Hourly wage OR lower hourly + Gratuity?

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raimeiken in Peoria, Arizona

80 months ago

I work at a big resort here in Scottsdale, AZ as a Banquet set-up. We currently get paid $11/hr starting with no grat. But the Banquet servers on the other hand gets <$5/hr but with grat. From what I hear they average around $25/hr and sometimes a lot more with the gratuity depending on the event.

Now for us it seems unfair that we don't get part of that gratuity when we do a tougher job than these servers most of the time. We see them do a function and leave after 4 hours and still end up making more than us doing a full 8 hour shift.

We're currently trying to get the management to try and get us a part of that gratuity. This means that they'll lower our hourly pay but then add gratuity to it. The problem is that the servers that work there will not like this since we're going to be dipping into their grat pool. But it doesn't seem fair when we (banquet setup) are a part of the team and not see any of this grat.

Another problem is that some of the long timers here in setup say that it's better to get paid a flat hourly rate. They say that we'll make less if we get on grat. It just doesn't make sense to me on why they think we'll make less.

Now I know during the summer here we get little to no business, and they argue that we won't make much during the summer since we're getting paid a lower hourly rate when we're on grat. But What I think is that it's only for 2-3 months of slow business when the rest of the year we'll be earning more with grat. It'll either balance out in the end of the year if not earn more.

what do you guys think, should we fight for getting in the grat pool or stay on a flat hourly rate?

Brian Francis Fenlon in Palm Harbor, Florida

65 months ago

it is true that some times during the year you will be slow. and there will be little to no gratuity. but also you wont work many shifts anyways since theres nothing to set up for. so either way you wont be making much money those times of the year. 11 per hour isnt bad but its always nice to feel like part of the team and be oincluded in perks like grat pools. something maybe you should all request a formal meeting with management to discuss options and see what realistically could be put on the table. Brian Francis Fenlon

Larry in Orlando, Florida

58 months ago

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