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Met Income in Jersey City, New Jersey

87 months ago

Hi all,

I'm a 27 year old CPA and I've worked at a small to mid size CPA firm in the NJ area for over five years.

I want to get out of accounting and pursue a career change (into a field completely different from accounting). I have negative passion for accounting and I consider myself a bright dude, but I'm not particularly good at accounting, either. I'll likely be going to school in the fall of 2012.

Now, I have a tax season coming up in late January. I really don't want to work 70-80 hour weeks in an industry that I have no interest in and in a working environment that I consider toxic. (That's another story).

Given this and that I have lots of money in savings, how reckless would it be for me to quit my current job and look for temp accounting jobs? I know it's more attractive to employers if you already have a job, but if I don't quit soon I'll likely work until July 1st so I can collect my tax season bonus. I really don't want to stay here for another 7 months.

I'd like to find a temp job so I could spend more time figuring out where I want to go to school, volunteering in the field I'd like to work in, and pursuing other interests. I don't want a career in accounting, I'd like to sacrifice some money in order to gain more flexibility. I have pretty broad experience in accounting and could provide many different services to clients. Is this reasonably possible or should I wait until after tax season to look for temp jobs?

Thanks in advance!

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