Women in the avation mechanic field

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Krystal in Panorama City, California

35 months ago

Hi guys. Well I used to work in reality TV but I have been laid off since July and looking to change careers. Are there many women in this field? If so how do they do? I am thinking of taking the aviation mechanic program at North Valley Occupational center In Mission Hills. It's affordable and I just want to know if it's worth my time. Thanks!

John J in Caro, Michigan

33 months ago

Yes there are women in this field but sadly not nearly enough! I have known a few women that love aviation and know how to turn a wrench, they were great mechanics. Like with any career choice, I would advise to search out jobs in your area to see if it would be a smart move. Aviation is a very much "who you know" type industry, so the more friends you make, the better you are.
Aviation is always in need of skilled mechanics to troubleshoot and perform maintenance on aircraft, regardless of your sex. I wish you the best of luck, [Website advertisement and URL removed by Indeed Moderator]

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