Admin case scenario...Need help with my grammar etc please...

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Sammi in Melbourne, Australia

93 months ago

Case 1:
ME: "Hello, this is Sammi from [company]. I'm ringing to confirm if Paul will be attending Disco Function tonight?"

RECIEVER: "He's going."

ME: Great! Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a nice day. Bye!"

Is the above correct? Are there any other ways I could say without me sounding to robotic because I have to make 60 calls.



Suppose if Paul had forgotten to pay for Disco last week and one of our staff had to fork out money for him to cover the expenses. This week Paul is going to disco again, How do I politely ask the parent to pay up money from last week?



Suppose a stranger drops into your company wanting to speak to my manager about any job vancanies. What should I do? I have asked him to forward a resume to us, but he insisted to speak to my manager face-to-face.

Note: Mangers are busy people.

Your help is greatly appreciated..

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