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How did you get your start doing automotive mechanic work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

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Nelson Kidwell in Martinsville, Ohio

125 months ago

I started helping my dad when I was five years old, He mananaged an auto salvage yard in Indiana where we lived when I was growing up, I would go to the yard everyday after school let. I would help him take parts off of the wrecked autos. I set my career on the field of auto mechanics from that time,I have worked with two major transmission chains. The first Mr. Transmission in Fern Valley, Ky located just south of Louisville, Ky, off interstate I-65, the next was Aamco Transmission, on Dixie Hiway located just west of Louisville, Ky.
I retired from the auto repair industry in 1988 to check out other carrers.
I moved to Hillsboro, Oh in 1989, and have been living there ever since.
I worked several jobs there untill I started driving tractor trailer in 1996,
which I am currently still doing. I would like to restart my career in the automotive repair industry, however I feel there are a lot of things that I have forgotten in my absences from the automotive industry.
Any help that can be given would be appercaited.
Thank you, very much

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bryce in Spruce Grove, Alberta

122 months ago

I begun my career at Arpac in Edmonton Alberta. I started as a labourer, and they had me doing menial repairs such as changing light bulbs, tires, cleaning, oil changes, and pretty much everything else journeyman mechanics are tired of. I still work there and am currently a first year apprentice and am about to go to school to become a second year. Pretty much if your looking to get a job as a mechanic you have to be willing to start at the bottom and ready to take a lot of sh1t. But after you prove that your the real deal they'll respect you as long as you work hard and learn quick. And try not to repeat mistakes, especially int he same day(it looks really me -.-)

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Michado in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

97 months ago

What Dave said , big mistake I have $20,000 in tools had constant education for the last 26 years and my career is useless . the flat rate system and general greed of the dealerships have put me out of business {pizza delivery is more rewarding and respected}nobody cares about quality only quantitiy so if you don't care about wages or customers then auto repair is for you . btw I quit and refuse to ever make anyone rich off my tools and knowledge ever again .

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