SINGLE PARENT SEEKING RE-EMPLOYMENT - LAID-OFF.. . not easy when you can't divulge you're desperate

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meandmy2children in Lowell, Massachusetts

74 months ago

If you've been laid-off over a year, an employer seeking to hire now finds fault with this, even though you have been diligent in your job searching the entire time. The jobs are sparse and the applicants are overwhelming for each job post. Already we, the job seeker, has a negative against us. Then the age factor, by indicating how many years total employment experience you have, pretty much gives any prospective employer a ballpark of your age. I honestly don't believe the laid-off/unemployed are first choice for hires. If a business posts a vacancy on JobQuest (Div of unemployment career center website), and an employer hires someone who is laid-off from this website, the company will receive a stipend of at least $1,500.00 as an incentive. I don't believe many employers are aware of this. What makes it harder for the single parent is not being able to indicate to any prospective employer you are a single parent and am desperate to not lose the roof over your head. You can't afford to take a $6-$10 pay cut either. One would think it would be okay mentioning this because you know that parent will have to be at work (be dependable) every day to afford to keep that roof and feed yourself and your child(ren). I honestly don't believe many temporary agencies are taking into consideration that it should be the client making the call if they want to be submitted for a job interview based on the salary factor, especially not knowing the clients current financial situation. When you ask a client how much you earned at your last job or prior jobs, it honestly doesn't matter. What matters is what the pay-scales are at the current time. I understand it's to obtain a generalization, but reality is that pay-scales have decreased and if I know my unemployment has depleted and now have no income whatsoever to support myself and my child(ren), then I'll have to accept the lower paying job, liking it or not. I WOULD LIKE AN EMPLOYER TO GIVE ME A JOB TO CALL HOME, please.

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PollyAnn in San Leandro, California

74 months ago

I feel your pain. I've been out of work over 2 years, my money is gone and I'm getting ready to move back home with mama at 30 something because I can't land a job (which I'm thankful to have a home to move back to!). It sucks when you do all you're supposed to do as a job seeker and the end result is still no job, not even nothing simple like retail or fast food. It's a sad case of the demand for jobs well outweighing the supply.

We all deserve the right to be employed in order to remain self sufficient, especially when we really want to work. However, it's hard when employers nitpick over every little thing and have ridiculous requirements that not even Superman can fulfill. All for peanuts in pay. I've seen too many job postings asking asking for all these degrees and requirements but only pay $10 and hour. I'm in California. That wage won't work with someone who is already mid career with kids, rent/mortgage, food, bills, car note, etc...C'mon!

Also, the fact that employers look down on the long term unemployed like we're crap should be another form of discrimination that should be banned, along with age and race, among others.

Didn't mean to hijack your thread, but I just wish this horrible economy would go away. And I also wish that these employers would wake up and see the economy we're in and be more understanding towards the long term unemployed. After all, we didn't ask to loose our jobs through no fault of our own, nor are we lazy.

Also, don't think it can't be you on the other side of the desk, dang near close to begging and pleading for someone to hire you. The economy ain't turned around yet!

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