Promotion with No Pay?

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mspm in Atlanta, Georgia

101 months ago

I'm a seasoned EA who joined a small firm a year ago. Because of my experience and background, I've stood out to the firm's management. Yesterday, I was told by the CEO that I will now be supporting him, and his current assistant (who is lacking) will be reassigned. To me, this is a promotion but no additional salary was brought up. Our raise reviews are next month and he said that my review will be handled by my current boss (senior partner). Should I bring up salary with the CEO or should I wait until next month? I probably make more than the other assistant but my salary is in line with salaries in my city. Thanks for your response!

Carolyn Brown in Lovejoy, Georgia

100 months ago

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Old Broad Looking for a Job in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

96 months ago

Most definitely you should get a raise. In addition to going up a level, you now have a direct report to (one who will no doubt give you grief if not immediately, eventually). Get this straightened out BEFORE you start the job. I've been there...ask for $5K more

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