Which school should I go to

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JDLMerrill@*****.*** in Orlando, Florida

65 months ago

I'm just starting to look into this field as a possible career choice and I am wondering if anyone knows of which school I should go to in the Orlando area? There are several down here and I am not sure if one is better then the other. What factors should I consider when applying for school?

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vespid in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

63 months ago

Go be a RN this industry is going downhill fast

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cudadown in Roswell, Georgia

63 months ago

Any one which will get your your A&P lis. Don't pay attention to the people who say its a bad field. If your willing to travel to get the better jobs, its all out there. A lot of current mechanics may be a little spoiled or disgruntled. Take it all with a grain of salt and pursue your dreams.

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rdw in Chicago, Illinois

51 months ago

As long as your willing to travel, you'll always have a job. The airlines represent 35% of the industry, so pay no attention to the rude and crude comments from the airline jockeys. I have only 3 classes to go and very excited. I know plenty of students that got first shift so don't believe that all mechanics work 3rd. I will tell yea this, work corporate and avoid the airlines

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John J in New Lothrop, Michigan

50 months ago

Any part 147 aviation maintenance will provide you with the opportunity to take the tests for the airframe powerplant. That is your goal. I personally would find the cheapest school that is part 147. Sure, maybe other schools will have more costly training aids but the FAA regulations ensures that a minimum standard will be met in training. Employers want to see the A&P certificates, no one really cares where you go em.

Other considerations are how long it will take to get your required 1900 hours to take the A&P. Do you need night classes? only some schools offer this.

If you visit the schools, be leery of salesmen who will promise you all kinds of jobs once you graduate. Some have job placement programs that honestly do not offer anything you cannot do yourself. Just think, who is going to be a better promoter of yourself, you or a school admin person?

As previously posted, I would avoid the airlines. I have yet to meet any one happy working there. Look for corp jobs or helicopters.

Another piece of advice would be to try and get a job within the aviation field while you are still attending A&P school. This will give you some valuable experience in this field that employers love to see. Anything in the aviation field is better than nothing at all. One of the biggest challenges for new mechanics is gaining the experience that employers are seeking. This could be in the form of aircraft fueler, baggage handler or mechanic helper. Anything that gets your foot in the door. This will also give you an opportunity to meet people. Aviation is still a very much "who you know" industry. Good luck and stay positive. Read more at my aircraft mechanic blog www.myaandplicense.com/ Feel free to email me with questions.

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