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Updated 5 days ago

Quitting the admin life to become my own boss - 5 Replies

Hey guys, for those asking I created - I was stuck in the corporate grind as well so I started a business to...


Updated 5 days ago

Escaping the Female Ghetto that is Administrative Work - 166 Replies

[QUOTE who="mona in Phoenix, Arizona"]Lauren, what do you do now? I can't even get past the online resume part for AA positions.[/QUOTE] Hi there,...


Updated 10 days ago

Looking for a job in Healthcare Administration - 12 Replies

I have a B.S in Health Management and recently got my MHA. As some of you may know, Health Management degrees can also span over into the social...


Updated 23 days ago

Why is it hard for military veterans to find a job? - 70 Replies

Part of the problem lies in the fact that our government doesn't want to discuss some of the "truths and facts" concderning the "dynamics" of our...

Nalda Jones

Updated 1 month ago

I need to improve my English and I want to gain work experience I have a degree. - 2 Replies

Hi, I have been here 4 years, I am native Brazilian, I am legal resident, My degree in Brazil was Pedagog, with a large experience in Business...


Updated 2 months ago

criminal record - 33 Replies

[QUOTE who="College Student in Miami, Florida"]I am 23 years old and a college student. I graduate in May and I have been applying for jobs like...


Updated 2 months ago

Older Worker Seeks Employment - 76 Replies

[QUOTE who="Office Queen in West Palm Beach, Florida"]Yes, SwanLady, by the way love ur name. Yeah, I decided, since I can't find a job, might as...


Updated 2 months ago

Tired of Administrative Assistant jobs! - 224 Replies

Hey everybody!!! I can show you how to get out of your admin jobs asap!!! Wow there are so many people here, we have all experienced the exact...


Updated 3 months ago

College degree needed to be a secretary - 165 Replies

[QUOTE who="ddpete in Olathe, Kansas"]Amen, sister! I have 34 years of office experience, graduated high school with straight A's, took some courses...

Ms Doppelganger

Updated 4 months ago

I've transitioned from Admin work, sort of.... - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="melmar in Berkeley, California"]Hello - I wanted to post and hopefully encourage some of you. Although I haven't completely left...


Updated 4 months ago

Position - 1 Reply

Because the expectations are high and the benefits are low.


Updated 4 months ago

Why are resumes still requested in Word format, rather than in PDF formats? - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="MorningGlory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]I'm just wondering about this, because I have had bad experiences where someone would request...


Updated 4 months ago

Goal Question During An Interview - 84 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kristine in Champion, Pennsylvania"]Yes, it does exist and it is frustrating. Equally frustrating is applying for a position, called for...


Updated 4 months ago

Interview Questions / Answers - 22 Replies

here is the answer for the question where do you see yourself in 5 years time? In 5 years time, i see myself working in a more challenging role,...


Updated 6 months ago

Best Admin Asst Advice - 115 Replies

Hi there My name is Georgia Kershaw, Founder & Creator of the Office to Girlboss Community. I am looking for Personal Assistants, EA's, Admin &...

kodraper in Bronx, New York

Updated 8 months ago

Age discimination? - 1 Reply

I am a 61 year old swf and was laid off my job of 5 years over a year ago. Shortly after they hired about 8 younger ladies, one of which was doing...

uberlurker1 in Everywhere

Updated 8 months ago

Starting a Career - Administrative Assistant - 8 Replies

I have recently decided to make a career change. I am currently a highschool teacher and have decided that being an administrative assistant is more...

Oldschoolmelody in Sacramento, California

Updated 8 months ago

How to keep a log or journal, when very busy - 2 Replies

I've heard many times that I should keep a log or journal of whatever my boss communicates to me as well as anything else that may need to be...

Oldschoolmelody in Sacramento, California

Admin Asst lost & confused

Hello, I've been a Admin 15 yrs. I've worked for companies that were so bad, so brainwashing that I hated every second but on the flip side the last...

Erica B in Newark, New Jersey

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Elizebeth in Bedford, New Hampshire

Updated 9 months ago


Do not go to Bonney Staffing and waste your time. They AGE DISCRIMATE BIG TIME. Have had nothing but excuses from them as to why they will not...

forenzavue in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Been out of the game going on four years now...

I was previously employed as an Executive Assistant/Transcriptionist at a mental health facility for 19 years, then I resigned in 2012 to become a...

Alyson in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Fresh out of College - 1 Reply

I've studied special education at BGSU for 3 years but I got my degree in individualized studies. What are some good opportunities (besides teaching)...

2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 12 months ago

Unfair Treatment on Job - 3 Replies

Working for company 1-3/4 yrs as admin asst in title, but do the work of an Ofc Mgr and then there is the physical work setting up meetings. My...

Alyson in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Need a change of career - looking for something new - 2 Replies

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where and who I would go to for ideas of changing what a do for a living. After working as a legal assistant...

Angela in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

frustrated and need advice regarding the Administrative Assistant role - 1 Reply

Hey everyone, I've read alot of the posts on here and you guys always give great advice. Im hoping someone on here can guide me in the right...

Indeed not in Indiana, Indiana

Updated 13 months ago

Discouraging... - 6 Replies

Got another rejection...this time from one of the hospitals on one of the 11 positions for which I applied. These rejections are getting old REAL...

Joe Gagill1 in Key West, Florida

Updated 13 months ago

Job Search Blues - 2 Replies

I am in my early 40s with 20+ years' experience as a medical transcriptionist and admin assistant. I also earned an Associate's degree in 1992 in the...

TigerLily in Brook Park, Ohio

Applied for an administrative job, was offered a housekeeping job...

Applied for adminsitrative position, was offered a housekeeping job... I have several years of administrative experience and recently graduated from...

sran0123 in New York, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Boring at work…. - 1 Reply

I am working as administrative assistant for 2 years at this company. My office is small only 5 people are working here. Well, pretty much I have...

DH in Homewood, Illinois

Updated 15 months ago

How can I get a Clerical role - 1 Reply

I am losing hope. I desire to get a administrative clerical type job. I was in a program which trained me in the Microsoft Office Suite,they gave me...

Linda in Novi, Michigan

Updated 16 months ago

Administrative assistant promotion - best title? - 2 Replies

Administrative assistant promotion - best title? Recently there are talk about getting a promotion at my work. My supervisors position is being...

Scarlettt in Ontario

Updated 16 months ago

Administrative/PA role, new job! - 4 Replies

I have just started a new administrative/PA role within a business I am still learning. I have a lot of previous admin work and believe I thrive...

Nitesh in Delhi, India

Updated 19 months ago

Any on-line tutorials available for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint? - 2 Replies

I will be testing Friday afternoon and would like to brush up on some of the seldom-used aspects of each of these programs. I know that the...

Suburban Girl in Illinois

NEW FORUM/MESSAGE BOARD: Employment Depot You can have avatars. You can have signatures. You can edit your posts. You can make use of smilies. You...

ShorthandSue in Harrison, New York

Updated 22 months ago

Relearning shorthand - 50 Replies

I haven't used shorthand in many, many years and got pretty rusty at it. What would you suggest as the best way to improve and basically relearn...

AiMGnAHk -- in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 22 months ago

Infinity Retail Solutions - 2 Replies

Be careful about applying for jobs with this company. I did and went to a three hour interview that took at least a day off of my life, only to find...

Sylvia in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 23 months ago

Can I interview one of you lovely administrative assistants? - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm taking a few courses to get certified as an administrative assistant, and one of my assignments is to interview an administrative assistant....

Clem in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 29 months ago

Does anybody know how to print consective dates on Excel for each page printed out? - 2 Replies

I hope you guys could assist me here. I just started a new job as an Admin Assistant and I feel like I'm not up too speed with all the tasks given...

rose in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 29 months ago

Administrative Assistant - 175 Replies

Why every one is calling themselves Administrative Assistant, from a HS degree to a Masters degree in Administration. We don't have secretaries any...

Nina in Lowell, Massachusetts

Career Change from Admin Assistant II after attaining Business Degree

I have 5 1/2 years working as an Admin II and I have an Associate in Business and Help Desk Analyst Certified, currently working on my BS in...

Cheryl in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 33 months ago

Switching jobs to admin assistant - 2 Replies

I've been searching for a forum where people can offer advice and answer my questions on finding an administrative assistant job, and I'm hoping I...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 34 months ago

Where do I go from here? - 1 Reply

Hi! I graduated from college with a bachelors in History, 3 years ago. I currently am finishing up my MBA. I have been working as an...

Living and Learning in Pflugerville, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

What is the next logical step after admin? - 35 Replies

I am a great admin, no doubt about it. But, as with most in the profession, I am sick of it. I'm sick of being a babysitter, travel arranger, party...

yunalesca_guado in Chicago, Illinois

Travel Arrangement Tips?

I just got a job as an Executive Admin Asst for a start up. It's supporting a group of 4 plus any other people that may need help. They said a large...

Mia in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 43 months ago

Company Objectives - 1 Reply

i am an sr admin assistant and wanted to share ideas of yearly objectives that certain companies require from their admins. anyone who would...

KitCan in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 44 months ago

With this experience, where can I get a JOB? - 2 Replies

•Two years experience working for AZ D.E.S. conducting eligibility interviews, screening, and case management •Five years working for Municipal...

Karen in Denver, Colorado

Updated 45 months ago

Changes in Administrative Assistant field in the last three years - 22 Replies

I am presently taking an online course to be able to work as an administrative assistant and was given an assignment, requiring me to INDICATE SOME...

officespace in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'd rather be June Cleaver - we've gotten nowhere - unless females have gained the career they WANTED

Ok. The administrative assistant job is perfect for a sub personality with a domestic life desiring the same (i.e. Shades of Grey LOL)...I've dealt...

Susan Cox in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 46 months ago

Relocating to NC, looking for work - 43 Replies

I want to relocate from NYC to Wilmington, NC. I realize the salaries there are MUCH lower than in NYC, but how do I go about finding out what the...

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