Any advice for a recent accounting grad with only retail experience looking for an accounting job?

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Jenn in Watertown, Massachusetts

57 months ago

I graduated 5 months ago and can't find an accounting job. I expected things to be tough but I'm really worried the longer I go without finding an accounting job the harder it'll get for me. Also a lot of people i know who graduated have found decent jobs which makes me think something is wrong with me. I didn't do any internships and I have no accounting experience whatsoever. I did look for good jobs while in school but looking back i didnt try hard enough and my interview skills kinda sucked. I think I graduated with a decent gpa 3.2 from a decent school but my resume just includes retail experience where I've worked min wage jobs all through school. Now that I've graduated, I'm still working the same jobs. I don't want to work in retail forever. How do I make the transition into a professional job? I keep meeting with temp agencies but no luck. I don't get it because everyone tells me temp agencies are the besy way to get my foot in the door. I've emailed my resume to all the accounting firms in my city. Still no luck. Right now I'm taking the liberty tax course and hopefully I can prepare taxes this year. What else should I be doing?

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Sara in Fort Collins, Colorado

57 months ago

I'm in the same boat as you are. I am a chef, with two degrees and want out!!! I actually got my property and casualty license and am trying to get into insurance, so i can save up money for my CPA exam. I figured it's better to work two jobs, and make the other one something that is not retail. I actually received more accounting interviews after I got the license. I was told that technically I have a degree in business, so think outside the box. That's the other reason I went for the whole insurance deal. I figured it would show more growth than just staying at my current job until something came along. You might want to give it a shot. I sat down and talked to insurance agents before I took the test. It's really all about just making it work for you, even if you have to stray from the original degree. Just keep your options open.

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mstafford in Houston, Texas

57 months ago

I am in a similar situation. I have my degree in Business with an emphasis in Accounting and only get interviewed for lower-level clerk positions. I do get offered more money but its still not real accounting and doesn't really help me with experience. Most of these major corporations want clerks to stay put and not get promoted like it used to be. I have been told that now even being CPA eligible is not enough, you need to have passed at least one part to be taked seriously and then the firms will hire you. In Texas you need one year of experience under a CPA plus your 150 hours of college level coursework including 30 accounting. I am on my way there but it takes time. Since t doesn't matter with th experience for lower-level I am going to just do whatever until I get it.

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