Tips for aircraft mechanic interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming aircraft mechanic interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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Franklin Holbrook in Foristell, Missouri

122 months ago

Make sure you can articulate a "troubleshooting" problem & solution.


Boeing 737, the plane returned to the gate after the last flight and the pilit informed me that the #2 leading edge slat was in transit on the overhead annuciator.

#1) I cleared the flap/slats for operation (no personel on or near the moving parts) -SAFETY 1st.
#2) I activated system B of the hydraulics
#3) I performed a visual inspection to check for a "sticking actuator" or leakage of skydrol------------>checking mechanical asymetry
#4) I pulled the proper AMM for R/R of proxy switch, dropped the panel, measured the gap clearance from the TARGET/PROXY SWITCH -it checked ok.
#5) I informed my lead or MX Control of my discovery & ordered the part.
#6) R/R proxy switch IAW Boieng 737 AMM ------>ops check good.

(((((((short -----SWEET-------SIMPLE)))))))))))

REVIEW your ATA Codes:
-I use them everyday and I still even "F-up", so review them as well.

Be prepared for:
"what would you do if one of your fellow mechanics was not perfomring to standards"?

"I understand that people have bad days and it's unrealistic for any one to think that people do not have bad days -especially flight line mechanics. The man could have maritial problems that spilled into his work environment and I'm understanding of life matters -not everybody handles things like you or I do.

However, I'm able to produce both SOLO or as a team in order to accomplish the mission of ensuring that the plnae is airworthy.

*Take pride in your confidence to get things done.

Just keep it real and if the interviewer(s) are/is being an "A-HOLES" like the ones I've seen at "Continental Airlines" sighing realy hard, tapping the pencil on the table while you're giving your answer, or laughing at you...STAY FOCUSED and don't loose your bearing. That is an ACT to see what your temperment is.

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