Questions about EA interviews

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marykatherine in Los Angeles, California

68 months ago

I've been looking for 6 months after my temp to perm job went nowhere after 18 months (hiring freeze).

My resume is stellar - it gets compliments but I can't seem to get hired. I don't like being an EA - lets make that clear - from what I see on this forum no one does. I kind of fell into it a few years back when I quit the field I was in. I came in as a temp and just happened to be good at EAing.

I think I am just a bad liar/interviewer. I can't fake enthusiasm for a drone job. I never know what they want me to say when they ask "do you want to be an EA forever?" or "what do you envision yourself doing in 5 years?" Do they want a career EA? Do they want someone more ambitious? In this economy it's a non issue. I won't jump ship for a few years.

I also don't know what questions to ask them and then there is what to wear. I've only been at one company for the last 6 years as a temp and a full time employee. The EAs are either older (50+) and dowdy or 20 and perky. I am neither. The industry I was in was super casual. When I say dowdy I mean mom jeans and Clarks and perky means skinny jeans and heels. I wore boot cut jeans and ballet flats.

I wear black slacks and sometimes a jacket and kitten heels (low heels - nine west) for interviews. I don't know if I should be sexier or if I should invest in Alfred Dunner - or how to act like I would die for the job they are offering. I do own a pair of super dowdy comfy flats I wear to meet with temp agencies.

It's been 6 months. And yes, I may have an attitude - how do I get rid of it??

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