Having a hard time finding a job

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CupCak3_512 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

51 months ago

umm, hi. I went to bartending school and they are going to help me with job placement but while i was getting my resume together, i tried to do some hunting on my own.

I live in like a really bad neighborhood with alot of bars, and everyone is telling me that i need to work my way up but I dont want to like get shot or anything but alot of places (the nicer ones) all want experience

kate in Easthampton, Massachusetts

48 months ago

go to the nicer place and start as a barback/busser etc.., when they need a bartender tell em you went to school for that!

annyomus in marietta, Georgia

48 months ago

As far as getting shot you can get shot anywhere at any time...I would apply where you live get experience then go apply in the nicer neighborhood- just remember just because it is a nicer neighborhood doesnt mean people will tip any better or be any nicer....

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