Starting a Career - Administrative Assistant

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riehlt in Clinton, Ontario

60 months ago

I have recently decided to make a career change. I am currently a highschool teacher and have decided that being an administrative assistant is more up my alley. I have been researching the position, its responsibilities, and any skills required. As a computer teacher, I believe I can meet all computer requirements. As a teacher, I believe I can meet many other requirements including teamwork, professionalism, organization and time management. My question comes down to the education associated with being an administrative assistant. Do I need it? What are my chances of getting an administrative assistant position without administrative assistant specific education? Where is this education offered? Can I complete it online? How long is it? I have been looking around and finding varying information that always seems :)

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Staying Positive in Hartford, Connecticut

60 months ago

There are various ways of the learning the administrative assistant field. Some people attend business school, while others start out with on-the-job training at entry level and work their way up to more advanced positions.

I'm presuming as a teacher you have the summer off to pursue other employment. I would suggest registering with a temporary agency during the summer to get a feel for what the field is like and to also get some experience. Perhaps you could seek employment with a company that is in line with the subject you teach. Since you are in the education field, working in the administrative end of a college or school would be an excellent place for you since you are coming from that background.

All the best to you as you endeavor to make your career change!

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DaNita Batiste in Wichita, Kansas

48 months ago

I have a degree in HR management and can not find a job. I have applied for several positions as an Administrative Assistandant and would like to take a class or two to refresh my admin skills. Where should I look?

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dtams2008 in Oak Park, Michigan

47 months ago

I just graduated with a Human Resources Management Degree but I can't find a job because everyone is looking for experience but they forgot that how these graduate suppose to get the experience if no one is willing to hire them and give them the experience! Any help, what shall I do to get the experience?

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DaNita Batiste in Wichita, Kansas

47 months ago

I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor in Business Management/HR and can not find a job in HR due to not having any experience. I have been taking jobs that I have no desire to do and have now been on unemployment for over a year. There has got to be a answer!!!

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Dawn in Auburn, Washington

46 months ago

I graduated with my Associates in accounting this past March but have been looking for work/internships since April of last year. I have been told I don't have enough experience for the work they are requiring. Well how am I suppose to get experience if no one is willing to give me the chance? I recently was hired for a call center job which was something I did before the career change. I don't want to be stuck in a call center when I really want to be doing taxes, payroll or other similar rolls.

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