Question about K-State online degree program

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goodygoody in Palmyra, Pennsylvania

53 months ago

Hi there. Hoping someone here might know the answer to this. I emailed the advisor for this program previously but haven't heard back.

K-state offers an online masters and certificate in academic advising. I already have a masters in counseling, so I may only want the certificate. But you can't get financial aid (loans) unless you're in the degree program. Does anyone happen to know if I can enroll in the degree program, complete the certificate and request it, then stop attending the program? I may want the full degree (it really depends on whether I can get an advising degree after just earning the certificate). But if I can get the job I want with just the certificate, I'd really have no reason to continue with the rest of the degree program since I have one M.Ed. already.

Thanks for any help!

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D in Western W in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

49 months ago

Did you hear back from KSU?
I'm considering the Grad Cert also, but would want to engage with a responsive program.
Saw Sam Houston State U as having the same curriculum at similar cost, but lacks the stature of the KSU program which is NACADA affiliated.

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csparrish in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

48 months ago

I was just looking into their program today. I have a ton of respect for NACADA and since they have written the standards their program should be legit IMO.

As far as the certificate program you would have to sign up for the Masters program and then only take the classes tha apply for the degree. It's kind of dishonest though because you couldn't tell your advisor that is what you are doing since I don't think that they would be allowed to let you proceed ethically speaking.

That being said... none of the courses have a pre-req so it shouldn't be a problem. Unless they have academic policy that specifically states that you cannot earn a Certificate if you are in a Masters program that you haven't completed.

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KMcLavy in Indianapolis, Indiana

7 months ago

I just graduated from KSU in this very program. I did receive the certificate first but kept going for the full masters. All you have to do is not register for the next semester. There is one class that you must take within the first 2 semesters but otherwise you take what you want. You may change your mind later and stay. You do your registration on your own so no one to hound you either. The classes shouldn't be to hard for you. I have my BS in Digital Media Arts but was a teacher for 5 years before I went back. I was able to work a full time job and earn a 3.85 GPA.

I say go for it, and good luck.

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