? Is it worth the time/money to...

218 3 hours ago Jeffy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet Flight Attendant Recruitment 2012

Hi Everyone, I wanted to start this forum for anyone who has applied for the Westjet Flight Attendant (Posting 2641). I thought it would be great...

428 3 hours ago WestJet fan in Vancouver, British Columbia
Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

27891 3 hours ago JasWantsWings in Wheeling, West Virginia
Corrections Officer

cdcr 2014 applicants

I want to know 2014 cdcr applicants process so far. Is it going smoothly for you guys. Heres my process: March 27th,2014 Application...

1071 4 hours ago sosa22 in Chula Vista, California
Flight Attendant

Has anyone ever failed a Flight Attendant training? Tried again and Successfully passed?

Hi! I recently went through a flight attendant training program for US Airways. I was there for 4 weeks out of the 6. I got an 87% on the Airbus...

5 4 hours ago livebreathefly in New York, New York
Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

9891 4 hours ago mollydog in Salt Lake City, Utah
Physical Therapy Assistant

Insight from thoses in the PTA program

It's always nice to hear from those who are already in the field and it gives me great motivation to work hard. But, I would like to hear from those...

247 5 hours ago bc0stare in ft myers, Florida

Is teaching a good career?

Have no idea where I am going with life. I work part time as a mental health counselor at a hospital and pick up hours as a substitute teacher. I was...

0 5 hours ago Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut
Spanish Interpreter

A few questions for interpreters or future interpreters

Hola Everyone! My husband has been taking interpreting classes in the internet from SCSI, he got awesome grades on all his tests. He just did the...

210 6 hours ago Marcos Negrete in Bakersfield, California
Airline Flight Attendant

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

4613 7 hours ago Thetrollydolly in Gig Harbor, Washington

Getting ahead...

6 8 hours ago mwstalnaker in Greensboro, North Carolina
Corrections Officer

CDCR April 2015 Academy

Q&A for April 2015 academy... Good luck to all!

1087 9 hours ago Onfriday in Chester, California
Nurse RN

Want to leave nursing, advice please

I would greatly appreciate some advice. I already have regrets so I am just trying to make the best of the situation I’m in now. I am 28 yrs old....

311 9 hours ago anbee in Naples, Florida
Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

9911 9 hours ago Redfish in League City, Texas
Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound school in Toronto

Hi Fellows ! Just to let you know that i just graduated from a school in Brampton in Abdomen / Small parts / OB/ GYN and then after doing my...

0 10 hours ago Preety in Brampton, Ontario
Exercise Physiologist

What are the best exercise physiologist qualifications and training to get ahead?

What is the best training for becoming an exercise physiologist? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

36 11 hours ago Kraig in Illinois
Flight Attendant

Delta Air Lines * After the F2F * 2014

This forum is for everyone who has received a CJO for January, 2015 training! This is a place where you can make friends, ask questions, and...

1030 11 hours ago FA Hopeful111 in Somewhere, California
Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

8903 12 hours ago flyboy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Clerical Support

Foot in the door

How do you get your foot in the door just to get a clerical job in New York City,NY

2 13 hours ago BB in Annandale, Virginia
Medical Technologist

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam

I was wondering if anyone had taken the ASCP Molecular Biology certification exam? Hardly any information is available online. I am scheduled to...

597 13 hours ago NIAA in Hoboken, New Jersey
Surgical Technician

Show me the money...

463 15 hours ago Niko29 in Baltimore, Maryland

Average Carpenter Salary?

How good are the average carpenter salaries compared to what people in other professions earn in America? I just saw a picture on this forum that...

25 17 hours ago Steve in Southampton, United Kingdom
Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines

Is there anyone out there who works as a flight attendant for Mesa? I hear so much negative conversation about them and the way they treat their...

6269 18 hours ago flyguynthesky in sandiego, California
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Job Outlook For CLS

Hello, I am planning to apply in becoming a CLS. I am sort of worried, and let me explain my situation. Currently, I visited several directors and...

7 19 hours ago CLSStudent in Palm Springs, California
Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Pathology-General Information

Hello, I have been a Speech Pathologist for 15 years, and it seems there has always been a shortage of speech pathologists across the country/planet....

336 20 hours ago BSCBCD in Manama, Bahrain
Corrections Officer

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail)

Has anyone taken this evaluation for the CDCR lately? I was wondering what is needed to prepare for this or what kind of questions are asked. I...

181 20 hours ago ready 2 win in San Bernardino, California
Pharmacy Technician

Best places to work for?

I am taking the certification test on December 13th. I was just wondering where the best places to work at are? I work at walgreens as of now(not in...

216 20 hours ago Andrew in Fairbanks, Alaska
Pharmacy Technician

I'm a new tech at Walmart pharmacy, i'm still confused on using the Connexus system such as billing problems and insurance info

What are the steps to solve billing problems such as INCORRECT NDC NUMBER, REFILL TOO SOON, etc. or anything else would be helpful? thanks for the...

314 20 hours ago Andrew in Fairbanks, Alaska
CNC Machinist

Looking for CNC Programmers/Operators

Looking for CNC Programmers/Operators willing to relocate to Winslow, Maine 3-5yrs exp. 18+ an hr(depending on exp.) Must know G&M Code...

2 20 hours ago saifuddin in Muscat, Oman

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