What are the best accounts payable clerk qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming an accounts payable clerk? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective accounts payable clerk?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Tracie in Long Beach, California

104 months ago

I recommend specializing in a field such as construction where you need to know contracts, preliminary notices, and lein release compliances, etc. Of course each state is different in their requirements, but the idea here is to have a skill set that not everyone can, or is willing to attain. Another way to accomplish this is to learn more than one accounting function, such as a full charge bookkeeper. This way there is more demand for your skills, you can earn a higher salary, and remember you can always fall back on your general accounting skills during lean times.

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Y Sterling in Marin County, California

91 months ago

I'm in strong agreement with the last comment about getting as wide of a variety of experience as possible. Even though I have a certificate in accounting from a university, after 9 years of a/p experience I've been pigeon-holed and have quite a challenge trying to move on with all my training. I'm somewhat stuck trying to look for more a/p work and I've been out of work for about 10 months now. One hint about just looking online for a job: Please understand that's statistically the 10% of the market where 90% of the very large employment base with very good qualifications are looking right now and it's better to look elsewhere. See if your local employment department gives free classes of how to look for a job in todays market and making sure your resume' is up to date as the style has recently changed.

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lismare in Huntington Beach, California

65 months ago

They usually want full cycle experience. Cutting checks, vendor realationships, 1099, purchasing experience and very strong 10 key skills.

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dbluecat8@*****.*** in Marietta, Ohio

64 months ago

I do NOT want this sent to me again

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