What to do when the Property Manager is accussing a building manager of something that is not true

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100 months ago

So, are you saying that you pay for maintenance supplies from your own pocket? My husband, the maintenance guy, does not get extra money for doing maintenance it's just part of his salary. If there is a job that is too big for him he just calls a contractor. We make sure that our tenants that are vacating clean their unit real good so they can get their deposit back, if we have to do the cleaning we don't get the security deposit, our company does.... it doesnt seem fair but we did sign the contract to that affect.... and it does give us the incentive to ride the tenant to clean up their place before exiting. We havent had to do a major clean up on any of them for a couple of years. If he has to go in and paint, mop, etc.... well that's just part of the gig.
As far as the drug test goes, if you arent on Meth then you shouldnt mind peeing in a cup. Most jobs give random drug tests several times a year, so that is not or should not be a big deal.
I would re-read your contract and just do what you are getting paid for. If you have invoices that are 2 years old that you feel you should have been compansated for, you have dropped the ball somewhere.
I also agree with you that the economy makes it difficult to rent units out these days, I had a vacancy for 4 mos a while back..... it just happens sometimes. We dont have any insentives here to get us to rent them, but I always feel better when they are full so I can pull my "now leasing" signs down and not have so much traffic in my office, that is the payoff for me to get them rented asap.
If you have been there for 3.5 years, it can't be that bad. If you get an occasional tenant that wants to cause problems and forces your boss to drug test you, well all I can say is that tenants can be pretty crazy and vindictive at times. It just goes with the territory.

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