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undefined in Johannesburg, South Africa

95 months ago

I'm a Senior Designer with a strong portfolio of work for major clients. I mentor the other designers in my studio and oversee all projects before they make it to an Account Director and on to client. I earn a very good salary at the moment but feel like I've hit as far as I can go as a designer. I'm currently attempting a move from my current employer to an International Agency as an Art Director.

As a child I used to spend my days drawing 24/7. I lost interest in High School and never took up illustration or drawing of any kind after that. I can do very basic sketches etc. but really found my outlet on my computer instead of on paper.

My question is... Are illustration skills ESSENTIAL as an Art Director? My feeling tells me they are for scamps / renderings of concepts etc.? Are there any Art Directors who compose initial ideas on system?

I'd appreciate if someone could also elaborate on the Art Director / Copywriter relationship.

Thanks for any feedback.

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nome hueman in Johannesburg, South Africa

95 months ago

yo man well you must have some kind of illustration skill,you having already worked as a design will help you so you wont have a terms of the creative team copywriter and art director you work together on briefs the art director being responsible for the visuals and the writer handles the copy,but bare in mind that a writer can come up with the visual and the art director the copy the is no restriction at all,yeah man basically if you married your writer becomes your second wife or husband if you both male then yeah you having a gay affair but the piont here is that you spend a lot of time together working on brief,hope that helped dude.sweet nome hueman

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damianicus in Louisville, Kentucky

89 months ago

That depends on where you work. In my 15 years in the business I have seen more and more agencies expect their Art Directors to create finished art for production, instead of hiring it out to an illustrator/photo-illustrator. I can concept circles around these young Art Directors, but they kick my arse in very very fast illustration work. Stay away from promotion agencies. They tend to be the ones making ad kits and expect you to do all the artwork.

Also these days you end up buying a LOT of stock art and retouching it yourself too, versus spending the money on a photo shoot.

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