Need some advice on starting out

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Scott in Kenner, Louisiana

86 months ago

I currently work a register and am way too old to keep making crap money. I'm 20, about 20 minutes from New Orleans, and want to become a bartender. I'm in school and don't plan on making it a career, but I do plan to be doing this for the next ~4 years if the money is where I think it will be.

I'll hopefully be making more money, but more importantly I'll actually be able to go socialize and be in a decent scene (I go out often). I'm excited about the prospect, so here's the skinny on me making this topic.

A close friend attended Crescent City School of Gaming & Bartending (hope I got that name right - if not it's damned close) for their dealing classes. Because he took a 5 week class he has a free pass to their 2 week bartending class, and I'm heading over there tomorrow to haggle them into letting me use his pass since I'm pretty damned broke. Assuming I graduate from the 2-week class and am proficient to a reasonable standard how difficult will it be to find work? I have no food-service experience.

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Freddie in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

85 months ago

Try not to scam the system at your friend's school. The BEST thing for you to do is to GET some food/beverage experience. Go to ANY restaurant in your area and apply for any available position. Let the hiring manager know that you're interested in moving up into a bartending position, and will accept employment on the contention that you'll have guaranteed consideration for advancement. More often than not, bartenders are hired from within, as you need to fill the role of server/barback/hostess all at the same time. Getting used to a single restaurant for your first job will make the transition much easier for you, and will lift the concerns of anyone considering putting you behind their bar. As a pub-owner, I can promise you that I would NEVER NEVER NEVER hire someone with zero f/b experience to work behind my bar. I would surely consider hiring them to work in my restaurant and guage their compatibility with my business and then train them. So best advice, work in a restaurant, and THEN try your hand at bartending. In the food service industry, it's all about knowing someone.

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84 months ago

Great advise Freddie. I've owned several pubs/bars over the past 25 yrs and feel EXACTLY the same way. B'tender school grads usually go to the bottom of the file UNLESS, they show a sincere desire to learn to become, first, "servers".

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Sara in Fort Myers, Florida

16 months ago

You said you are broke, I would get the Basic on line Bartending e book for 37.00. That's what I did. I studied my drink recipes and went to all the Neighbor hood bars, I got a great Bar job making good money. I didn't have all that money to go to a bartending school, 400.00 or more. I paid 37.00 for the basics. Not bad! hope this was helpful Sara

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