Advice on purchasing a independant auto repair shop

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Chad in Colorado Springs, Colorado

63 months ago

Hi all, I'm currently an IT tech with a steady job and decent salary/benefits. I also do some side gigs that bring in alright money. I'm getting the itch for a bit of variety and challenge.
I see a local 2 bay auto shop that is up for sale that has been around for ~30 years that I'm evaluating the possibility of purchasing. I'm a hobby mechanic and always work on my own stuff, but I would in no way consider myself an ASE-caliber tech. But I do very much like auto tech and believe I have above average business mind.
My thinking is could I buy the place and then hire a very good quality tech to run the shop? I'd put in a lot of hours as well working the front desk, managing inventory, maybe sell specialty 4x4 tires, and perhaps even sell some cars on the lot. But I would by no means be there full time.
Would a 50% cut of the billable hours and a smaller cut of parts sold be enough to entice a top tier tech, that is also personable enough to be able to man the entire shop at times? I know I'd need a top honest guy to pull this off, and want to be able to offer good money.
My 50% cut of the tech's billable hours would go towards the building lease and pay off loan for purchase of the shop. I wouldn't stand to make a ton of money, mostly off of accessories and such, but I wouldn't be putting in a ton of time either. I'd keep my primary job for a while until business was stable and once I left my primary job would continue to do as much side IT gigs as possible.

Does this sound workable?

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Phyllise in Piscataway, New Jersey

43 months ago

Hi Chad, As you are an IT guy so you have all the information related to up and down of online purchasing. I would just like to add a webpage that I have found while online searching my engine parts for my Toyota Camry 2005, and found online site contain thousand of auto parts with some offer that make me think them as a reliable source.

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Robert Ortega in Overland Park, Kansas

43 months ago

The idea is good but you need proper planning so that the idea is executed exactly the way you want it to be. I thing you must visit some of the auto shops brick and mortal one as well as online one, so that you can understand how they manage their work (inventory, sale and their workers). I own BMW car and I love it very much. I am very conscious about its maintenance, for any sort of suggestions related to auto parts or car maintenance I prefer to consider , you can also have a look here and you will come to know about various aspects of auto shop business .

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Joe Myassetbroker in Folsom, California

21 months ago

Hi Chad,

I come with Business knowledge of owning many automotive type of businesses. I am also a Commercial Business Broker, working in 17 Western States and Western Canada specializing in automotive business start ups. I hope my message reaches you before jumping into a business.
When I read this post, I found myself shaking my head and saying here we go again. When I first became a Business Broker, I sold Automotive Repair shops, Gas stations, Auto Body shops, and other Automotive related Business opportunities. I soon found myself removing my emotions out of the sale, and by doing so, I closed more deals. I found myself selling the same shops over and over again. When I read your post about you wanting to own a business half time, this is where my emotions come in. As a Business Broker, I not only represented the Seller of the business, but the Buyer too. I would hold nothing back to either party and I would always educate both. My Buyers came from all walks of life and knew how to save money for their retirements.
I know, I just said allot, but this is where I am going with it. Many, if not most of the professional people who purchased a business and maintained a full time career, called me to help with an exit strategy soon after opening. Many, if not all who continued to maintain the full time career, will need to start over with the retirement savings that was depleted while owning their business half time. My advice, pick a hat and work it 110%, you will be more likely a successful Business professional. I want you to be successful!

Best Regards,


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12 months ago

hey Joe.. give me an email/call.. .. got a 13yr established shop in the Autopark that a thought to sell..

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