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Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 69 months ago

questions to ask during an interview - 4 Replies

Hi everyone I have an interview in a couple days and need some help. I have some experience as an assistant manager and my interview is for a part...

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 71 months ago

How do I start in a career as an Apartment Manager? - 3 Replies

Is there an entry level job? Possibly something else besides Apartment Manager to start? I have no experience, and no education. I would like to...

Ryan in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 72 months ago

How many resumes you sent & interviews you got, until you was hired as apt. manager / apt. maintenance? - 5 Replies

There is true that you have to send 100 resumes, and get an average of 17 interviews to get a job like this?

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 72 months ago

i think i screwed up - 2 Replies

Help me in ks!!! I'm a new site manager of some subsidized apts. I'm familiar with a lot of the tenants. I like most of them, just real decent...

msjess in Irvine, California

Updated 72 months ago

It doesn't get much worse but no help anywhere - 9 Replies

My building used to be nice then it was sold to the biggest slumlord ever. He kept me on a manager because my tenants love me and my daughter was...

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 72 months ago

drug testing - 1 Reply

do most management companies re drug test if you have already been working there and they just took over

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 75 months ago

How many apartment units per manager? - 1 Reply

Currently, my portfolio consists of managing 141 total units; 4 separate apt buildings, 1 house & a duplex all within a 20 mile radius. I've felt...

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 76 months ago

Would like some info and insite...Just a few questions... - 2 Replies

My fiance and myself want to move out of my parents house and get a place of our own before we get married. We both do real estate and most of our...

Sunni in Temecula, California

Updated 77 months ago

How to find an experienced leasing consultant - 2 Replies

I am looking and looking for a professional leasing person for our new property. I have run ads explaining a minimum of three years experience and...


Updated 77 months ago

starting out as a apartment manager - 15 Replies

what are the first five things you do when you start out as a apartment manager

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 77 months ago

censoring the apartment bulletin board - 2 Replies

I have a tenant that loves to put all sorts of crazy stuff on our complex bulletin board. She occasionally puts up info that causes chaos amongst...

Amanda in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 77 months ago

Would I be a good candidate for an Apt. Manager? - 1 Reply

I just bought my first condo in July, I'm a single guy, 28. The reason I want to get in to this field is I want to start investing in Real Estate. ...

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 77 months ago

Dealing with difficult tenants - 3 Replies

Any and all advice on this subject will be very appreciated. I've been managing my property for 4 years. I have one tenant that challenges...

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

Updated 77 months ago

Are apartment manager job opportunities growing or declining? - 7 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most apartment manager...

Jim in George Town, Cayman Islands

Updated 79 months ago

Management Company Stilling from their client - 1 Reply

I have been managing for a couple of years. Last year we replaced the wood from the patios and balconies. When it was time to inform the owner the...

nancy in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 80 months ago

Bad situation and need help. thanks - 14 Replies

I am a new manager of an elderly and/or disabled complex. I have been here since Dec 2008, and the people that I work for do not really care what...

Christellie in Glendora, California

Updated 81 months ago

Apt. Manager Problem-Lack of Communication - 2 Replies

I JUST resigned a new lease earlier this month. The new management took over after we resigned our lease last yr. with the old management. We...

Beverly Reich in Auburn, Washington

Martha Lee Apts., Seattle, WA

Can someone put me in touch with the manager of the Martha Lee Apts., capitol hill, WA?

smart ass in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Updated 82 months ago

Revenue - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any ideas on how to create Revenue for your complex... (ie, open house, raffles, bowling ternament)

spolley in sarasota, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

What have I got myself into? - 8 Replies

I recently became apt manager in a complex I worked as a leasing agent a few years ago. Like everyone, I thought the job seemed simple enuf. There...

spolley in sarasota, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

Interview not that easy. - 1 Reply

I recently relocated to Arizona due to parents death. I went on an interview for what is called here A Community Director. ( Property Manager) over...


Updated 83 months ago

The owners of the building I manage & live in gave my AC to a tenant who already has a functioning AC... - 1 Reply

The tenants AC is practically new and I was told their AC wasn't working and because they have a newborn baby I was to surrender my AC unit to the...

blacke_t@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California

looking for some Property

Hi everone! My friends and I are looking to purchase 5 Multi-unit Properties(with 5 or more units)in California in the month of June. knowing...

desertstar55 in bermuda dunes, California

Updated 85 months ago

Apartment Managers need more help !? - 2 Replies

Let's share pictures, videos, articles, networking with each other ... Do you like to join "Well Apt Managers" of Southern California ? Let me...


What to do when the Property Manager is accussing a building manager of something that is not true

I've managed and building for 3.5 years now. I've made plenty of repairs to this building and have gotten rid of problem tenants. I've fixed the...

swifttallon in Portland, Oregon

Updated 88 months ago

apartment manager - 7 Replies

How do you get started in apartment management? What training is needed,and where do you find it?


Updated 88 months ago

Dealing with mentally disabled tenants - 2 Replies

I have one particular mentally disabled tenant that challenges me continually. I suspect she has MPD (multiple personality disorder) as she spells...

armine in Los Angeles, California

Updated 89 months ago

becoming a landlord/manager of apartment complex - 5 Replies

how do i go about to become a landlord/manager of an apartment complex? any advice will help

desertstar55 in bermuda dunes, California

Updated 91 months ago

"We're going to fix your apartment but you have to pay for the workmen." (Why?) - 1 Reply

We live in California (South bay area) and our apartment needs repair so the manager evacuated the entire 1st floor and paid for our stay at a hotel....


Think I want to manage a small apt complex again!!!!

I must be crazy huh? I managed a small complex in Atlanta years ago, another small duplex complex in a very high crime area 3 years ago, and now i'm...

linda in New York, New York

Updated 93 months ago

Tenants ganging up on a manager.... - 4 Replies

I manage a 23 unit building. I've been here 6 months. The landlord decided to evict 2 tenants at the same time one for non-payment the other for...

Olivia Zenitram in dfw, Texas

Assistant Property Managers

I don't understand why property management companies or property management magazines don't recognize the assistant manager for what they do. I love...

Surfer in Orange, California

There is any employee from Irvine Company which may advice how to get a job there, please?

We are a couple of certified mgrs with 4 years experience in mgmt and maintenance. How we may start a career with Irvine Company or other luxury apt...

Surfer in Orange, California

There is any employee from Irvine Company which may advice how to get a job ther, please?

We are a couple of certified mgrs with 4 years experience in mgmt and maintenance. How we may start a career with Irvine Company or other luxury apt...

DebralynnH in San Francisco, California

What is the best way to show an apartment?

There are as many ways to show an apartment as there are apartments but they all contain the basic elements. They begin when you answer the phone and...

LTW in Berkeley, California

Updated 96 months ago



collectmychecks in Austin, Texas

How to Recover Bounced Checks from Tenants

ATTENTION ALL LANDLORDS This service is fast, effective and free. They take away the headaches of bad checks! Though "Direct Rent Deposits" is...

Kate in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 99 months ago

unprofessional manager - 3 Replies

My cousin has just moved into a new apartment complex that is pretty small compared to most. There are probably about 26-30 units. Her lease for...

Kate in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 99 months ago

I was charged for carpet and paint unfairly at move-out... - 1 Reply

I was charged for carpet and paint at move-out when it was not needed. The new manager wanted it and she was the daughter in law of one of the 3...

Sudie in Modesto, California

Updated 105 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your apartment manager career? - 5 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being an apartment manager? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn...

reno vadillo in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 107 months ago

Getting an apartment manager job. - 2 Replies

How did you get your start doing apartment manager work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

Elena in Boise, Idaho

Updated 115 months ago

Tips for apartment manager interviews. - 1 Reply

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming apartment manager interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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