Tips for building inspector interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming building inspector interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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Sarah Branson in Dallas, Oregon

125 months ago

I have an interview coming up and I realy want this job. Any help on the interview process would be of great help.

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JOSE A GUILLEN in Riverside, California

81 months ago

To get a job as an inspector is not as easy as it seams youroral interview is sometimes very complicated for you because thy will ask you something like this. How would i separate a garage from a dwelling unit??? first of all whats a dwelling its a home and the way you lay it out is the way you will get judged they will know if you know what they are talking about. EXAMPLE ANSWER a IS: A dwelling unit is separated from a garage by a firewall covered on garage side by 1/2 inch thickness minimum gypsum board. Whats gypsum board its drywall, another is what is the clearance in front of a watercloset.? whats a watercloset its a toilet and the distance infront varies from code book per irc 21 inches per upc 24 inches i been a modular home/building inspector over 12 years also inspector icc certified and master board certified and have not yet hold a job for a municipality/ city or agency,

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dan in Oakley, California

61 months ago

KMLTUP in Dayton, Ohio said: --i cann relate, me have gramur and speling good, still cannot get me a betur job, i du not me uot...

Now that's funny!

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