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Andrea in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Updated 84 months ago

Bank teller's opinion - 2 Replies

Hello, I just graduated high school not to long ago, in June, to be exact. I started college in July and majoring in finance. I have been seeking for...

huff40 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Informational Interview

Hi, I am new to this board and I'm interested in talking with anyone who has been a bank teller before and knows the ins and outs of the job.

aa595 in San Francisco, California

Bank Teller Schedule Change

Dear Bank Tellers: Can a bank teller with Bank of America change their schedule after working three to four months? Sincerely, aa595

ineedajob :( in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 87 months ago

Tomorrow is my interview for a position for a Teller.. - 3 Replies

Tomorrow is my first interview for a position for a teller at a bank...I need some advice of what to expect..

MM in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 87 months ago

Wachovia Teller Trainging Process/Schedule - 3 Replies

I will be starting at Wachovia next week (on Tuesday) and I really would like to have an idea on the teller training schedule. I saw on one website...

FS in Lynn, Massachusetts

Updated 87 months ago

How many interviews? - 3 Replies

In your experience how many times does the bank interview you before you find out if you are going to be hired or not?

ineedajob :( in Silver Spring, Maryland

What comes after the second interview?

I have my second interview this week for a bank teller position and I was wondering what to expect. What is the second interview like? Is there a...

BrianJ in Johnson City, Tennessee

Updated 87 months ago

interviews - 2 Replies

what do you want to hear or what type of answers do you expect to get when asked "Is there any questions you would like to ask me" or when they say...

new hire in Milford, Connecticut

Updated 88 months ago

wachovia teller prep questions - 4 Replies

i filled out an application online for a bank teller position at wachovia, i was invited to take an assessment... two days later i recieved an email...

Elle, Freehold, NJ

Updated 88 months ago

Will a Bankruptcy prevent me from getting a teller position? - 1 Reply

I had to claim bankruptcy over a year ago. I have an interview on Monday with Chase Bank. I was surprised by how fast they contacted me, I filled...

help in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Do they drug test in your second interview?

I applied for a teller position at Arvest Bank and went in for my first interview and they called me back for a second interview. Will they drug test...

Will-bkk in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 91 months ago

Teller - need help with sales and referrals! - 1 Reply

I've been with my bank for about 6 weeks now and I'm still doing my training course, and finally getting mostly comfortable on cash. I feel that I've...

yo in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 91 months ago

teller difference need help - 2 Replies

I am currently working at BOA for 2 months now. But I just start to go online as a teller for 3 weeks. Just yesterday (which is Saturday my cash...

hope to be ex-teller in Levittown, Pennsylvania

Updated 91 months ago

Question for Wachovia Tellers - 3 Replies

Are you expected to push products to customers? I have a friend that was told you don't have to but the information from the recruiter mentioned...

L Kessler in Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Banking Tips

Hello everyone, I am a Banker with a growing financial institution and I recently began blogging to educate the general public on how to get the...

RE4512 in Mokena, Illinois


I have gone on at least 7 and still have not landed anything. I want to know what I'm doing wrong. Can anybody help?

telly23 in Export, Pennsylvania

How to get a teller interview

What do banks look for on resumes besides experience? I am trying to get a teller position for PNC bank, but they always say we have decided to move...

Want2batllr in Kennesaw, Georgia

Updated 96 months ago

Would Like to be Bank Teller - 1 Reply

Hi! I'm in school right now for Banking and Finance and I would like to start my career as a Teller just so I can gain some experience in the bank...

btmt in Chicago, Illinois

got an interview on Monday for teller position.

I got an interview on Monday for a teller position at chase. I was interview by a lead teller and a branch manager. The lead teller said that a...

lucialobelo@*****.*** in Johannesburg, South Africa

Updated 100 months ago

hello - 1 Reply

I want you to send me your email please so i can send u my CV. I would like to apply for this part time cash teller. thanks mary

Nikkicau09 in Macon, Georgia



lanort in Lomita, California

What else to expect from the interview?

Other than the questions and information, do they give us like any typing test or math test? Just wondering so i can review my math before the...

lanort in Lomita, California

What else to expect from the interview?

Other than the wuestion and information, do they give us like any typing test or math test? Just wondering so i can review my math before the...

interested in Austin, Texas

How much is your teller's drawer worth?

From large banks to small banks, what is your drawer limit? I was just wondering where mine fits in. Mine is $10,000. The ATM's I am responsible for...

EsTRELLiiTA in Salinas, California

Updated 103 months ago

bank teller job - 4 Replies

Is there any training for bank teller job? What types of training or certifications are necessary for teller job?

dbrunson in Florence, South Carolina

Updated 103 months ago

Teller jobs with bad credit - 2 Replies

How can a 23 year veteran teller get a job if her credit has recently been ruine?

Vito in Stamford, Connecticut

Part time work

Hi all, I want to break in to the banking business, but don't want to quit my current full time job. Are there any partime opportunies out there? ...

lauren in Castro Valley, California

Updated 105 months ago

How to handle an upset customer? - 1 Reply

I've been interviewing for jobs a lot in the past week and I've noticed a common question- especially in the banking industry: "Have you ever dealt...

lauren in Castro Valley, California

Updated 105 months ago

Is this right? - 1 Reply

I work part time at a bank as a teller. I do all the later shifts and am in the banking center on my own for the last hour. I am a relatively new...

Shay in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 105 months ago

bankteller - 2 Replies

if yall hiring can somebody contact me at my email thank you

butterfly in Newark, New Jersey

Bank of America Tellers your CEO needs to go!

to quote.."Bank of America tellers make about $24,000 a year. That's less than what the CEO of a company bought by Bank of America paid for his...

Amos Harris in Beirut, Lebanon

I'm a Liberian, I one to work with the word Bank, I'm a Journalist in Liberia.I one to report on programs in Liberia.

Dear Sir/Madam, please accept my compliment and all the best wishes of endeavors. May I commend you though your institution for numerous ...

Paul Weinstock in Chicago, Illinois

Hi, Where can I see requirements?

Is there a place to see Bank Teller Requirements? Paul Weinstock

Seema in Saint Louis, Missouri

Salary for a teller in Heartland Bank in St. louis

I want to apply for a teller in Heartland Bank. Can anyone please suggest me what salary can I expect there?

michelle32145 in Sydeny, Australia

Complaint generator with PHP CURL

Job Budget: less than $200 Bids/ Views: 0 / 66 Time Remaining: 18d 17h 60m (ends Sep 22, 2008 19:29 U.S. Eastern Time) Job Description...

jamal in Mc Lean, Virginia

Updated 111 months ago

Illegal work exprience - 2 Replies

Hi, i just want to ask about illegal work exprience. I have work experience as a manager over three years. That's fine, but the thing is that i...

Petric Rodger in New York

computer operating related job

i am a soft nature & laborius lady, i m operate computer basic softwares like ms office, tally (a accounting software)i need a job

Marie in Scarborough, Ontario

Updated 113 months ago

Starting out... - 3 Replies

How did you get your start doing bank teller work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

J in Hayward, California

Updated 114 months ago

Boom or bust? - 1 Reply

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most bank teller...


The best part is...

What do you enjoy most about bank teller work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...


Show me the money...

What are typical bank teller salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...


Getting ahead...

What is the best training for becoming a hirable bank teller? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective bank...

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