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Sam in Lewisville, Texas

63 months ago

I am an Accountant have Masters degree in commerce, 2 years experience in a CPA/ Tax firm, Here some CPA's are making money, staff are works like a slave, If you are extra efficient you can earn below $10/hour!!! with a CPA

After that i planned to search for a better job, I spend almost 4 months with application, resume job seach process... i didn't get any good response

Finally I changed my career to Medical field Within few months, i got a better oppertunity and confidence

Let me discuss with my experience, Accounting field is possessd by a few few hands they are making good money, but mejority are searching with higher degrees for a job.

A small CPA firm is handling almost 100 to 200 small business, they are just doing accouning with some shortcuts ( payroll, tax) everything, the small busiess man is happy he don't want to hire an Accountant and CPA is also happy
he need only 4 lower paying employees, in most cases accounting accuracy is a question, every one is making business, one CPA is eleminates more than 100 accounting jobs

As per my experience,any one would like to start in accounting field, Take a CPA and start a CPA firm/search for a job, if works 18 hours a day he can make money, other wise please don't go for for accounting with a big loan you will end up with bankrupsy,

Some schools/Aagencies are advertising there are big oppertunities in accounting
that is fraud, this is my personal openion, if you spend half time for some other field you can make a better future

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