Career advise on 44 yrs old who just passed CPA exam w/o experience

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The Finance Writer in Georgetown, Texas

13 months ago

Marcie in Sewell, New Jersey said: CPA has been on my list of things to do for a while now. I sat forever ago and quickly gave up. Now I am married and a mother of three. Taking the test is not my worry. I am worried about the experience. I started my own tax practice two years ago and it is going great. Don't want to close up shop for a year to get experience. I always worked in AP and AR management when I was in the corporate world.

Since you're already committed to the tax business, passing the Enrolled Agent exam will give you the top credential in that industry. The CPA exam includes sections on audit and other subjects about which you're probably a little rusty. Plus, a CPA license is not proof of tax expertise like the EA designation. To decide the best avenue, you can look over some free sample questions for both the EA exam and the CPA exam at

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Rianne Greene in Flat Rock, North Carolina

11 months ago

I just graduated this past Sunday. My question now is where do I start? Everything requires experience...any ideas how to start this process?

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Michelle Braatz in Hayward, Wisconsin

9 months ago

I am in a similar situation and looking for some advice as well. I am 39, I have my bachelors in accounting 2000. I worked in a public accounting firm for a year and was not very happy. I went into food sales and have been in food sales ever since. In 2006, I started working in sales with my husband from home but things have changed and we need to diversify our income stream. I was thinking of going back to school for masters in some IT or advanced accounting or even a second bachelors in computer engineering or MIS. I would like to start my own business, maybe even take the CPA exam. We live in a rural community so my options are limited for local employment. How would I get back into accounting after so long and anyone have suggestions? I am open to any ideas. Please. Thank you in advance.

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CCASTILLO56 in Torrance, California

7 months ago

I am 34 now and I have been working on the family business (Grocery Market) for over 15 years. I am very determined to go back to school and finish my accounting degree. My question to you is if it is worth it for me since I do not have any experience in Accounting and I know employers are looking for experienced and qualified accountants and younger for that matter. I will really appreciate any input from those that have been in the field. Thank you in advance.

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