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Professional Tax Preparer in Tampa, Florida

Updated 97 months ago

Any Advice??? - 4 Replies

I need some advice. I want to go back to school to pursue a degree in accounting. My previous degree was in social science and I have no business...

JD in Tulsa, Oklahoma

How Good do you have to spell to go into accounting?

Im thinking about going back to school for accounting, but im not that good of a speller. How much will this hurt me in a accounting career?

aviator1x1 in Redondo Beach, California

Suggestions and advice please for a career switching plan

I am currently thinking about switching careers to accounting. I am considering an Accounting Certificate Program offered through UCLA's Extension...

Kim in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Accounting Career with a BS in Communications, Minor in Accounting

I'm considering going into accounting but still want to get my degree in Communications. Can I minor in accounting and become an accountant or do I...

Kim in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Updated 98 months ago

Need Suggestions!!! - 2 Replies

My last employer is not returning calls to people who call in for reference. I have called to see what is going on and my calls are not returned.

sam in North Haven in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 98 months ago

What is the salary range for different levels of accounting? - 1 Reply

Hello I currently attending Baruch College and thinking of majoring in accounting and eventually becoming a CPA. The question is for someone in the...

vtgraham in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 99 months ago

accounting career transition due to layoff - 1 Reply

I just got laid off from a corporate financial reporting job in the insurance industry last week. I want to transition to financial analysis or...

deansuraci in Cornwall, New York

Updated 99 months ago

I want to be a acountant - 3 Replies

I'm only 14 but I wana know how i could prepare to be an accountant As in what type of degree's am I gona have and what is the payment?? I'm very...

Numbrluvr in San Jacinto, California

Updated 100 months ago

Does a career in accounting require exceptional math aptitude? - 1 Reply

Need help from anyone who is an accountant or in a related financial services profession. I am an undergrad marketing major looking to make a...

BS in Accounting in Channahon, Illinois

Updated 100 months ago

BS in Business Admin + MS in Accountancy? - 1 Reply

Is this combination generally enough to land an entry level accounting position? I recently completed a BS in Business Admin and was thinking...

Bohir in Lane Cove, Australia

Midwest Accounting Salaries

Hi, I have my Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification and I am studying for my CMA qualification. I have almost 7...

Dinah in Reno, Nevada

Planning an accounting career

Hello, I am approximately 30 weeks from graduating with a BS in Accounting. I am a resident of Nevada where 2 years of auditing experience is...

accounting in New York, New York

Advice on accepting job

Hi, I recently graduated and I got a job offer for a Tax Auditor Trainee position from the NY Department of Taxation and Finance in New York City. ...

btmt in Chicago, Illinois

Need Help please

Here is my story. I graduated 6 months ago with a bachelor major in Finance. I have been job searching for 6 months now. One thing that I regret is...

Vijayalakshmi in Madras, India

Require Accounts Executive

Looking for Accountant in Singapore(Indian Only) Jobs Responsibilities: * Maintaining full set of accounts * Responsible for accurate...

Kbluearmor7 in Rego Park, New York

Baruch's Master in Accounting

How is the Master in Accounting Program at Baruch? And what are the job prospects after obtaining the degree. Are there on campus recruiting from the...

Sam in Lewisville, Texas

JOB Availablity

I am an Accountant have Masters degree in commerce, 2 years experience in a CPA/ Tax firm, Here some CPA's are making money, staff are works like a...

abrar in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 103 months ago

Getting a Job! - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I am about to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. In my recent search for a job, I came to realized that most...

jackeline colon in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Updated 105 months ago

Entry level accounting position - 3 Replies good place for applying jobs

Accountant in Scarborough, Ontario

Updated 106 months ago

Getting Clients - 1 Reply

I am an Accountant with a professional designation. I am a good and reliable accountant with considerable experience but I am schizophrenic so I have...

Osburn_jb in Buckhannon, West Virginia

Big 4 jobs, best way to start

I am currently doing an undergrad in Accounting and also obtaining my MBA at the same time. I am afraid that, due to lack of involvement with any...

andrew lopez in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Updated 107 months ago

Boom or bust? - 3 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most accountant...

bjdcpa in Gastonia, North Carolina

Updated 108 months ago

Senior Accounting Manager Can Help - 2 Replies

I am a veteran Controller with 20 years experience, and have contributed heavily in operations management as well. My resume is not getting any...

bjdcpa in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 109 months ago

need advice - 4 Replies

I need some advice. I have recently obtained a Bachelor's Degree in accounting. Problem is I'm having a hard time finding a job due to lack of...

Mick in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Updated 109 months ago

Interview Preparation - 1 Reply

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming accountant interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Rameez in Houston, Texas

Updated 110 months ago

Accounts jobs - 1 Reply

For Finance and Account related job you can try this site http://www.financejobs/

dawn in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 110 months ago

Accounting - 1 Reply

I am unemployed and trying to find a prospective position in either full or consulting. With the financial crisis do you think that there will be a...

Salz in Santa Rosa, California

Updated 110 months ago

MS in Accounting OR non-Accounting BA + CPA? - 2 Replies

Hello, I have a BA in Anthropology. At the undergraduate level, I have one general Math/Algebra class and one Statistics class (both of which I...

Steve in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 111 months ago

How to return to the accounting profession after being out of this occupation for a decade? - 2 Replies

I have worked in upper end bookkeeping for 20+ years before leaving the profession about 10 years ago. I would like to get into accounting now, but...

Nate in Blacksburg, Virginia

Accounting questions from an undergrad

I am currently a student at Virginia Tech in the deparment of Engereeing, however the classes and course work are breaking me so i've decided to...

MJ in San Jose, California

I'm interested in becoming a CPA in California

But, I have bad credit. Will that disqualify me from becoming one? Also, as far as background checks, what type of information will be considered...

Darren in Dural, Australia

Updated 111 months ago

need advise - 3 Replies

I am currently attending college I am trying to obtain my AAS in Accounting. After I graduated I want to get my bachelors degree, but I not sure if...

Rich Laurenzi in Frankfort, Illinois

Updated 111 months ago

Career Change: Accountant or Paralegal? - 1 Reply

Hello, I am 35 years old and I would like to start a new career. I have a rather varied and experienced past job profile; model, bartender,...

Scott in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 112 months ago

Is it possible to become a CFO if you start as an Auditor in Public Accounting? (And pro's/con's to choosing Audit vs. Tax?) - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm just starting Accounting classes this Fall. (I already had a previous professional career and am switching careers.) So, the world of...

Scott in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 112 months ago

Accounting job search - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm currently in the process of figuring out my next career move and would like some help/advice from this community. I switched careers from...

jhaldrup in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 112 months ago

Which is a better education track for an accountant? - 1 Reply

An undergraduate degree in English (I hear that accontants are known to be bad writers) or Economics with a Masters in Business Administration with a...

Kirk Ward in Ellijay, Georgia

Updated 113 months ago

Career in accounting and management - 1 Reply

I have completed Masters in Bussiness administration with major Accounting. I want to develop my career in accounting and management. I don't have US...

jasondloving in Livingston, Texas

Updated 114 months ago

Job options for someone with a two year accounting degree - 2 Replies

I wanted to know if someone could tell me what jobs I would be qualified for with a two year accounting degree.

AOUAR Khalil in Algeria

Look for work in the area of accounting

I have 6 Years experience and I'm university . bac.techn.accounting Year 1991 Certificate university of Applied Studies (DEUA)Year 2006. language:...

Nathan in Columbus, Ohio

Research about Accounting

Hi, I just have a few questions that I need help answering for a paper I'm writing for one of my classes about accounting. If someone could please...

Lynne in Quincy, Massachusetts

Updated 115 months ago

Any accountant willing to take on a small private job? - 3 Replies

Hi, I need a US-based CPA/accountant who can take 12 of my monthly brokerage statements and produce two documents that detail my annual...

TOMT DEUR in Hamilton, Bermuda



Nicole B P in Long Island, New York

Independent Recruiter for Long Island CPA firm

I am currently interested in speaking with polished professionals who may be interested in working for a mid-level, multi-faceted, growing CPA firm...

Kelly Christian in Indianapolis, Indiana


I am at the opposite end of the spectrum to most of you. I have 16 years experience in accounting and finance but I have only taken a few accounting...

kerry in Motherwell, United Kingdom

accounting degree

what is the timetable like

A. E. in Seattle, Washington

Updated 117 months ago

What am I doing wrong? SOS - 3 Replies

I have Math. I was not happy with my urban teaching/ suburban subbing so got my Bachelor in Accounting(well, equivalent). Of course I have...

lequetta in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 118 months ago

career change from IT to Accounting - 2 Replies

I got my IS degree and have been working in IT (as a web & database developer) for past 13 years. I also have BS in Accounting. Is there anyone who...

lequetta in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 118 months ago

staff accountant - 1 Reply

Is there any major difference betwen staff accountant and accountant? thanks in advance for answers. Acc

Richard Scuderi in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 118 months ago

Accounting Positions,,,,,,,if you're qualified - 1 Reply

Let me be frank,,,,I've read a lot of post on this site, I've commented on many and I agree with most. Now let me say this: If you are serious...

CJ in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tax Table Update

Looking for Mas 90 TTU

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