How to Recover Bounced Checks from Tenants

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collectmychecks in Austin, Texas

116 months ago


This service is fast, effective and free. They take away the headaches of bad checks!

Though "Direct Rent Deposits" is now being used by more and more landlords, most rental owners still collect rent by "checks". And if you are like most landlords, 1-2% of the checks you get will sooner or later bounce. No need to become alarmed however, since you know it's part of the business. A survey on indicated that over 60% of all landlords have recently gotten a bad check. Why come unglued over the 1% however. You have more important things to do than chase behind tenants who wrote a bad check. Let CybrCollect handle returned checks for you for free.

The Good News is that accepting checks significantly increases your sales.... period. The Bad News is that 1-2% of those checks are going to probably bounce. Why come unglued over the 1%? You have more important things to work on in your business.

So what should you do? I recommend you use a reputable check collection service that will reduce your risk and exposure of collecting checks for payment. National Check Recovery Consultants at has researched many of the check management companies and recommends the best one out there, and did I mention.... is FREE.

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