Varieties of Business Analysis

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Someone in Sterling, Virginia

42 months ago

I'm a long-time software engineer repositioning into business analysis and I'm having a tricky time in my job hunt so far. I'm just curious if anybody else has experienced these things. I've noticed that every company has a different interpretation of what a business analyst does. Some demand experience with software testing tools, which implies you're going to be a part-time tester. Others want project management experience. A few are obviously just administrative assistants. That variety puts the average salary range from $25K - 90K. Okay, so obviously we have to decide which direction we want to go and only apply to those types of positions.

My biggest problem is that in my software job, I was relegated to working on legacy systems so I have never used *any* of the new tools for software development, testing, or even analysis. I never get past the phone interview (if even that far) when I admit that I tested software by pretending to be a user. I'm losing lots of opportunities because I don't have UML experience - I wrote requirements with Word and Visio. I know I can teach myself those tools, but companies are demanding demonstrated experience with them. How do you guys handle that?

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Bill in Lake Ozark, Missouri

40 months ago

I had a similar background to yours when I worked as a BA 10 years ago. I pointed out to the recruiters that I had done several projects which included the BA as well as coding & testing functions.

I have also experienced companies who demand UML experience. I had to point out to these illiterate recruiters that I had performed UML activities before the term UML was invented about 20 years ago.

One of the problems this industry has is its multiple definitions of BA's, which is not helped by the illiterate recruiters n the industry.

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