Can you play a D1 sport and become an Athletic trainer?

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sfran in Saint Louis, Missouri

74 months ago

I heard that they will not allow you to play a D1 and follow an athletic trainer major because of the time it takes to play the sport and the time committment for hours for the major? Is this true or are there ways to acheive both?

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Michelle in Toledo, Ohio

71 months ago

There are few ways around it. I ran D1 track and field and was able to successfully complete an athletic training major, but not without sacrifices, such as time, social life, altering study habits, etc. It depends on the coach and the amount he/she is tolerant of the athlete missing. Team sports typically do not produce athletic trainers because of the necessity for everyone to be at practice at the same time. Individual sports, like track and cross country however, are manageable when the athlete can work around a schedule and still perform workouts on their own. I hope this helps!

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Betty_N in Edmonton, Alberta

71 months ago

I'm an athletic trainer living in canada. This is very last minute, but I had the brilliant idea to head to the Vancouver Olympics next month and though maybe I could somehow volunteer my services there in exchange to maybe getting in to see some of the events.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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