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Lady Friday in Baltimore, Maryland

125 months ago

Hi Everybody!

I am currently unemployed (Blech!) and looking for an Admin Asst. position here in Maryland.

I recently sent my resume in to a big national insurance company. They sent an email back to me requesting that I answer a few "survey" questions. (Although they did say that this was optional.)

Bascially, they wanted to know my gender and ethnicity. I realize that they are probably complying with some kind of federal regulation, but I've noticed that not all companies ask for this information.

How does that work? Is it only large companies that are required to obtain this information from applicants?

I am white, and I'm wondering if a preference will be given to members of minorities (although the fact that I'm female will probably help!)

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Jane LaSane in White Plains, Maryland

102 months ago

It is a regulation that the government asks from Employers to make sure they are maintaining a well-rounded environment of people from all walks of life as far as culture/age/gender.

In reference to the word "minorities"
noone uses this term anymore in the real word, we are ALL just in the same boat trying to get jobs.

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