frustrated and need advice regarding the Administrative Assistant role

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lostinnyc29 in New York, New York

42 months ago

Hey everyone,

I've read alot of the posts on here and you guys always give great advice. Im hoping someone on here can guide me in the right direction.

Right now I work for seven partners and their teams in an accounting firm in Manhattan. I have four years of experience and, prior to this job, I worked for two years in a corporate jewelry company. In about a year and a half I will be moving and Im trying to think of ways that will make me marketable wherever I go. Does anyone have any advice regarding this? Are there certificates I can earn that will make an employer take a chance on me?

Truthfully, I am not satisfied with my role as an administrative assistant at all. However, this may be because of the type of company I work for. Ideally, I would love to work at a company as an administrative assistant and work my way up to something else.

Thank you for the help!
~Completely lost and frustrated

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Angela in Fort Worth, Texas

25 months ago

I would advise against coming into a company and 'working your way up' from an admin role. Once a company sees you as an admin, it's hard to move to anything else. Trust me on this one. You will watch younger candidates with less or similar experience come in and make more money and trust me, that will leave you bitter and frustrated even more.

Network and go on informational interviews. This is particularly helpful if you don't have a large network or sponsors. Get to know people. I once went to a networking event through an association that I am a part of. They had a job opening I was interested in and when I went to the event that night I met a VP in charge of HR/Diversity who I chatted with. As luck would have it she knew the hiring manager for the position I was interested in and sent my resume to her. I didn't get the job due to funding, but there is the power of networking/referrals! New York is a big place! Most of the time it's not what you know but who you know!

As far as certifications, many are linked with what you do on the job, so if you're an admin, look at CAP certifications.

Going back to school is a good way to get ahead as well. It opens doors to do internships, etc. However, assess your financial situation to see if this is feasible. You said you were moving and given the date of this post it looks like you may have moved. I'd love to hear about your progress so far.

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