Are today's Accountant Graduates, Yesterday's Lawyers, Pharmacist, and Dentists?

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Kianfar in Sterling, Virginia

55 months ago


I'm a recent graduate from a respectable business university in the suburbs of Virginia. I have +3 years of accounting experience, in A/P, A/R aside from my other professional work experience in banking, mortgage, automotive industry. If that's not enough, I also have a full B.S in Accounting vs A.S or certifications etc... I've been sending out around 10-20 or so application per day, and have had zero luck with an accounting job. I've gone as low as using Craigslist job section and it's been rather disappointing. I have decent networking that I've used as referral for jobs to no end. A lot of fake jobs (Insurance sales, pyramid schemes etc...) and your regular temp agency waste of time interviews.

I keep lowering my expectations, and applying to more and more entry level positions such as basic A/P specialist etc with extremely lousy salary, and yet it's been the same. I’m finding extreme salary bidding, and the overflow of applicants to be the cause of the decrease of salary and job vacancy. It Seems like a simple A/P position gets around 100 applications if not more. Mind you, these are positions that pay around $15-$17/hr. If you work at an Apple store, selling apple items, you get more ($20/hr)… joke

I'm starting to question if an "Accounting" degree was another gold rush that has been over filled. Seems like degrees with high demand at one point become less valuable as too many people rush to them. Such examples of the past would be Law, Pharmacist and Dentists, and Accounting may have been added to that list. Thoughts, advice, and help are appreciated.

thefinancewriter in Georgetown, Texas

48 months ago

Although I do agree with your premise that individuals with accounting degrees are starting to saturate the job market and that out-of-work accountants will soon become as normal as out-of-work lawyers, this trend is mostly a phenomenon in certain areas of the country -- like the one where you are located. I'm afraid you need to widen your job search to other areas of the nation where demand for accountants is still outpacing the supply.

Me in Woodbridge, Virginia

34 months ago

I've had the same experience as you. Northern Va DC metropolitan area is the most educated and saturated market. The competition is unbelievable. we put in a job ad for a billing specialist (which pays $12-$16 per hr) and we had folks with CPAs, MBAs applying. this is how bad it has gotten here. your best bet is to network.

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