art director

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amy ailor in Shawnee, Kansas

91 months ago

What career moves are needed to step into an art director's position? What education is needed?

Ryan in Riverview, Florida

78 months ago

Art direction is a progression from a senior designer in my opinion. The A.D. needs to know most ins and outs of design, but also needs to take it a step further and lead others in design. I think a design degree is all you would need, with several years hands-on experience on top of that.

on3 in South Jordan, Utah

66 months ago

Not that you may entirely more correct than I, but I've always seen Art Direction as a specific field of advertising and design as an entirely different field (both with different jobs and skills). I've seen numerous art directors who wouldn't know what the crop tool was if its tooltip was flashing red, but certainly know what outcome the want from the design. Knowing how to do something and knowing what you want it to do find completely different fields in advertising. I was told that conceptual advertising degrees and experience are a must in the portfolio.

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