More or Less Interviews

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Sad Renee in Skokie, Illinois

65 months ago

2010 is now here. I have applied to jobs but not had a single call for an interview in over a month. I realize that the holidays were a slow time, but they are now past, and we are just beginning the 3rd week into January 2010, and I have not had a single interview call scheduled. Has the job market sunk further? Anyone have any interviews scheduled so far this month? I sure hope that the hiring picks up some and soon. I am sure getting bored just searching job boards, and taking to others about being out of work. That is getting old. I want to start work before I should be retiring, at the rate I am going my retirement age may be here first.

Katie226 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

64 months ago

I've been applying for jobs for about three months and haven't had anything. I did apply for a temp permanent jobs but it gets me out of the house and getting some experience. Hopefully things will pick up soon!

Brooklyn Boys in Brooklyn, New York

60 months ago

Well for me 2010 isn't any better than 2009 was. Jobs are still hard to come by. Some people who had hours cut last year are still working reduced hours. Work has not picked up to a pace that employers feel confident to put workers back to 40 hours. Employers still want to pay rock bottom wages, people take it because they want to work, and when the are doing the job of 2 or 3 and are expected to not complain, some just say that they had enough and walk out. People will only take so much stress, it gets to a point that you cannot sleep at night as it is bad for your health. The Unemployment rate is still going to be close to where it is now for all of 2010, some will get summer jobs, but come the end of summer, that even will evaporate.

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