Pa ACT 235

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bob in Meadville, Pennsylvania

79 months ago

for 6 weeks or so, I have checked almost daily on the status of PA ACT 235 on the Pennsylvania State Police website, under the fingerprint section on the Status Inquiry it has said (IN PROGRESS) I checked it again today and it said (NOT RECEIEVED). This is getting to be aggravating.
When I went for the psych evaluation everything went fine, then went for the physical and then Harrisburg stated they did not received the Physical report, after about a week of digging they had filed it under the wrong individual along with the Basic Application, they then sent me a letter stating I had forgot to check the box where it said for Firearms, hmmm funny thing is for the copy I made it was checked. Being in Corrections you make copies of EVERYTHING...then I went to the local PSP Barracks and was Live Scanned for the fingerprints. Then Harrisburg stated they never received the transmission of Fingerprints, So I then had to go in and get fingerprinted on the hard copies, hey no big deal right? well except the PSP used the outdated cards and 2 weeks later had to go back and have it all done again. WTF so after all this BS it said IN PROGRESS under the fingerprint section of the Status Inquiry,m except now it says NOT RECEIVED, well if you had them before why dont you have them now? anyone with any information, it sure would be greatly appreciated... no wonder so many people are leaving this state

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bradjc72 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania

76 months ago

I didnt have that kind of problem, I am sorry for your effort into all of this. My issue has been that I went through application, went through the physical, went through the psychological and MMPI, went through the PSP and FBI background checks, and through all of that I passed everything, EXCEPT for the very first step.

First thing I had done after application was to get my physical, they got it, website stated yes, so I went through everything else, now you know that the pysch and MMPI total a little bit of money, well, they flunked me on my physical for vision. OK, if you are going to do that, why not do that before I spend even more money on the pysch crap, just tell me when it is received that i flunked and I will stop right there, and not waste the money.

Anyway, I hope that everything works out for you, and that it does or has gotten straightened out for you.

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