What is the best way to show an apartment?

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debralynnh in San Francisco, California

108 months ago

There are as many ways to show an apartment as there are apartments but they all contain the basic elements. They begin when you answer the phone and set an appointment to show an apartment. Be sure to qualify them (ie - if you do not allow pets be sure to mention that, if you have an income requirement, mention that, etc.) Be able to give clear directions to the apartment. Get a phone number so you can follow up after their visit or if they do not show up.

Great them warmly. Most companies have a visitor card for them to fill out that asks them about their requirements and contact info. After they fill out the card, take them to the apartment or model apartment. Once inside, step aside and walk them through the unit mentioning all the benefits they would receive from living there and express a sense of ownership (ie "Here is your living room, it is nice and large. Can't you see yourself entertaining in this room. The kitchen is well lighted and designed for ease of use. Do you enjoy cooking? What types of food would you prepare here?) In other words, engage the client. Help them to place themselves in the apartment home. Continue to qualify them (ie. What sort of work do you do? We have an income requirement of xxx.xxx. Would that work for you? We also have a requirement of an excellent credit history. If you take this apartment, would there be any surprises on your credit profile?

At the end of the tour, be sure to ask them to leave a deposit and ask how soon they would want to move in... Leasing is a sales position. If you do not ask for the sale, you won't get it. Always ask for the money, unless they do not qualify. Even then, be sure to thank them for coming. Tell them how much you have enjoyed your time together and ask them to refer their friends who may be needing an apartment. If they say they will be deciding in a week (you have failed to sell them) and be sure to call them on the phone in just under a week to see if they are interested.

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