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Jacqui Conforti in Salem, Massachusetts

1 month ago

5 - Set goals for yourself (some companies require this) that are aligned with your manager. If it's required that you create official goals for the year, go to your manager and ask that they let you see theirs, so you can align yourself with them.

6 - Really impress by being proactive and thoughtful. If they travel and are runners you can locate hotels in their travel area that have a gym, or a park nearby with a great running trail. If they are big beer fans you can locate local micro-brew pubs for them. Instead of agreeing to every meeting ask for agendas from the meeting creator, politely. Make sure the agenda is important to your boss and if you don't know, ask. Check in with external meeting participants a day or two before their meeting to ensure they are still coming, that they know how to get there, inform them of parking issues, give directions. Some people never accept or decline meetings, so check with them, every time...sometimes that helps force them to accept/decline.

7 - Keep abreast of their hobbies or areas of interest. There is nothing like chatting up the boss about their favorite team/band or talking in depth about the latest news story about another company's advances or failures in what they are doing

I find that it really is more helpful to be not only proactive in your job search but make sure you don't take a job that is with someone you don't think will mesh well with you. That fit of personalities is just as important as salary and benefits, because otherwise you will be miserable. Also, make sure your expectations mesh...make sure they are okay with how you plan to work and get to know what they need...if they want you to do a lot of personal things and you aren't comfortable with going grocery shopping for them then it's best to know now.

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